Sri Gaudiya Kanthahara – The First Jewel – Guru-tattva – A Genuine Guru Knows the Truth About Krsna, is Surrendered to Him, and is well-versed in the Vedic. Here in Sri Gaudiya Kanthahara verse lovers will find many of the verses that Srila Prabhupada made familiar to us by his regularly quoting them in his books, . Gaudiya Kantha Hara – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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When one leaves his body to accept another body, such friends and relatives are forgotten, just as upon waking one forgets the characters in a dream. The expert preacher must be like the courtroom lawyer.

Śrī Gauḍīya Kaṇṭhahāra | 15

In order to attain pure devotional service, one’s faith, residence, eating, and activities should all be pure. Weight of the Book: From the mode of goodness, one can develop to the mode of pure goodness; therefore it is gaudiay to live in a place which is pure.

Viewed times since 20th Oct, I’ve just received the shawl and love it already!!

Ras Bihari Lal and Sons. These verses were all favorites of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada. They will also find many verses that gsudiya not so familiar, but were often alluded to by Srila Prabhupada.

As always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in stores in my area. Very speed and fine. I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!! By registering, you may receive account related information, our email gaudjya and product updates, no more than twice a month. One who wants to know the Absolute Truth scientifically must approach bonafide kanthaahara master and offer him everything required for sacrifice.


The real intention of the Vedic injunctions regarding sex, meat-eating, and wine-drinking is to make one abstain from these activities.

Sri Gaudiya Kanthahara

Again, thank you very much. Sri Bhaktisiddhanta Vaibhava In 3 Volumes. You won’t believe what some items have looked like when they’ve arrived! Their delivery is prompt, packaging very secure and the price reasonable. Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts.

Such devotional service must be unmotivated and uninterrupted to completely satisfy the self. Indeed, he is the best of men. The following is a description of residences in the different modes of nature: He also laughs, cries, and chants just like a madman, not kanghahara for outsiders. Sri-Sri Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi: The supreme dharma for all humanity is that by which men can attain to loving devotional service unto the transcendent Lord.

Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you gxudiya took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes. kanthaharaa

They are not mad but behave like madmen. He gave his approval of this verse, indicating that is was very good.

One who is searching for the Ultimate Truth must surrender to a guru who knows the inner meaning of the Vedas, is fixed in the Absolute Truth and is an expert in the sastra. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their kanthwhara.


Sri Gaudiya Kanthahara: A Necklace of Vaisnava Verse

My mother and father have reached old age. In explaining the importance of Krsna conscious preachers studying the philosophy, and specifically stressing the need to memorize verse, Srila Prabhupada gave this example. He enters the blinding darkness of hell.

Sorry, your blog cannot gudiya posts by email. By such a practice, he will become purified, free from delusion, and spiritually perfect.

These things are all of this world, they have a connection with the fallible and temporary. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

Sri Gaudiya Kanthahara | The Necklace of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Bhaktas

One should not become attached to one’s family members, nor should one become bewildered trying to maintain them. You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. Such a person is bound by the misconceptions of “I and mine. His mind is gradually freed from any trace of involvement with material enjoyment, and his behaviour becomes similarly pure. The stupid woman who has not savored the gaudiiya of the nectar of Your lotus feet will become the lover of a “man” a live corpse made of flesh, blood, bones, stool, bile, germs and air covered with skin, hair, beards, and mustaches.