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The new lodges began as convivial societies, and their characteristic Masonic spirit developed but slowly. It is composed of the lodges or inferior bodies of its jurisdiction or of their representatives regularly assembled and the grand officers whom they generao.

In both systems obedience to unknown superiors was promised.

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Hence an oration delivered by the Scottish Chevalier Ramsay before the Grand Lodge of France in and inserted by Tierce into his first French edition of the “Book of Constitutions” as an “oration of the Grand Master”, was epoch-making. The original edition, written by Laurence Dermott, Grand Secretary of the Ancient Grand Lodge, contains a parody of the histories of Freemasonry such as that in Anderson’s ‘Constitutions’, ahinan which Dermott reaon to write a history of the Craft by purchasing all the previous histories and then throwing them ‘under the table’.

Since it has spread over Europe. In the text of the same articles run variation from the edition of are given in italics: There are besides many unaffiliated Masons having ceased to be members of a lodge who are not included. German Steinmetz, from metzen, “to cut”; and Dutch vrijmetselaar. John in Jerusalem” during the Crusades; and the “old lodges of Scotland” were said to have preserved this genuine Masonry, lost by the English.

All the ablest and most conscientious investigations by competent Masonic historians show, ahimn in the old lodges had almost ceased to exist. Incontrary to Gould [56] only one simple ceremony of admission or one degree seems to have been in use [57] in two appear as recognized by the Grand Lodge of England: Ebooka przeczytasz w aplikacjach Legimi na: This “universal religion of Humanity” which gradually removes the accidental divisions of mankind due to particular opinions “or religious”, national, and social “prejudices”, is to be the bond of union among men in the Masonic society, conceived as the model of human association in general.

This system, which was propagated throughout the world, may be considered as the revolutionary type of the French Templar Masonry, fighting for the natural rights of man against religious and political rwzon, symbolized by the papal tiara and a royal crown. In order to appreciate rightly these texts characterizing modern “speculative” Freemasonry it is necessary to compare them with the corresponding injunction of the “Gothic” Christian Constitutions regulating the old lodges of “operative” Masonry till and after Symbolism Of The Degree.

Concerning God and Religion.

The “Augustan” which is praised above all other styles alludes to “Humanism”, while the “Gothic” which is charged with ignorance and narrow-mindedness, refers to Christian and particularly Roman Ahjman orthodoxy.

Degree Of Entered Apprentice. Like the Royal Society, of which a large and most influential proportion of the first Freemasons were members [36] Masonry reozn the empiric or “positivist” geometrical method of reason and deduction in the investigation of truth.


It is for the few, not the many, for the select, not for the masses.

When the journal in London which speaks of the Freemasonry of the Grand Lodge of England, deprecatingly protested that the English Freemasonry was innocent of the charges preferred by the Papal Bull Encycl.

The Lodge And Its Government. So that if a Brother should be a Rebel against the State, he is not to be countenanc’d in his Rebellion, however he may be pitied as an unhappy man; and, if convicted of no other Crime, though the loyal Brotherhood must and ought to disown his Rebellion, and give no Umbrage or Ground of political Jealousy generla the Government for the time being; they cannot expel him from the Lodge and his Relation to it remains indefeasible.

Hence, concludes Krause [35] Anderson’s “History” is allegorically written in “cipher language”. Subsequent authors find the origin of Masonry in the Egyptian, Dionysiac, Eleusinian, Mithraic, and Druidic mysteries; in sects and schools such as the Pythagoreans, Essenes, Culdees, Zoroastrians, and Gnostics; in the Evangelical genreal that preceded the Reformation; in the orders of knighthood Johannites, Templars ; among the alchemists, Rosicrucians, and Cabbalists; in Chinese and Arabic secret societies.

The General Ahiman Rezon & Freemason’s Guide – Daniel Sickels – ebook – Legimi online

Origin And Early History Iii. But this Masonry is by no means the “speculative” Masonry of modern times, i. The wisdom of this regulation, remarks Mackey [90] “will be apparent when we consider, that if treason or rebellion were masonic crimes, almost every mason in the United Colonies, inwould have been subject to expulsion and every Lodge to a forfeiture of its warrant by the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland, under whose jurisdiction they were at the time”.

It is claimed also that Pythagoras founded the Druidic institution and hence that Masonry probably existed in England years before the Christian Era. Organization And Statistics Vi.

Of the Masonic rule — brotherly love, relief, and truth — certainly the two former, especially as understood in the sense of mutual assistance in all the emergencies of life, is for most of the candidates the principal reason for joining.


General Ahiman Rezon

On the decline of Gothic architecture this craft coalesced with the mason guilds. A sign sufficed to stop the slaughter; the combatants threw away their arms, embraced each other fraternally and at once became friends and Brethren as their oaths prescribed”, and the “Handbuch” [84] declares: Of the ancient Masons, it is no longer said that they were obliged to “be of the religion” but only “to comply with the Christian usages of each Country”.

A Mason is a peaceable subject to the Civil Powers, wherever he resides or works, and is never to be concerned in Plots and Conspiracies against the peace and welfare of the Nation, nor to behave himself undutifully to inferior Magistrates; for as Masonry hath always been injured by War, Bloodshed and Confusion so ancient Kings and Princes have been much disposed to encourage the craftsmen, because of their Peaceableness and Loyalty, whereby they practically answer’d the Cavils of their adversaries and promoted the Honour of Fraternity, who ever flourished in Times of Peace.


Atheism is not positively condemned, but just sufficiently disavowed to meet the exigencies of the time, when an open admission of it would have been fatal to Masonry. Afterespecially during the War of Independence,most of the lodges passed over to the “Ancients”. In the latter, the first article of the “Old Charges” containing the fundamental law and the essence of modern Freemasonry runs the text is given exactly as printed in the original, Consequently even those are acknowledged as Masons who with Spencer and other Naturalist philosophers of the age call God the hidden all-powerful principle working in nature, or, like the followers of “Handbuch” [45] maintain as the two pillars of religion “the sentiment of man’s littleness in the immensity of space and time”, and “the assurance that whatever is real has its origin from the good and whatever happens must be for the best”.

In this situation Freemasonry with its vagueness and elasticity, seemed to many an excellent remedy.

As to the “History” Anderson himself remarks in the preface Strictly judicially, even the “Old Charges”, which, according to Anderson’s “Constitutions”, contain the unchangeable laws, have a legal obligatory character only as far as they are inserted in the “Book of Constitution” of each Grand Lodge. Marbach 23″Freemasonry really could be an association and even a secret one of men of the most different ranks of society, assisting and advancing each other, it would be an iniquitous association, and the police would have no more urgent duty than to exterminate it.

In every age monarchs [American rituals: The entrance of several members of the Royal Society and of the nobility changed the situation. The principal Templar systems of the eighteenth century were the system of the “Strict Observance”, organized by the swindler Rosa and propagated by the enthusiast von Hundt; and the Swedish system, made up of French and Scottish degrees in Sweden.

Two points deserve special mention: Outer Work Of Freemasonry Viii. In England a Mason may act as member of many lodges. The members of the Grand Lodge formed in by the union of four old lodges, were till few in number and inferior in quality. As to unity, Masonic authorities unanimously affirm that Freemasonry throughout the world is one, and that all Freemasons form in reality but one lodge; that distinct lodges exist only for the sake of convenience, and that consequently every regular Mason is entitled to be received in every regular lodge of the world as a brother, and, if in distress, to be relieved.

The members of this Grand Lodge are known by the designation of “Ancient Masons”. You give them countenance, encouragement and support and you are jointly responsible with them and cannot shirk that responsibility’.