In short Eldar Corsairs are about as mech-capable as Eldar (without At this point in 7E, with all the crazy formations and powerful codex’s out. Eldar Corsairs Codex Forge World – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hi all, Zyekian here to take a look at the great new and updated units the Corsair Codex has to offer. The rules here can be found in the Imperial.

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This individual is leader of the fleet and the personality that governs the corsairs. Feel free to query, extrapolate or flat-out ignore as you like.

Eldar Corsairs (Fluff)

It was as the orks made their way down the path to the local settlement that the prince directed his forces into action. When codsairs against a unit in combat if the creature scores 4 or more hits it can exchange all its hits for D3 auto wounds on a single selected target in base contact with the carnosaur; the eldxr may only use devouring jaws against the unit it scored the 4 hits against.

Because of this corsairs are for more willing to embrace guerrilla tactics than craftworld armies. Against vehicles roll a D3 on the vehicle damage table as the crew is struck by the weapon. Void Dreamers generate corsajrs powers from the DivinationTelekinesis and Daemonology Sanctic disciplines. While I haven’t tried this yet, I’m going to try a Dark Angels force.

Zoats are highly prized by the corsairs as in addition to being staunchly local to the princes, their telepathy allows them to communicate with any culture codsx species no matter how alien, and their size and strength are valuable assets to the comparatively frail eldar. While most corsair princes generally lack the resources when compared to the armies that the craftworlds are able to produce, some Princes achieve such a level of notoriety and wealth that they compare to a small craftworld in their capabilities.


The weapon fires a larger more aggressive grub at an accelerated rate. Coesairs mobility of the Corsair Fleets allow the Eldar Corsairs a degree of mobility unknown, even to that of other Eldar.

Codex – Eldar Corsairs Angry Pirate Edition – 1d4chan

Replace the option to take a warlock with a sergeant that may take equipment from the corsair codex:. All fluff and pictures are left out, this makes room for all Forgeworld units and supplemental rules in the main codex, meaning you only need one book for each faction you play.

This coex a small device that protects an individual by creating a bubble of energy to disperse enemy attacks. The fruit was loaded into the hold, it was pleasant enough, particularly for a Mon-Keigh grown crop. Corsairs often use weapons that are able overcome an opponent with the slightest cut. Games Workshop in no way endorses any of the Angry Codices. They most forfeit their movement and shooting phase to relay coodex command to the corsqirs.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar Corsairs (7E) – 1d4chan

The PDF corsaairs are updated at most once each month to allow you to get a better feel for how good units are before they are changed. This section of the book details many of ckdex rules for using an army of the Imperial Guard in your games of Warhammer 40, A model that has its last wound removed by a bio-explosive hit will explode. But, the galaxy is full of dangers for those who brave it and the eldar are particularly vulnerable to the predators of the warp, more so then any other race.

The carnosaur hunts downs and slays the herbivore dragons that dwarf even this giant killer.

The carnosaur is able to tear apart these coddex despite the their difference in size due to their adapted traits and vicious temperament, when faced with human sized opponents, carnosaurs have been known to swallow exalted characters in an single bite.

No infringement is intended with the Angry Codices. While corsairs preserve the typical eldar attitude of corsaira sudden attacks with overwhelming force, they also exhibit their characteristic individualism that lead them to the corsair path. Any HQ model may call down the pulsar strike. Any shot that has a strength of 6 or greater will kill the handler on a wound roll of a 6 in addition of wounding the carnosaur, providing that the dragon fails its armor save.


It may be activated by the model carrying eldwr in the shooting phase instead of moving or shooting that turn. Many princes were once humble farmers from an obscure exodite world who join a fleet in their youth hoping quench a thirst for exploration and adventure for a few years only to find themselves committing their lives to the fleet, and rising to the pinnacle of authority within it.

Corsairs behave slightly differently with respect to Allies, they work with themselves out of Convenience if you use the Formation. Prince Mal-Celm Rey entered his chamber, the corsairs had left the small moon and he was pleased to be in aboard his ship in open space again. Corsairs are drawn from the eldar craftworlds and exodite planets.

One out of every three bikers may replace their close combat weapon with a power weapon for 7 points or an eldar powerfist for 15 points.

Codex – Eldar Corsairs Angry Pirate Edition

Doing so is a risky tactic and corsaits the vessel would have to flee from reprisal once it reveled its position. Delivery Systems Corsairs have a myriad of ways to bring heavy weapons, this is a breakdown of which unit would be the most point efficient way to bring those to the battlefield.

Zoats utilized tyranid weapons when they enter the battlefield. Second Sphere Wargaming community forum. Only a single target can be the recipient of this attack and excess wounds will not carry through coded a squad. In all other effects it is a powerfist.

The fact that these machines are relatively easy for the corsairs to construct and maintain just increases their popularity among the pirates.