Discitis or diskitis is an infection in the intervertebral disc space that affects different age groups. It can be caused due to spinal tuberculosis and spread along spinal ligament to involve the adjacent anterior vertebral bodies, causing. can occur anywhere in the vertebral column but more commonly involves lumbar spine; single level involvement (65%); multiple contiguous levels (20%). Espondilodiscitis tuberculosa con tumoración lumbar. Tuberculous spondylodiskitis with lumbar tumor. María Cristina López-Sáncheza, Gabriela Calvo Arrojoa.

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Discitis – Wikipedia

As such, infectious spondylodiscitis can virtually be excluded by a negative scan. In children whether to bed rest or move a little is decided on an individual basis, depending on the site and severity of the discitis. Images, culture methods and PCR polymerase chain reaction can be helpful for diagnosis, although in an important percent of the cases, etiology cannot be determined. Edit article Share article View revision history. We describe a case of a 3 year old boy, who had this disease and then a review about spondilodiskitis in childhood and microbiological aspects of Kingella kingae.


Case 17 Case About Blog Go ad-free. Rev Med Chile ; Without treatment, the patient may form an abscess which may need to be surgically corrected. J Pediatr Orthopaedics ; espondilodisciitis Case 15 Case Accedido 18 de diciembre In adults it can lead to severe consequences such as sepsis or epidural abscess but can also spontaneously resolve, especially espohdilodiscitis children under 8 years of age. In post-operative situations, the symptoms occur within a week and result in severe low back pain or neck pain depending on the surgical location.


Discitis occurs post surgically in approximately percent of patients after spinal surgery.

L5-S1 with epidural abscesses. J Bone Joint Surg ; 83B: Molecular diagnosis of Kingella kingae osteoarticular infections by specific real-time PCR assay.

There is debate as to the cause, although hematogenous seeding of the offending organism is favored as well as direct spread. J Child Orthop ; 4: Specificity is not as high 10,16but lmubar of treatment results is possible 9. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. If untreated, the discitis may resolve on its own, causing spontaneous fusion of the intervertebral disc space, cause a chronic low grade infection, or progress to osteomyelitis and possibly even an epidural abscess.

J Bone Joint Surg Am ; If the patient is an adult many surgeons and doctors now recommend moving little and often and within the pain limits of the medication. En la actualidad, los agentes causantes descritos con mayor frecuencia son Staphylococcus aureus, Kingella kingae y Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Los pacientes afectados por tuberculosis deben recibir un tratamiento normado. CT findings are similar to plain film but kumbar more sensitive to earlier changes.

In case of concomitant inflammation of one or more vertebrae in such cases usually the areas adjacent to the intervertebral disc spaces [1] the condition is called spondylodiscitis.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Rev Chil Infect ; 28 4: The classic appearance on multiphase bone scans is increased blood flow and pool activity and associated increased uptake on the standard delayed static images Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: The cause may be aseptic. Diskitis, Kingella kingae, infectious spondylitis, bone and joint infection, vertebral osteomyelitis.


Show all Show less. Case 5 Case 5. Tuberculous spondylodiskitis with lumbar tumor. Case 19 Case A biopsy may be performed and helps with diagnosis in some sepondilodiscitis but often an organism is not obtained.

Spondylodiscitis has a bimodal age distribution, which many authors consider essentially as separate entities:. This is why disc patients are no longer told to bed rest. Erratum in J Clin Microbiol ; 47 9: J Med Microbiol ; Although there are no established guidelines for treatment, before the suspicion, empiric antibiotic treatment should be started for good prognosis.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is also useful in differentiating between pyogenic, tuberculous, and fungal infections, and a neoplastic lymbar.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. MR imaging of vertebral osteomyelitis revisited. Por el momento no hay estudios para establecer un protocolo de tratamiento de las infecciones por K.

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The DWI sequence can help to distinguish between the acute and chronic stages of the disease 7. Articles Cases Courses Quiz.

D ICD – Case 16 Case Spine ; 30 3: