There are several mnemonics for the difference between a Galeazzi and a Monteggia fracture-dislocation: GRIMUS MUGR (pronounced as mugger) FROG . A Galeazzi fracture is defined as a fracture of the radius associated with dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint. Treatment in children and adolescents is usually. Schlüsselwörter. ○▷ Galeazzi-Fraktur. ○▷ Galeazzi like lesion. ○▷ modifizierte Klassifikation. Galeazzi Fractures: our Modified Classification and. Treatment.

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Level IV, therapeutic study. Half of the fractures in our series were underdiagnosed and immobilized in a below-elbow cast with an excellent outcome in all cases. Three months back he was again operated for nonunion. J Bone Joint Surg Am.

File:Galeazzi-Fraktur Roentgen ap und seitlich – Annotation.jpg

This injury is confirmed on radiographic evaluation. Educational video describing the condition known as Galeazzi Fracture.

Now he has presented 2days back with increased deformity and infection. D ICD – Additionally, the clinical examination in case of a fracture is painful and should be performed with the patient under general anesthesia to achieve objective information. Rib fracture Sternal fracture. Anterior interosseous nerve AIN palsy may also be present, but it is easily missed because there is no sensory component to this finding.

In traktur to the adult population, the treatment of Galeazzi lesions rfaktur children usually has a good outcome after conservative treatment with cast immobilization [ 16 ]. Please review our privacy policy.


Cervical fracture Jefferson fracture Hangman’s fracture Flexion teardrop fracture Clay-shoveler fracture Burst fracture Compression fracture Chance fracture Holdsworth fracture.

In addition, the increased elasticity of the ligamental structures in children may compensate for displacement of the ulna and prevent ligamental rupture in children with Galeazzi injuries [ 1 ]. We retrospectively analyzed the medical data of all children who were admitted for inpatient treatment after fractures galwazzi the forearm.

The galrazzi using the Gartland-Werley score was excellent in 23 cases and good in three cases. Compartment syndrome increased risk with high energy crush injury open fractures vascular injuries or coagulopathies diagnosis galeszzi with passive stretch is most sensitive Neurovascular injury uncommon except t ype III open fractures Refracture usually occurs following plate removal increased risk with removing plate too early large plates 4.

Unstable fracture-dislocations of the forearm Monteggia and Galeazzi lesions. A year-old girl sustained a refracture of the radius and an additional fracture and dislocation of the ulna. The casting was done with a below-elbow cast. Treatment in children and adolescents is usually possible with closed reduction and casting. J Galeazzj Joint Surg Am.

However, good quality orthogonal views are needed to identify and characterize displacement correctly. Retrieved 6 November Open in a separate window. At followup, 23 patients were symptom-free.

Galeazzi Fractures – Trauma – Orthobullets

About one week back patient again presented with broken implant and non union. These two patients had fractures of both bones of the forearm with the fracture located at the junction of the middle to the distal thirds of the forearm. Galeazzi-equivalent fracture in children associated with tendon entrapment: Case 6 Case 6. The results were excellent in 23 cases and good in three cases. Although Frykman [ 3 ] produced this fracture experimentally with axial loading alone, others [ 1418 ] assume this fracture is a combination of hyperpronation and a fall on the outstretched hand.


Radiographs in two planes, including the elbow and wrist, were performed in all cases. These fractures galeazai unstable and operative fixation feaktur usually required to reduce and fix the radial fracture, with arm immobilisation in pronation The duration of plaster cast immobilization was chosen according to the radiologic signs of bone healing.

Our data confirm these findings with all of the fractures being located in the distal third of fraktuur radius. Published online Apr Edit article Share article Draktur revision history. Galeazzi fractures are best treated with open reduction of the radius and the distal radio-ulnar joint. Orthopedic pitfalls in the ED: On the 69th postoperative day, rupture of the tendon of the extensor pollicis longus muscle occurred after minimal trauma.