Eurit and swissvoice. Views. 6 years ago. Handset, · Message, · Base, · Station, · Machine, · Messages, · Answering, · Telephone, · Calls, · Settings. comfortably yours best-in comfortably yours best-in-class swissvoice Eurit swissvoice. Eurit and Cordless ISDN telephone DECT User Guide Important: This guide contains safety notes. Please read it before using your telephone and keep .

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Only one selection from a list can be made at any You can remotely control your answering machine for each MSN user from any telephone or mobile phone: Page 51 Provider services Mailbox Showing other messages If you also have new messages on the answering machine or new entries in the call register, this is now displayed in relevant order.

Page 54 Call charges and call duration During outgoing calls, your telephone displays the charges and call duration, if your provider supplies the charge pulses. Angi et internnummer Page 78 Operating the answering machine from the handset Deleting messages Taking over incoming calls Deleting individual messages for a user An individual message for a user can only be deleted while that message is being played back.

This means that if the answering machine is off, it is off for all users. Select “Unconditional”, “No reply” or “Busy”. With the redial register 1. Du kan slette eller videresende en allerede sendt melding fra utbokslisten se forrige kapittel. Multi handset low radiation mode. If this number is already present in the directory of your handset, the name in the directory entry is shown in the call register. Using several handsets The telephone allows you to operate up to 6 handsets on one base station.



Page 10 Table of contents During a call Symptom Cause Remedy No display. In other words, with the numeric keys 1—9 a shortcut is possible for a function selected by you, provided the function does not require any editing entry of numbers or letters or value settings, such as showing call-charges etc.

Nice contemporary, minimalist style. For technical reasons, the amount stated on your telephone eueit may not agree with the values shown in your display. You can make two internal calls between two handsets and at the same time somebody can also make an external call.

Swisscom Swissvoice Eurit 525 535 555 Handset Hand Set With Shell Loading

This message is now deleted. The answering machine of the respective user eirit be off: In this way there is no need to find the function via the menu structure navigating. In the default state, the number has already been set.

Page 6 Quick reference user guide Directory entry 1.

For parts or not working. See more like this. Go with the fashion!

If you activate “Ident. You have the following options Before eurot the answering machine, simply select the desired user in the menu “Change euriit. No other type of use is permitted: Make your call … Messages are played back over Outgoing calls can be made from any of the base stations. You can query the call forwarding status type of call forwarding, destination number or deactivate it: Provider services Hotkey country-specific ED electronic directory in the fixed network Press on the hotkey to dial an external number or to transmit the operation code for a network service.


The following tips are intended to help you do this. Quick reference user guide Deleting all messages The answering machine is switched off. The eirit is available in a few seconds as the connection speed of your internet.

Page 52 Provider services Hotkey country-specific ED electronic directory in eurig fixed network Press on the hotkey to dial an external number or to transmit the operation code for a network service. Using several base stations Selecting a base station In addition to your own base station, you can operate your handset on up to three further base stations, thereby increasing your range.

Anropsliste 1 3 tapt e anrop OK 1.

The batteries are in a discharged state when supplied; they will first need to be charged: Page 50 Provider services Cancelling the call forwarding status Note: Keypad lock on You can switch the keypad lock on to prevent unintended pressing of keys having any effect: You 5335 set the number of rings after which the answering machine switches itself on This document for download.

Is this manual helpful? To bar the remote access function, enter the remote access PIN “”.