Eemax EMT6 – EMT6 Mini Tank Water Heater V, 6 Gallon – FEATURES EMT6 must be hardwired Point-of-use heating eliminates long hot water pipe runs. Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters EMT1 – EMT – EMT4 – EMT6 Installation and Operating Instruction Manual Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions. Get Eemax EMT6 Instructions / Assembly. Get all Eemax manuals!.

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Water is leaking 1. A lower temperature setting saves energy and reduces the risk of scalding. Reasonably priced hot water heater Your review: Water is too hot 1. Remove heating element noting original positions of all connections.

Eemax EMT6 Electric Mini Tank Water Heater – 6.0 gallon 120V, Hardwired

Install or locate this water heater only in accordance with the provided installation instructions. This limited warranty shall be governed by the laws of the United States. Indicator light not on 1. Heavy scale can even cause the element to burn out. To descale chemically, soak the heating element in white vinegar or other descaling solution and then rinse well with fresh water.

This position will keep the internal water temperature above the freezing point. Hydrogen gas is extremely flammable. However, if Owner cannot document the original date of purchase with the original sales receipt, then the limited warranty period begins on the date the Eemax Mini Tank Water Heater was manufactured.

The manufacturer cannot be responsible for the damage caused by improper installation or by failure to follow instructions in this manual. Before connecting the power, fill the tank and system with water and check for leaks. The thermostat has been pre-set at the factory between 41C F and 45C F. Install a shut off valve on the cold water side of the water heater.


Eemax 6 Gal. Mini Tank Water Heater vac EMT6 | eBay

Avoid damaging the surface of the element. For various reasons the high limit safety eemmax off switch will occasionally shut the water heater down. Remove all the line wires from the heating element. Water does not get hot 1. Use this water heater only for its intended use as described in this manual. Install the correct size circuit breaker into the master panel. There should be no water flowing.

EemaX EMT6 Manuals

To descale manually, let element dry and then using a non metallic brush similar to a tooth brush; brush the residue from the element. This water heater must be grounded.

When continuous water flows out of the faucet, the tank is filled.

To be sure that all air eemmax out of the water system, open the hot water faucets on your fixtures until constant water flows from them. EMT models are designed to be mounted on the wall. As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by children.

Adhere to all pertinent State and local codes. Before calling for service, first confirm that the water met6 is properly filled and that VAC power has not been interrupted. Must be made of suitable material for hot water. Disconnect the push-pull wire connectors on the thermostat noting which connector goes to which terminal.

If possible siphon out remaining water. Must not have more than two elbows. There should be no smoking or open flame near the faucet at this time. Previous Item in product family. No Tepid Water Model Available: Close the hot water faucet.


Call factory Board 2: Remove six screws retaining the bottom panel of the water heater and remove the panel. Do not use an extension cord set with this water heater.

If there is no crossover, then replace the heating element see previous sections. No returns will be accepted by Manufacturer without an RMA number and Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for a water heater returned without an RMA number.

Confirm your water piping orientation hot and cold before wall mounting. Contact your local water utility or plumbing inspector for information on how to control this situation. Manufacturer is not liable under this limited warranty or otherwise if: The water heater or any of its component parts have been subject to misuse, alteration, neglect or accident; or b.

EemaX EMT6 Instruction manual |

Do not operate this water heater if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, or if ejt6 has been damaged or dropped. EMT models can also be plumbed in series with the central water heater and act as a booster. Manufacturer is not liable for any water damage or other damages dmt6, directly or indirectly, from any defect in the Eemax Mini Tank Water Heater component part s or from its use.