By Erle Montaigue October 19, The Following was my first attempt at educating the general martial arts public as to Dim Mak. before this, I would only ever. The touch of death (or Death-point striking) refers to any martial arts technique reputed to kill using seemingly less than lethal force targeted at specific areas of the body. The concept known as dim mak (simplified Chinese: 点脉; traditional According to Montaigue’s own account, dim mak is an aspect of traditional old Yang. Dim-Mak has 29 ratings and 1 review. Revealed in this book for the first time are the long-held secrets of dim-mak: a system of deadly strikes to vital a.

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Touch of Death

If this point is struck, it will cause a rim artery just under the skull to break. All have their different opinions about aspects of the fighting arts; however, one item over the years has caused more arguments and discussion than any other.

It’s extraordinarily dangerous to practice some of montaigud techniques because if you do happen to get them right and you don’t have the knowledge of how to correct it, for example there’s this point on the forearm where you could easily make someone fall down”. There’s an old Chinese saying that says, “it takes three lifetimes to learn dim mak”.

Iskren Marinov rated it it was amazing Feb 03, If a certain mobtaigue is struck at such times then the associated organ will receive much more irritation resulting in great damage to the organ.

And what are known as the dim jontaigue points are really only acupuncture points, most of which are used every day by the practising acupuncturist without causing death. About Dim Mak “Are there certain times when less force would produce the same effect?

Erle Montaigue: Dim-mak – Death point striking

Although I do not believe in any mystical delayed dim mak eerle touch, that which is able to kill a few days later by stopping the flow of Qi, there is however a purely physical way of causing death a few days later. Montaigue claims to be “the first Westerner to be granted the degree of ‘Master’ in taijiquan “, awarded by Master Wang Xin-Wu in There are major points, which the average acupuncturist is reasonably familiar with, but in fact there are more than points eele the body.


Return to Book Page. This will not cause any immediate damage and jontaigue person will be able to continue fighting, even if somewhat dimm. And of course it is these points that the martial artists will be concerned.

It’s not going to be the case of somebody walking past you in a bus and gently tapping you on the shoulder and wandering off. Montalgue points you want to put, I guess what you’d call, well the Chinese call Xie Qi, which means ‘evil energy’ in.

The “delayed action” of dim mak is depicted in Executioners of Shaolinwhere a “step Soul Catching” move allows the victim to take a certain number of steps before dying.

About Dim Mak mobtaigue we should show some of these points on the arms in photos. In these cases it is always better to call in the expert in these matters, the local Taiji combat person who very gingerly moves bookracks and beds to search said secretor out. About Dim Mak “So many of them are purely physical rather than the old story of touching a certain point and having that point slowly close day by day until no more Qi is able to flow causing death some days later”.

The Following was my first attempt at educating the general martial arts public as to Dim Mak. Jimmer Bimmer rated it liked it Jul 23, Needling is not the only way to treat an acupuncture point; you can use finger pressure or moxibustion.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ian Vance rated it it was ok Jul 12, About Dim Mak “So many of them are purely physical rather than the old story of touching a certain point and having that point slowly close day by day until no more Qi is able to flow causing death some erke later” Chris answers: The effects mohtaigue sometimes, for instance there’s a point in the middle of the shoulder blade which when struck will leave the arm numb for quite some time afterward.

Dim Mak Death Touch “Yea, the points on the forearm, wrist and elbow are very useful because often fights can be stopped before they start just by immobilising the attacker. And a thorough knowledge of bodily Qi systems are essential otherwise nothing will happen except the person might get a bruise or a broken rib”. About Dim Djm “The delayed death touch, what are your views” Chris answers: You need montaogue practice accuracy only.


The montaiue known as vibrating palm originates with the Chinese martial arts Neijing “internal” energy techniques that deal with the qi energy and the type of force jin used.

Dim Mak Death Touch “Two inches up from the inside of the wrist in the middle. Different styles, different attitudes from different countries.

Dim-Mak: Death Point Striking by Erle Montaigue

For instance, just before the confrontation actually comes to blows when he has just pushed you on the chest, if you can just reach in and grab his elbow and drop him on the ground, he’ll think twice about getting up, feeling a bit weak and shaky all over, you’ve stopped it at the sensible point” Erle asks: Wayne survives the technique by wearing a protective pad to absorb the force of the blow. Dim mak is referenced in Bloodsporta film allegedly “based on true events in the life of Frank Dux “, the founder of the first Neo-ninja school of “American Style Ninjutsu “.

I know that there are certain points on the human body which when struck with a medium powered strike will cause great injury. Dim Mak Death Touch “Some people promote the idea that you can do this sort of thing as a separate art but from the diim of view of responsibility for a start, if you can only hit someone on the point, that can be really dangerous to them, you should really know how to reverse the effect” Erle asks: Webarchive template wayback links All articles lacking reliable references Monyaigue lacking reliable references from July Articles containing Chinese-language text Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles containing montaiyue Chinese-language text Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text Pages using template Zh with sup tags Articles containing Pinyin-language text.

In the TV series Quincy, M.