THE FUTURE OF MONEY Bernard A. Lietaer About the Author Bernard Lietaer had thirty years of professional experiences, which tend to mutually exclude each . The Future of Money has ratings and 14 reviews. Joshua said: Fascinating! It is especially prescient given that it was published in (!) yet seem. Bernard Lietaer March 1. The Future of Money: How New Currencies Create Wealth, Work and a Wiser World. (Book #2 – US Version). June

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Sean rated it it was amazing Dec 24, The interesting details and case studies, too, seem too bent towards the purpose of the book, all presented as winning strategies flattening out the complexities that they surely have to deal with in their implementation and sustenance.

This makes effective challenge much more possible as well as vital. Just as significantly, non-conventional currencies include local community currencies – still considered as marginal curiosities by most people e. Almost everything can become possible. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Frank rated fufure really liked it Jul 07, Bank debt The origin of mkney as explained in the Primer may be surprising to some. And yet one of the central mysteries of our lives as social beings money – remains completely obscure to virtually everyone. Imagine that you have bought the first fax machine ever produced. Is this just a strange shift in societal values, or is this also a consequence of deep-seated forces in the information economy?

It is about the concept of money, and how different money systems shape mobey societies. Fuyure our ability to make knowledgeable choice allows us to imagine, devise and support different futures.

This transfer was due exclusively to the monetary system in use, and is completely independent of the degree of cleverness or industriousness of the participants the classic argument to justify large differences in income. According to Nobel price winning physicist Ilya Prigonine the further you are from equilibrium the more traumatic, the more accelerated, the more non-linear is the behaviour of the systems unless placed on a new and sustainable level playing field.


Today’s interpretation of money needs to be questioned if we are to address these issues. My view is that these innovations offer realistic fuuture for gradually correcting the excesses and imbalances of the current system without revolutions or violence.

Since that time, the dollar has represented a promise from the US government to redeem the dollar with another dollar. Why have our efforts, the countless billions of pounds and dollars spent all over the world, the many treaties enacted and initiatives taken, not stopped the destruction of our environment, nor effectively addressed a myriad of social issues?

These values are what shaped the monetary and banking systems we inherited. German sociologist Ulrich Becker similarly claims that There is a life beyond the alternatives of unemployment and stress at work One market day, a stranger with shiny black shoes and an elegant white hat came by and observed the whole process with a sardonic smile.

The Future of Money

For the past 30 years, many economists have forecast reduced working weeks or retirement at age Wolfgang in Finance is into African dance and has famed his own dance troupe; Birgit in MIS, whose passion is wood carving, is considering making the special wooden frames for Mpney window: By asking the deceptively simple question ‘What is money?

That seal has been described by Joseph Campbell as extraordinarily laden with esoteric symbols see sidebar.

Information Revolution Two hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin claimed that if everyone were to work productively, the working day would need be only five hours. Retrieved from ” https: In the developed world, life expectancy has now risen to 80 years for women, and to 76 years for men.

The Future of Money | Currency Solutions for a Wiser World

The well-known contemporary management expert Peter Drucker claims: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The main characteristics of today’s system were pieced together in pre- Victorian England, just in time to trigger the Industrial Revolution.

The positive forces Harlan Cleveland states most succinctly the positive implications: Brian Leslie is editor of Sustainable Economicsthe bi-monthly newsletter of the green economy working lieater of the English Green Party.

Yet the prevailing money system prescribes all of our economics, and much of our current social behavior and political climate. He pops the myths, shines light on the shadows, demystifies the unknown and blows lf whistle on what really keeps it all going.


If I think that someone on the other side of the world has stopped believing in the Mexican peso, the Thai baht, or the Russian rouble, then I have to fear that his neighbors may stop believing.

Theoretically at least, compared to things as resource, information- as-resource should encourage: Different kinds of services have different valuations e.

As ofthis is all happening liteaer a complement to the National Health Insurance Plan, which covets the necessary professional futuer services payable in yen.

This is one of the reasons why today’s currency system is not self -regulating, but requires the active role of central banks to maintain that scarcity. My expertise lies in international finance and money systems. Finally, they enable the creation of very necessary social capital without attaching the established capital monej process.

Together, the exchanges facilitated by the conventional national currency economies and the complementary currencies form what I will define as the Integral Economy.

On the contrary, it lietzer about giving everybody a fair chance of nearing new wealth. Following a chapter-by-chapter outline, Lietaer points to a Primer on How Money Workswhich is as an appendix. This serves to maintain their relative value and scarcity as well. What is different is that information is, in all sorts of ways, more accessi61e to more people than the world’s key resources have ever been before. The medium is the message. Until recently, almost all payments on the Net have been done by credit card.

For money is frozen desire It is now leading us wherever it wants. The needs of the confidence game If a friend were to offer you a choice between a Pound 20 note and a piece of paper on which was written, ‘I promise to pay Pound 20 to the bearer of this note’, which would you prefer?