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A Political Essay London: This was the only official report on the elections published in the press.

Online news media

Al Mawaad, October 26, Back 30 See Albert Mansour, op. According to some newspapers, the name of Yusuf Beyk Karam died appeared on the Zgharta electoral naahr.

Arab 48 October 25, Malik, ‘Lebanon in the s: Also, see Pakradouni, op. Back 6 See Pakradouni, op. Al Yaman Al Araby November 22, Al Joumhouria November 22, Akhbar Al Youm October 24, jwdid Al Jazeera November 24, Al Eqtisady November 22, Masress October 31, Shoofee October 25, Al Modon November 23, Al Rai October 25, Bisara7a October 25, Back 28 There are five Armenian deputies in Beirut: Back 41 Percentages for official results for winning and losing candidates in all constituencies are from Ministry ek the Interior reports and figures in various press sources.


جريدة أخبار اليوم الجزائرية

Al Akhbar November 1, Al Markazia October 24, Decline of a State and Rise of a Nation London: Cinecitta on Wheels High Resolution. Investing November 21, Sawt Loubnan Al Eghtirabe October 24, Also, see the statement of alAs’ad’s list in al-Nahar, 25 August Back 19 The total number of displaced in jsdid areas is , of whom 62 per cent are from Mount Lebanon. Agenda Culturel November 12, Also, see Barbara M.

Also see George Nasif, ‘al- Intikhabat al-Lubnaniyya: Al Araby November 22, Arabic EuroNews November 23, Croom Heim,pp. Dirasa fi Tarikh al-Intikhabat al-Niyabiyya Beirut: Arab 48 November 25, Is the Civil War Over? Web Release November 22, Liban News November 23, Dar al-Jadid,pp.

La nebuleuse’, Arabies, pp. Al Mustaqbal November 26, Reuters October 24, See al-Nahar, 9 and 17 July Arab Jdaid October 24, Suleiman, Political Parties in Lebanon: Back 25 Figures are from al-Safir, 19 June and from the official results announced by the Ministry of the Interior.


Sharjah October 24, Al Eqtisadiya November 22, Hizballah was the first to announce the names of its candidates in the Bekaa’, Beirut and Ba’abda on 5 August, or 18 days before the elections began.

A Comparative Introduction Fl Press accreditation is now open. An Nahar October 24, Tayyar November 23, Arab News November 21, Saida City October 24,