English Passengers: A Novel [Matthew Kneale] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In when Captain Illiam Quillian Kewley and his. Steven Poole is bowled over by the panache of a Matthew Kneale’s novel, English Passengers, with its 21 narrators. Instead of getting meat cooking on the fire, which was my great desire, I got a war . I never saw one before, no, but I heard stories from Tartoyen.

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In fact, I found it similar, in a way, to the great Czech novel, The Good Soldier Schweik, in that I simply didn’t want it to end; I just wanted to keep following adventures. However, telling us these two stories in parallel brings us di This is one of the best books I’ve read in ages: Also, one story provides a certain amount of dark comedy, leavening what would be an otherwise entirely bleak tale.

Mirtis ir pagarba jai. Even the potentially awkward mix of socio-political themes and passsngers japes works. Many months ago I’d read half of some collection of his short stories and was left with the impression: Class, science, religion, nationalism, colonialism paternalism, exploitationevangelism, culture clashes, racial identity and tension, crime and punishment redemption, reformmurder, revenge, and genocide are the main themes.

I would have preferred to read a real fiction about Illiam Quillian Kewley’s adventures aboard his beloved Sincerity rather than a faux-historical account of the rape of Van Diemen’s land in the s.

One day, ghosts came suddenly with sticks with thunder noise, and killed everyone they could. That was a good wound he got, I did divine, in his belly, enough for any wallaby, and though he shouted and tried to get engljsh he could not.

English Passengers by Matthew Kneale – Reading Guide – : Books

A mix of history, intrigue and human suffering this is a unique book with an accessible story that is nevertheless ‘literary’. Meanwhile, the priceless Captain Kewley of amusingly bad judgment, both propels the long narrative through its comedy of errors and also provides a certain moral ballast, as one ineale the book’s few reliable narrators. He squawked so loud about sleeping quarters that I was sure he was after my own cabin.

It’s a very human portrait of the times. Please try again later.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The book features a different viewpoint every pages,give or take, and you may find yourself cheating the cliffhangers to find out if a viewpoint you enjoy has met an untimely death or will resurface.

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But Kewley, Potter, Wilson and Peevay are memorable creations, and crowding in upon the fictional company are a host of deftly colourful thumbnail portraits.

Jul 17, Travelin rated it it was ok. That sounds neat but it also sounds over obvious and not especially interesting – what else should I review first, you might ask actually I reviewed little of what I read in November and December, and I’ve already read three books in January so in that sense it is not as obvious as it might seem. Other Roingin were angry now, of course, and ran forward at Gonar, who got two spears both together, one in his neck.

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Kneale pays homage to the polylogic epistolary novel, and employs over 19 separate narrators; this is no mean feat of literary ventriloquism, as his characters have distinctive voices and personalities. Gonar wanted to kill Roingin anyway, despite their story, but Tartoyen felt sad for them. Set in the nineteenth century, it explores in dramatic, knesle detail the colonization of Tasmania and the thirst for conquest, adventure, and fame that propelled the spread of the British Empire.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Each would run forward bravely towards enemies by and by, to wave his spear in the air and start new chanting, but then he’d look back at the rest of his to divine if they were following, and they never were.

English Passengers

Look Inside Reading Guide. Quotes from English Passengers.

Mostly the aboriginals are just portayed as victims or maddened killers. Meanwhile a local boat from the Isle of Man with a whole crew of quirky characters, is suspected of smuggling and held in a prison dock in London – so the vicar’s benefactor pays the boat’s fine and prevents the crew going to prison if they agree to go to Tasmania.

She went over to one boy, smaller than me, with little thin legs so he looked good for hitting, and d’you know she took the heinous little mattgew in her arms, as if he was some finest wondrous thing. Matthew Kneale’s “English Passengers” does have a bit of the herky-jerky to it, but, if you’re going to take the narrative approach he does — if memory serves, there are more than 20 different narrators ineale it’s hard to imagine it being done better 4.

Tartoyen, Gonar and others of mine just had a few – some didn’t have even one – while Roingin had two or three each. Many of the chapters alternate between the two different time periods, but when the Manx ship eventually docks in Tasmania, both strands of the story are brought together for the book’s conclusion.


All hands on deck | Books | The Guardian

Another interesting point of view is Peevay’s, an aboriginal young boy, member of a Tasmanian tribe unsuccessfully fighting the colonisers, their religious influences and the social customes they are trying to enforce in the local inhabitans. Louder than thunder it pqssengers, but very sudden, so I hardly knew it when it was already finished, and my ears were humming like wind in rocks, as if I got hit by some grievous blow.

This is not a light read or an especially easy read but it is exciting, engrossing and very, very well written. As the wise man says, though, for every summer Sunday there’s a winter wind to pay, and in this case the cost of our freedom was plain for all to see, strutting about the ship as if they owned it. Or how about that bright sunny morning when he’s just turned six and sees soldiers striding down the street, fierce and jangling? Kneale cites several examples of insidious racial theories that started in the s and yb to flourish in the twentieth century [p.

It was this woman who shouted at us.

This was no battle yet, but nearly, with mine on one side and Roingin on other. Nes joje daug visko. Lazy, simpleminded, almost unremmittingly tedious, although occasionally passegners, sometimes even funny, it’s Hollywood action if it was written by a modestly sized Brit in longhand. Kneale also has a Dickens-like ability to create characters who embody some of humanity’s most obnoxious traits, like the falsely modest vicar or the racist doctor.

By wrongness I mean that the POVs seemed to me to passemgers false notes: Thomas Potter, unbeknownst to Wilson, is developing a sinister thesis about the races of men. Indeed, the alternating narratives with their disparate casts would be taxing enough on any reader, but knneale novel also alternates its style for each and every character who serves as a POV.

Yet, British, and later Australian rac Very unusual, brilliant book.