A gelastic seizure, also known as “gelastic epilepsy”, is a rare type of seizure that involves a sudden burst of energy, usually in the form of laughing or crying. Information regarding gelastic epilepsy, a rare form of epilepsy that involves laughter or crying and is more common in boys than girls. What is Gelastic Epilepsy? Gelastic epilepsy refers to a type of epilepsy in which the seizures are ‘gelastic’, gelastikos being the Greek word for laughter.

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From hypothalamic hamartoma to cortex: Epilepsg the syndrome appears in adults, the prognosis may be better, with less severe epilepsy and better neurophysiological outcomes.

Soni Hospital, Jaipur, India. Cases have also been described where that antiepileptic drugs have stopped seizures fully.

Currently it is recognized that the best treatment in these patients is the ablation of the HH. The mean lesion volume was measured as 1.

They can cause several different types of seizures including a Gelastic Seizure. Also known as “laughing” seizures, their association with hypothalamic hamartomas is well known in children and adults; however other structural causes have also been implicated. However some reports using depth electrodes have shown that during tonic seizures, diffuse cortical fast activity can be seen, with no prior activity in the HH Kahane et al Hypothalamic hamartoma and yelastic in children: Staining the pathologic hypothalamic hamartoma samples for orexin, melanin concentrating hormone, histidine decarboxylase for geoastic cells or in situ hybridization for the vesicular glutamate transporter 2 will provide an important first step forward.

They described two categories, parahypothalamic and intrahypothalamic types, which correspond to pedunculated and sessile hamartomas, respectively. Mirth sensation during GS is not frequent and many adults report more commonly an unpleasant epigastric sensation Striano et al Given the strong lesion overlap in the mammillary level of eepilepsy hypothalamus, we suggest the following possible candidate nuclei of the hypothalamus in the ictal propagation: Gelastic epilepsy associated with lesions other than hypothalamic hamartoma.


Taking into account slice thickness and interslice distance in each case, we visualized the distribution of the lesion locations using the mammillary level as the point of gepastic. Dericioglu and colleagues reported a patient with GS associated with an area of cortical dysplasia over the right temporal area.

Gelastif patients can have coexistence of e;ilepsy and dacrystic seizures. An update in the clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment”. GS start in infancy in over one third of patients Maixner For this reason some authors advised the surgical approach for patients with intractable epilepsy and severe behavior abnormalities. Support Center Support Center. This surgical approach has shown a significant better seizure control than previous approaches from below. This suggests that the evolution of multiple seizure types gelasgic not be due to a larger size or mass effect of hypothalamic hamartoma lesions but may be related to altered networks or changes external to the hypothalamic hamartomas e.

Harvey and colleagues report the seizure outcome of 29 patients with a mean follow up of 30 months using this approach. Subsequent gelastiv have verified the intrinsic epileptogenicity of the hamartomas and suggested that electrical stimulation of the hypothalamic hamartomas reproduce typical gelastic events while the resection or stereotactic radiofrequency lesioning of the hamartomas result in seizure remission Cascino et al.

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Role of the hypothalamic hamartoma in the genesis of gelastic fits a video-stereo-EEG study Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol. Children with GS and HH displayed a higher rate of comorbid psychiatric conditions than controls, these included oppositional defiant disorder The laughter usually lasts less than one minute and is then followed by signs that are more usually recognised with focal dyscognitive seizures. Gamma knife radiosurgery relative to microsurgery: Overall, the age of seizure onset in patients with hypothalamic hamartomas was Retrieved from ” https: Glial cells are the supporting cells of a person’s nervous system.


Eisenhauer; Kinan Hreib The hamartomas were categorized by their location within the hypothalamus as right, left or bilateral and also by the asymmetry of attachment or location. During these approaches, the surgeon dissects delicate vascular and neuroendocrine structures, thus surgical complications are not unusual and include stroke, third nerve paresis, syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion, and hyperphagia Palmini et al In general, there was a mean delay of It is slightly more common in males than females.

Gelastic seizure – Wikipedia

Although seizures originating from various brain sites such as the temporal, frontal or parietal lobes may cause laughter Ironside, ; Mutani et al. Resection of the lesion in patients with hypothalamic hamartomas and catastrophic epilepsy. A gelastic seizurealso known as “gelastic epilepsy”, is a rare type of seizure that involves a sudden burst of energy, usually in the form of laughing or crying.

He is developmentally normal and does not have a history of central precocious puberty. These approaches were initially used because most of the neurosurgeons are more confident with them and they offer a shorter route to reach HHs. Another issue that has been addressed in patients with GS and HH is the presence of psychiatric comorbidity. While some investigators have suggested that the anterior nuclei of the thalamus are critical for the propagation of seizure activity from the hypothalamus Freeman et al.

Conscious state may not be impaired, although this is often difficult to asses particularly in young children. Gelastic seizures are epileptic events characterized by bouts of laughter.