This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the ER-1 from Korg. Korg ER-1 Electribe R Rhythm Synthesizer () Drum machine: 8 voices mix of analog modeling and PCM samples with sequencer and Midi sync. Listen to. Check out the Korg Electribe ER-1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) own Patterns in a Pattern Set see page 31 in the ER-1 owners Manual.

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Front and rear panel 5. Song mode Deleting manusl pattern from a specified position Delete Pattern You can delete a pattern from a specified position, and subse- quent patterns will be moved forward toward the beginning of the song.

Now you can edit the data of lengths Table Of Contents Contents 1.

Hold down the Shift key and press step key er–1 Clear Event. For other Shift key combinations, refer to the explanation of each parameter.

Korg ELECTRIBER ER-1 Owner’s Manual

manuual If you attempt to record additional events, the “memory full” message will appear immediately. Delay Level Adjust the output level. The data will be copied in a similar way when the pattern length is 2 or 3 refer to the table below. Step recording Use the Keyboard function to specify the pitch of the note for each target step to create the phrase.

When the Keyboard function key is electrjbe, these LEDs indicate the octave position. Use the dial or the Select keys to move to the position at which you wish to begin recording. Pitch Offset simply offsets the pitch within the song. Careless operation may damage your speaker system or cause malfunctions. Erasing motion sequence data from a part Clear Motion This operation erases all the motion sequence data of a part. Rhythmic C43 Hurry Up!! Inserting a pattern at a specified position Insert Pattern You can insert a pattern at a specified position, and subsequent patterns manuall be moved backward toward the end of the song.


If you modify the tempo of a song but then switch to another song without Writing, the first song will return to its original mamual. Erasing data during playback or recording Erase 1. Key 10 will blink. On the EA-1 you can create and save patterns.

However when transmitting to a data filer, it is not normally necessary to match the MIDI channel. As this knob slectribe turned further toward the right, the pitch will change more slowly.

The settings you make in Global mode will be cancelled if you turn off the power without Writing. Clap handclap part key This key selects the handclap part. Rotate the dial to select the desired pattern A The data that is copied automatically when you Write a pattern does not force the pattern length to change. Use the part key to select the copy source part. You can jump to a specific step by hold- ing down the Shift key and pressing the desired step key. Only in eletcribe Pattern can you write the edited sounds.



Rotate the dial to adjust the input volume to create a balance with the volume of the other part. LFO a single bipolar modulator, relative frequency range between 0. Transpose key Use this key to transpose a phrase. Ro- tating the knob all the way to one side will cause the level of the other oscillator to be 0. If liquid gets into the equipment, it could cause a breakdown, fire, or electrical shock.

HEAR delay on a snare drum. Twenty-four Timing Clock messages are transmitted for each quarter note. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi- cate Clock.

Be aware that if you perform these operations during synchronized playback, the synchro- nization will be lost.

Full text of “Electribe EA 1 Manual”

A Rhythm Pattern is a sequence of rhythms i. Never turn off the power while data is being written to memory. A rhythm pattern in triple meter will be shown in triplets. If you wish to save an edited pattern, song, or global data, be sure to perform the Write operation. Press the Pattern err-1 Song key to return to the previous mode.