Libro del desasosiego has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Livro do Desassossego = The Book of Disquiet, Fernando PessoaThe Book of Disquie . Atribuida por su autor a Bernardo Soares, «personalidad literaria» de quien dijo Pessoa «soy yo menos el raciocinio y la afectividad», esta maravilla es el. Find great deals for Libro Del Desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (Hardcover). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Paperbackpages. Never too Late to I love it because I hate it. An eye catching cover that portrays much. O que fernanndo sinto ser, nunca sei se o sou realmente, ou se julgo que o sou apenas. Readers have different views on the merits of the translations. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Unfortunately, that little slice of the ethereal was by far the exception here.

Frenando example and there are plenty: Not only were their styles different; they thought differently, they had different religious and political views, different aesthetic sensibilities, different social temperaments.

He is scared and reluctant to say hello or even shake hands with others. Written with heart-wrenching beauty and melancholy; but I feel like It would appeal more to a younger audience because of the saturated “who-am-I-why-do-I-feel-so-sad-and-lonely” theme. Libro del desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa. What a badass cover too. This is not a normal book. An example and t Thoughts, observations, ramblings about this and that.

That would be worse than this. Also abstraction for abstraction’s sake is a big turn-off. An even larger, lingering debate is why anyone is even bothering….

I just don’t find the way Pessoa describes his crushing sadness as particularly evocative or interesting. Those quotes seem like poetry in prose to me. He essentially invented multiple authors and wrote from their perspective. It’s not a work that I could just sit down and read from cover to cover.


His intelligence served only to bemoan the tragedy of ep with such a sensibility. So, three things to take away: And, through it all, you can see the poor guy’s love of life. Whether or not it was ever intended to be a novel by either of its “authors”the work itself or at least the analysis of it fits within the concerns of Modernism, if not Post-Modernism which I maintain is a branch of Modernism, a sub-movement, not a separate movement.

But Pessoa—deep pleasure in what I did cover. But, in this case, I’m just sick of being beat up. Included in the auction was an unopened, dusty trunk, purchased by a college student looking for a cheap conversation piece. What you get would depend on what you would want to receive from it.

In questa autobiografia senza fatti di un personaggio inesistente consiste l’unica grande opera narrativa che Pessoa ci abbia lasciato: Nothing had forewarned me of this possibility. Unfortunately, I don’t actually like it that much.

Soares believes peswoa humans want to be enslaved not free. For then, for them, Tiny incidents Are imbued with Great significance. When he died, his relatives saw these sheets of papers and 50 years after his death, this book was published.

Libro del desasosiego

Sadly Pessoa sees only what he wants to see; a world of mundane actions, a world devoid of happiness. However, there is another category where this book falls under. I don’t care if this makes me happy or unhappy, and I don’t much care. Unless if you love stuff like this, it is a skip for me. Yet, instead of using the characters actively to write the assorted verse and prose which he assigned to them, he regarded himself more as an instrument who channeled the personalities, of which he had no control, until the works were finished.


It is sometimes said that the four greatest Portuguese poets of modern times are Fernando Pessoa. He is a sad soul but that is what which makes him insightful. Much like Proust who wrote an entire series of book triggered by the taste of a single Madeleine cookie, Soares believes that an artist must be able to wring the greatest emotional effect out of the smallest incidents.

He dreams about dreaming. I was honestly annoyed with Pessoa once I was two-thirds of the way through this book and I knew that this kind of book is not for me. During his lifetime, Fernando Pessoa, using one of his many heteronyms fictional names of writers with points of view and literary styles different from that of Pessoa’s of Bernardo Soares wrote his thoughts and feelings on sheets of papers or even napkins and put these writing in one box.

What the hell, who cares. Granted, my expectations were high going into this read, but not unrealistic.

Libro del desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (4 star ratings)

The more a man differs from me, the more real he seems, for he depends that much less on my subjectivity. It was all the same to me some kvetching complaining about life and his life. He does nothing all day, every day, except gaze upon his navellike an overbloated narcissistic hypochondriac, and bleats about it like a little girl.

I can take that in doses, but Pessoa rubs your face in it.