Buy Fostex F A – Alnico/Fullrange online at » € ✓ Your online hifi specialist retailer for Fullrange. When I heard Fostex FA alnico full range driver first time I realized its great potential. Problems associated with this driver IMHO have been. Fostex 8” FULL RANGE Alnico magnet Foam surround 8 ohm impedance Frequency response from 30Hz to 20kHz 90 dB sensitivity Flange X mm .

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Home Marketplace Speakers Full-Range. And they’re still gaining efficiency the longer they’re left on per session, maybe 8 dB in the first 30 minutes and a bit more afterward that. Compared to multi-driver speakers the sound is much more coherent but admittedly lacks a bit extension at each end compared to many of the more elaborate designs.

Bemopti Full Member Posts: I got beat over the head with that one plenty after that review got published Heres the link http: Solid state Tube View All Integrateds. Speaker with Sound Anchor stand: I cannot imagine what JLM’s outfit might sound like with a nice digital amp on it.

I’ve heard that Fostex may stop importing them to f2200a U. I did some very quick measurements using a RS spl meter and Stereophile test CDs a few weeks ago, but came to no real conclusion as I figure that they’re still fodtex in and even with moving furniture around the setup was still less than ideal. In the end, give them an ear if you f20a, but buy what turns your crank, just like those speakers do! For vocal and instrumental music, the Jordan pipe is pretty hard to beat in any way at any cost.

Compared to speakers based on most extended range drivers the response was certainly tilted toward the bass end. The speakers are 48 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 16 r200a deep, with the driver centered 33 inches above the floor. Final tweaking resistor change and permanent mounting of the BSC and permanent wiring of the speaker won’t occur until they are properly nested in my new listening room about June Wifey just got a digital camera package and as soon as we figure it out I’ll try to post pictures.


They evidently take far longer than about any other speaker flstex there. I drive this speaker with Cayin AT tube amplifier from Micromega dac both for sale also and purposely built hi-end audio PC with Audiophile Optimizer. The Ascends are slightly cheaper than any of the Omegas. The dedicated room will allow for nearfield listening with lots of clear space around, proper proportions, isolated power, etc.

That is a very well thought out set of statements, and I think you have done an admirable job rostex putting forth what you want. Dmason Martin King’s mass loaded transmission designs have been univerally praised.

# beautiful goods!#Fostex F200A speaker pair set! box attaching

Last weekend a couple of friends from the Decware forum came over with some of their stuff and spent the day. These speakers are great with small or medium room and gave me many hours of audiophile joy with many type of music except very heavy hard rock or Metal.

The drivers and 5 ways binding posts are routed flash. One of the speakers is scratched in front and you may see it on one of supplied pictures. If he builds more he wouldn’t finish the back side around the tube mouth to much of a G200a.

Logged Dmason Full Member Posts: In my view there is no need for subwoofers or super tweeters.

It is affordable, and can do the 5. Overall break-in is offering a very fun ride. You could quite easily do surround in the new place using Brines Boppers as mains, and small Fostices in small boxes from PartsExpress.

Very promising they seem to be Bemo, We tried a 3 wpc EL34 amp and it did O. A cone driver using a whizzer cone is not to be confused with a single driver. Oh, and I will report on how the Bolder Cable modded Teac sounds too Oh, maybe that was the more affordable FX Always a plus, not that I really understand what she means by that.


With baffle step compensation and careful stuffing of the TL the speaker produces a very flat response without cabinet colorations and the design eliminates out of phase signals. Acousta-Stuf used for damping.

Dmason Full Member Posts: These speakers were a custom commission. Over the following weekend I pulled out the speakers a reasonable distance from walls and arranged them in a 68 inch equilateral triangle to my chair.

The depth of bass stuns me from time to time, but the volume of it can be less than expected for the given depth. The speakers sounded very good indeed.

Fostex FA fullrange loudspeaker (pair) Reduced Again | Full-Range | Audiogon

Beaming of highs was quite evident. Speakers veneered with Fotex. Bob believes in flat frequency response which the design and fiber fill allows for and he has also provided a baffle step compensation circuit. Mark, This set-up will be a nearly no compromise system, so I don’t want just a great for the price solution, but a near great at any price solution or great at any reasonable price solution.

Bob was satisfied enough with the speakers that he was considering to add them to his web site as his third speaker offering, unfortunately he has heard that the Fostex FA and FA alnico drivers may be discountined soon.

It must also produce a large and accurate 3 dimensional image and therefore cannot be built into the walls of the room or be designed for placement against walls.

So, the start is a fine one, indeed. The Sound Anchor spikes are also available and included. As I go through my collection I continue to find new detail or deeper bass than I remembered.