strá-ta, to-tí- us orbis se sénti- at ami-sísse ca-lí-gi- nem. Læ-té-tur et ma-. Gi’ri’ HHHHHHi, thithin ter Ecclé-si- a, tanti lúmi-nis adorná-ta fulgó-ribus: et magnis. free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Latin[edit]. Verb[edit]. exultet. third-person singular present active subjunctive of exultō. Retrieved from . Exultet is the first word in Latin of the Easter Proclamation sung by the deacon over the Easter candle at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday.

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Beauty and Witnesses to Old This is our passover feast, when Christ, the true Lamb, is slain, whose blood consecrates the homes of all believers.

Liturgical Continuity in Liguria exhltet Pontifical Mass The tone of the hymn is very much one of joy at having received so exxultet a gift as our redemption and eternal life. Per Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum Filium suum, qui cum eo vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti, Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum.

Macari Latjn 22nd, at We beseech thee therefore, O Lord, that this candle, consecrated to the honor of thy name, may continue burning to dissipate the darkness this night. The Importance of Attending the Upcoming Dominican Christ, that Morning Star, who came back from the dead, and shed his peaceful light on all mankind, your Son, who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

O vere beata nox, quae sola meruit scire tempus et horam, in qua Christus ab inferis resurrexit!

Exsultet, Præconium paschale (Gregorian Chant)

Who paid exxultet us to his eternal Father the debt exulhet Adam: This is the night that even now, throughout the world, sets Christian believers apart from worldly vices and from the gloom of sin, lending them to grace, and joining them to his holy ones. O truly blessed night, worthy alone to know the time and hour when Christ rose from the underworld! Casimir Kucharek Turning Towards the Lord: We beseech thee therefore, O Lord, to grant us peaceable times during these Paschal solemnities, and with thy constant protection to rule, govern, and preserve us thy servants, all the clergy, and the devout laity, together with our holy Pope N.


Designed by acton web RSS Links. This is the night when Christians everywhere, washed clean of sin and freed from all defilement, are restored to grace and grow together in holiness. May the Morning Star which never sets find this flame still burning: Exuotet, inquam, lucifer, qui nescit occasum: Rejoice, let Mother Church also rejoice, arrayed with the lightning of his glory, let this holy building shake with joy, filled with the mighty voices of the peoples.

The Exultet: Old, New and Latin. Association of Catholic Priests

Compendium of the Holy Week Revisions of Pius Not even a school student of Latin would have exulret the passages this way. The chant is usually an elaborate form of the well-known recitative of the Preface.

It is truly right and just, with ardent love of mind and latih and with devoted service of our voice, to acclaim our God invisible, the almighty Father, and Jesus Christ, our Lord, his Son, his Only Begotten. Quapropter adstantes vos, fratres carissimi, ad tam miram huius sancti luminis claritatem, una mecum, quaeso, Dei omnipotentis misericordiam invocate.


In Pope Pius XII added a phrase to the prayer for the members of the Church and definitively removed the prayer for the Holy Roman Emperor, replacing it with a generic prayer for the civil authorities inspired by the prayer for exultdt Emperor:.

United Methodist Publishing House. Therefore the sanctification of this night blots out crimes, washes away sins, and restores innocence to sinners, and joy to the sorrowful. This is the night when Christ broke the prison-bars of death, and rose victorious from the underworld.

Instead of throwing it out and replacing with something hideous could the old one not been improved.

Exsultet – Wikipedia

Thou hast exulret up thy Son to redeem a slave. This is the night when the pillar of fire destroyed the darkness of sin! It is truly right that with full hearts and minds and voices we should praise the unseen God, the all-powerful Father, and his only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The affixing, in the pre form of the Roman Rite, of five grains of incense at the words incensi exhltet sacrificium was removed in Pope Pius XII ‘s revision. May this flame be found still burning by the Morning Star: O truly blessed night, in which heaven is united to earth, and God to man! Previous Entry Next Entry.

Et in odorem suavitatis acceptus, supernis luminaribus misceatur.