Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Oct 2, , Brigitte Bargetz and others published Equaliberty: political essays. It could be asserted that the spectre of Equaliberty (Égaliberté) has haunted Étienne Balibar’s work for decades. Political Essays, transl. Equaliberty: Political Essays by ÉtienneBalibar(trans. James Ingram).Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp., £, ISBN.

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Equaliberty implies consequences on a material level despite its radical undetermination as a universal proposition Balibar A Tie To Be Tied: The advantage offered by Balibar’s approach is that it goes beyond the question of whether crisis is simply the result of an assault launched by capitalism as an outside force, perhaps resulting from the dominance of finance or transnational capital.

He finds the tension between these different kinds of rights to be ingrained in the constitution of the modern nation-state and the contemporary welfare state. Those mediators are fraternity and property.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This, the title of the collection, points to the constant tension between the concepts of freedom and equality, or between social rights and liberty.

Hare – – Oxford University Press. Human Rights and Political Participation in the 21st Century. Thus, to authentically demand equality universally is to demand equality freely i.

We will return to this problem, which becomes more illustrative with respect to the second juxtaposition. It is helpful to clarify I and II separately, as each of them point to slightly different facets of equaliberty. Its inherent universality is thus negative Balibar Balibar argues that the equation of freedom and equality is essential to the modern subjective remaking of right, but this cannot guarantee its institutional stability It is intrinsically fragile and vulnerable, always subject to a differential of insurrection and reconstitution that no purely formal or juridical representation can encapsulate.

Vermeren – – Diogenes 55 4: In particular, this review will focus on the work that compares the idea of democratic power and rights with the institution of rights within the framework of the nation state.


That is to say, the truth-proposition, once discovered and here ewualiberty can indeed account for an Event with a capital Essays [namely: Constitutional and Political Theory: All four forces construct a sociopolitical contour, which shapes an ongoing dialectic. This is partly captured by the belief that equality is economic or social while freedom is juridical-political and institutional.

The confrontation of institutional logics, where law sanctions the universalizing force of obligation and social relations of forces including the moral and ideological, represents a permanent condition of politics Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.

The last sections of the book illustrate this in practice as Balibar expands on topics equaljberty are perhaps more familiar to a contemporary audience — European citizenship, cultural and political issues, recent riots and the struggle for a democracy without exclusion. The notion itself reappears throughout the entirety of his work; the eqhaliberty differentiated and compiled summary of its fundamentals are to be found in Equaliberty ; first published in French inwhich contains a collection of essays responsive to the term.

Specifically we could talk of the peculiarity of geopolitical hegemony, an individualistic frontier ideology, and that the principle of universal social rights has never been fully recognized in the United States It identifies and expands upon a crucial tension within liberal citizenship that runs through the course of history, but which seems particularly prescient today, especially within Europe.

Timothy Fuller – – Philosophy and Theology 4 3: Despite this skepticism towards the generalizability of an Anglo-Saxon logic, Balibar goes along with a Foucauldian understanding of governmentality as ‘individualizing the individual’. Etienne Balibar – – Iris. However, he is not convinced by the universal applicability of this argument, believing Brown’s theory of de-democratization to reflect the particularity of American society.

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Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

World Borders, Political Borders. Crucially, equaliberty becomes material via practical commitment, itself being a conscious act of the emerging self.

In other words, there is a process of constant negotiation between constituted and constituent forms of power; between wssays demand for an institutionalisation of universal rights and its actual incorporation into a legal framework. Indeed, this continual problematization of the conditions for citizenship might be considered to be an exemplary manifestation of what it means to be a critical citizen.


Social and Political Philosophy. Both appear in antithetical form, similar to equaliberty itself. Balibar comes to terms with the fact that the exception from the law is its own condition of possibility.

James Ingram (ed.), Equaliberty: Political Essays – PhilPapers

No keywords specified fix it. Law in the Age of Pluralism. European Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate 2 3: The arising consequential frame is the oppositional relation E—L mediated by fraternity on the one hand and property on the other. Duke University Press However, philosophies of equalibberty Enlightenment can be divided into categories of the subject and the individual. He finds the tension between these different kinds of rights to be ingrained in the constitution of the modern nation-state and the contemporary welfare state.

However, to translate both abstract universals simultaneously into one political framework is, pklitical we will see, underpinned by a myriad of aporias.

Equaliberty: Political Essays

More generally this relates to two very different paradigms — utilitarian individualism and the republican community of citizens, or, put differently, the pragmatism and individualism of the Anglo-Saxon tradition and idealism or subjectivism of continental traditions In short, there is no suppression of either liberty or equality—if one is suppressed, the equalliberty will also be so.

Studies on Politics and Philosophy before and after Marx. Extensive universality is defined quantitatively. Respectively, Balibar is close to Derrida in implicitly asserting that there is a certain degree of violence that always inherits the force of law. Democracy in a Global World: