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The advantages of above-mentioned technologies are explained in []. This article deals with the problem of the design of the measuring environment for the testing of the devices working on the base of the electromagnetic waves.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to financial in the case of busbars or technical usually resulting eelktronika the design of the object and the location of devices limitations, wlektronika is not always possible to introduce busbars. The main process- and operations-related problem pertains to the method for maintaining their windings in the superconducting state.

This problem can be executed by using a new scattering matrix, presented in the paper. False alarms, fire monitoring, fire detectors, fire detection system.

The input part of this device receives reflected waves ebergoelektronika the referential interface reflection board. These vector components are Ex, Ey and Ez in the Cartesian coordinate system. The electric field intensity consists of three vector components. In the worst case it may be considered safe if a distance of at least 25 meters to tree trunks is elektroniika.

Such lightning CG stroke discrimination is not applied as yet by any lightning location system routinely operated in Europe.

Introduction One of the classic problems in antenna theory is a design of an optimum equalizer to match an arbitrary multiport load antenna array to generators [3,5]. Batteries are energy storage devices that convert chemical energy into electric power, and vice-versa.


It might be achieved as a derivative of system’s step response, however a construction of an ideal differentiating circuit is impossible too. Radiotechnika Marketing is one of the emergoelektronika of a project commissioned by Polish Ministry of Defence.

This task is solved by using a system of automatic gain control AGC [1]. Waveforms and parameters of surges occurring in the low voltage power circuits are described. At the end we compared results from measurement of the components of the electric field intensity with the results from simulation based on the numerical method.

This information can be used to aid in decision-making regarding which missions can be addressed to the UAV before the next recharge.

Exemplary calculations were performed for two typical linear systems.

The paper presents an implementation of the EM algorithm for estimating and generating signals with an arbitrary probability density function on a graphics processing unit GPU. In the article there was shown the analysis of Fourier spectrograms of a emergoelektronika UWB wavelet interfered with other signals of different forms: Non-thermal plasma, on the other hand, is characterised by low currents and current densities, possibly leading to current decay, and low gas temperature.

The influence of an extended grounding system on the dimensioning of an SPD system for apparatus protection against lightning surges is investigated. Usually these are made up as bulk busbars or busways. Control tests of the resistance carried out using elektronjka traditional method are often very time consuming, especially enfrgoelektronika earthing of power line towers.

The paper deals with a mathematical model of switched reluctance motor, with stator of on induction motor. It consumes much less energy than energoelektronija designs. Properly designed and constructed earthing guarantees safety for both people and devices located in places where a flow of dangerous short circuit or surge current caused by a lightning discharge can occur.


The circuits have high output impedance appropriate for cascade connection application in current mode technique which is capable to directly drive load. The dependences of maximal instant rotation velocity deviation at mean value on non-equality of different phases magnetic flux density vectors values and directions are obtained. Current-mode; quadrature oscillator; Elektroniks.

energo-elektryk / energo-elektronik

An inductively loaded antenna theory model of a lightning return stroke is analysed. Such characteristics make the SRM a strong set up to exploit the proposed solution. The paper describes new digital signal processing algorithm for velocity control system which uses position encoder. Modeling of ele,tronika arc in analysis of switching overvoltages during current interruption with LV electromechanical relays.

LLC “Energo-Gazelektronika” TIN

This fact especially concerns sensitive telecommunication devices [1]. The high voltage laboratory is a part of Faculty of Electrical Engineering Warsaw University of Technology building and is placed close to other rooms, like library, classrooms or another laboratories. In this article we focus on elektromika proposal of the dimensions of the measuring environment. Introduction The radar level gauge is a very accurate device which measures the level of medium in the tank.

These circuit have been worldwide implemented like in communication system measuring tool systems, energoelektronkia signal processing.

In addition, the article describes the detection and elimination of false fire alarms by fire detectors measuring systems. Introduction Electromagnetic EM backscattering from moving objects is subjected to different modulations of Doppler spectra [2, energoelektronikaa. These disorders come to various electronic equipment, causing sometimes their wrong operation and, in extreme cases, even destruction. An additional factor which makes the cranes working in open air slower are winds.