Bestselling Author of Thrilling, Dark Books for Teens & Adults. Series Reading Order: Otherkin. This is the reading order for the Otherkin series by Eve Silver: Sins of the Heart; *Sin’s Daughter ยท Sins of the. The Otherkin book series by Eve Silver includes books Sins of the Heart, Sins of the Soul, Sins of the Flesh, and several more. See the complete Otherkin series.

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Not only was it fast in pace, full of suspense, and I was left constantly wondering who the heck was the traitor who had caused all this mess, the main couple was HOT! The plot line for this series is better developed and much more important than is usual for SMR series. He is so powerful and I loved how well his character was described in this book. Yall know how I feel about otyerkin nasty cliffhangers. She was sitting in a room that had been turned into a slaughterhouse, sucking on a lollipop.

Both of them are after information about one of his brothers deaths. Silver created and the book included everything I love to read about: I say all this to assure you But I give it 4 stars for the world building which is complex but enjoyable nonetheless. Silver given the fact that much needed to be accomplished and set up before diving into the good stuff between the hero and heroine and otheroin abruptness of the ending while disappointing, was not deal breaking.

He’s a yr old soul reaper who is tasked with retrieving malevolent souls for his father to feast on. When his youngest son is murdered he sends out this remaining sons to find his body so it an be reanimated and to find out who would dare do such a thing not caring about the deadly consequences.


I can’t help it, they suck. And I’m happy to share that I found out the Otherkin books will not end with this trilogy, that Eve has two more books planned for the Otherkin world.

They’re both excellent characters. But dead he is which can only suggest the hand of a powerful supernatural was involved. She is so strong and I love how she does not hesitate to say anything she pleases, even if it can get her into crazy situations.

I will definitely go on in the series. This is a one day offer so be sure to look out for it! It ootherkin take me a while to get into. Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: They have both been alone for the majority of their lives and now they have each other.

I think I love it more than ‘The Game’ series, which was one of my top favourite trilogies from last year. Roxy Tam is a girl who never hesitates to speak up, she is strong and independent.

Now, confronted by a soul reaper–an agent of one of the most powerful of the Underworld deities–with Kai’s face, she must acknowledge the likelihood that he betrayed her Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Not Enabled Screen Reader: All kinds of different gods have their own territory and own judiciary and one has to be careful trespassing into another realm because of course all gods are at odds with each other.

Roxy Tam is strong, yet venerable at the same time, a member of the Artesian Guard.

Sin’s Daughter

I really like Silver’s writing she’s the author of the post-apocalyptic romance, “Driven” that I rave about. You have Roxy and Dagan who were a great team and hot together when they finally met up again. I can’t blame others who read this book first, because without the context of the other books, I may have felt the same way they did. Couldn’t sleep until I finished it. I feel like it shouldn’t have been labeled as Book 2, and I feel slightly ripped off, because I could have used that money to buy a full-length book, heck, three full-length books.


Amber Hale knows she’s different–who else wakes up after being killed and heals from deadly wounds in a matter of hours? They form a bond that sticks with them through many years of separation.

Sins of the Heart

Forced into an uneasy alliance and plagued by the unwanted yearning between them, they must work together to elude the dark forces hunting them both As I became fully immersed in this story, I found myself attempting to connect the intricate pieces to a v 4.

Fortunately she’s saved but by the most unlikely of strangers, someone who is most definitely NOT a savior. He warns her to stay away from a group because then she’ll be his enemy and so of course, she goes running otherkim the group.

I took my Kindle with me for every test and read to keep from freaking out. The “mystery” was both obvious and yet, when the characters “figured it out”, felt unearned.

Sin’s Daughter – Kindle edition by Eve Silver. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

I’m finicky about novellas that feature romances. Years later they meet up again when his brother is killed. Eleven years ago, Dagan saved her life and spared her soul, and since then they have had a connection and mutual fascination. Xilver is a fighter, made tough by her childhood experiences and Dagan has found a connection he thought impossible. They should be enemies but the connection made between them was vee strong to resist.

I love the banter between different characters and how the world building is.