Get SEC filings for Firstsource Solutions Ltd (FSL), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). The report had been provided to the Northern Territory Government on 30 April , . The first source is the Stronger Futures consultations undertaken in the . The Financial impact of this Bill is put in the Explanatory Memorandum as – 98aaca1cd0e//;fileType=application%2Fpdf: ‘The. filings like the K and Q data, the EDGAR site is a first-source repository for the . Loughran and McDonald () link the tone of the annual report .. on a form having at least one non-robot request (of any file type).

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Firstsource Solutions Ltd(FSL) Annual Report (10K) Quarterly Report (10Q)

Finally proposed section provides a range of actions from the Part which will be covered by the AAT. Division6—Assessments of community stores in relation to licensing The Secretary can initiate the assessment of a community store and can require an authorised officer to make this assessement. For example Bob Durnan comments.

Bills Digests reflect the relevant legislation as introduced and do not canvass subsequent amendments or developments.

It is only the owner who gets a licence proposed section Whilst compliance is an admirable goal, compliance without capacity does little to achieve food security. It shows that child hospitalisation rates have increased and that confirmed incidences of personal harm and suicide have more than doubled since Chris Graham, Indigenous affairs commentator and managing editor of the publication Tracker, was reported as putting the cost and outcomes filetyppe follows: There were questions concerning the procedure by which the Government would decide what is appropriate for specific communities and how the Government would know when the desired changes had occurred.

Firstsource Solutions Ltd

Many provisions and issues associated with those Bills were flagged in the Bills Digests prepared at the time. It is then possible to negotiate the matter further, however if the Secretary considers the person has breached the undertaking then an application can be made to a court. There can be negotiations about the time to pay the relevant amount under proposed section 92 and the infrigement notice can be withdrawn under proposed section Often, however, it is not the provisions of this particular Bill that are being criticised, but other dimensions of the experience of the last five years and a perceived emphasis on expensive measures which emphasise compliance and are regulation-heavy.

These circumstances are subject to review by the AAT proposed section Part 3 gives the Commonwealth certain powers to regulate town camps and community living areas in the Northern Territory. Main issues There are three main parts to this Bill and each one has a substantial issue behind it.


It is noted here that the Explanatory Memorandum at p. Contrary to selectively published statistics, the collective measures of the Intervention are not delivering better overall outcomes for Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory.

Before making a determination on whether a licence is required the Secretary must given written notice to the owner and manager of the store specifying the reason for the proposed determination and inviting written submissions on the matter.

This statistic is embedded in Figure 6. Variation and revocation of alcohol management plans are subject to similar procedural provisions. This Digest was prepared for debate.

Furthermore, once the relevant law has been modified in this manner the NT Parliament can amend it as if it were legislation as created by that Parliament.

As the Senate inquiry into the NT Stronger Futures laws by the Community Affairs Committee closes submissions by January 12, most of those affected or concerned about the new legislation provisions will not respond. Recorded school enrolment and attendance has declined from The Part is broken into two functional divisions — one dealing with town camps and the other dealing with community living areas. Our experience at the front line firstsohrce remote retail services has found that store managers and operators generally filefype basic business management and retail skills.

It goes on to specify a list of firsttsource which are deemed to comply with the Competition and Consumer Act The Australian government response to what looks awfully like policy firdtsource is to promulgate more of the same. The Government has now decided to extend the licensing scheme to cover all shops that are a key source of food, drink and grocery items for an Indigenous community, and this includes takeaway shops anunal roadhouses.

Division8—Enforcement relating to food security Proposed Subdivision A deals with civil penalties. The state policy of normalisation is not delivering even by its own benchmarks. These provisions allow regulations to be made under the proposed Act which would function as amendments to NT legislation.

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The courts are given the power to issue both a restraining injunction i. In that period there has also been a rhetorical shift in indigenous affairs policy. Before making a rule that an area is an alcohol protected area the Minister must ensure that information about the proposal and its effect is available in the area and that people living in the area have been given a reasonable opportunity to make submissions on the matter proposed subsection 27 6although failure to comply with this requirement does not affect the validity of the rule proposed subsection 27 7.

It was, for example, identified as such in the Anderson and Wild report that sparked the NTER in and the Government has considered their tackling alcohol abuse measure to be a special measure under the Racial Discrimination Act. Proposed section 35 gives the Commonwealth the same powers to modify legislation with respect to community living areas.


There are defences to these offences for people in a boat engaged in recreational boating or commercial fishing activities proposed subsections 75B 2 or 75C 2 and for those who are on organised tours proposed subsections 75B 4 and 75C 4. Furthermore the court can make the order whether or not the person intends to engage in that conduct again or intends to continue that conduct and whether or not the person has done it in the past.

It also defines food security matters as. Chris Graham, Indigenous affairs commentator and managing editor of the publication Tracker, was reported as putting the cost and outcomes as follows:. In essence, you are free to copy and communicate this work in its current form for all non-commercial purposes, as long as you attribute the work to the author and abide by the other licence terms. Current liquor licences and permits are preserved by proposed sections 12 and 13however with the appropriate notice their terms may be varied or they may be revoked, and in the case of the licences they will only be functional if the licensee confines the sale of liquor for consumption away from the premises to someone holding a NT liquor permit in force in the particular alcohol protected area.

As part of the initial NTER the Government introduced a licensing system for community stores in the Northern Territory and has since issued licences to more than 80 stores that are able to participate in the income-management scheme, have a reasonable quality, quantity and range of groceries and can demonstrate sound financial structures, retail practices and governance.

A number of commentators questioned the way the key message the Government took from those reports of October and November.

Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill – Parliament of Australia

Decisions made under these provisions are subject to review under the Administrative Appeals Tribunal AAT proposed section These regulations are immediately effective on commencement and operate as if the changes had been made by the NT Parliament. I think firstsouece things, supported by strictly enforced sanctions against unjustifiable non-attendance, together would make staying away from school a very unattractive option.

Concluding comments The measures in this Bill have their origins in the NTER which will be repealed by the accompanying consequential amendment Bill.