Love in excess;: or the fatal enquiry, a novel. In three parts. by Haywood, Eliza Fowler, ? Publication date Publisher London: printed for D. The fiction of Eliza Haywood, Penelope Aubin and Elizabeth Singer Rowe has been seen to represent two very different ways of writing novels in the s: the . The Love in Excess Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Eliza Haywood The hero of Haywood’s novel, D’ elmont is painted in a white light of innocence and mind numbing ignorance.

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I wish it they had more depth and the period in which Haywood lived was less terrible. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. This was reading material for a class on 18th century lit. Published June 12th by Broadview Press Inc first published Part the Second deals with D’Elmont’s falling in “true” love with Melliora, a girl entrusted in his care.

Love in Excess by Eliza Haywood – LibriVox Forum

Despite being affianced to Violetta the chaste “good” womanFrankville had fallen in love with a woman named Camilla, inciting the vengeance of Violetta’s villainous father Cittolini, who is described as a “possessor of immense riches”. There is plenty of excitement to keep one turning the pages – abductions, elopements, near-rapes, secret assignations, lovers hiding in the shrubbery, sexual ambiguity inspired by a bit of cross-dressing, etc etc Aug 13, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: There really is no substance to this book other than to entertain a ‘s public that don’t have TV or clubs to go to in the evenings.


When D’Elmont enters what he thinks is Melliora’s chamber, he instead ravishes the too-willing Melantha. Unfortunately, he is looking at another girl.

Chastity is valued, and lust is worthless. Yes, the men are trash, but the heroines are interesting. Jan 18, Monty Milne ecxess it it was ok. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

She would live unhappily ever after, I suppose.

Love in Excess by Eliza Fowler Haywood

I did, however, find that it held my attention much better and was more enjoyable to read that most other 18th century novels that I’ve read. The loser receives a chamber pot, though it’s clear that Pope didn’t see a huge difference between dliza two prizes.

It shows how very rudimentary the novel form was at the time; it commits just about every “error” that first novelists are now enjoined against, including pages-long paragraphs. Melliora secures exfess own freedom to leave with D’Elmont through an elaborate plot.

Later, D’Elmont intervenes to rescue a stranger from certain death, killing a masked bravo, or “hired murderer”, and narrowly escaping with his own life.

In a lot of ways, and not kn Degrassi, this book goes there. Okay, I haven’t read a lot of exceess fiction. Description takes a distant backseat to the emotions of the characters involved in the act, so I mean, it’s definitely exaggerated and taxing to read people incapable of patience, so harried with passion they think they’re going to die–it’s all described very prettily, but exhausting to read about such intensity of emotion View all 8 comments.

But I wouldn’t pick this one up if I was looking for a light-read don’t let the book’s relative shortness throw you off. It focuses a lot on the ideas of duty and desire in romantic olve.


While Violetta was engaged to Frankville, she inevitably falls in love with D’Elmont and seeks to reunite Frankville and Camilla. It influenced Samuel Richardson and it’s much more fun than his work.

Frankville is revealed to be the stranger whose life D’Elmont saved earlier on. Retrieved from ” https: However, her name appeared in the second part and the third parts of her novel.

Anyway, as I said, this novel mirrors many of its time in its abysmal characterisation–I never cared about any of these characters, and the circumstances didn’t really have a proper progression, and many were just handed to the characters, and it was boring as a result.

I still can’t believe I had to read it for class, and not a single lecture addressed the violent sexual terrorization the main character afflicts on his ward, a young adolscent girl.

Love in excess; : or the fatal enquiry, a novel. In three parts.

All your favorites are here: Just, y’know, roll ’em with respect. Characters, in my first two experiences with the 18th century English novel which is a course I’m currently takingare completely and utterly without depth. So what do you say to that? Aug 06, librarian4Him02 rated it liked it Shelves: Modern formatting, I will never again take you for granted.