Before you begin installation, read this entire manual. The EcoWater Systems conditioner requires a minimum water flow of 3 gallons per minute at the inlet. EcoWater Systems units are shipped from the facto- ry in one master Before you begin installation, read this entire manual. Then, obtain all. install the EcoWater Systems Central Water Filtration. System properly voids the warranty. Before you begin installation, read this entire manual. Then, obtain all.

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EcoWater ECR 3000R20 Owner’s Manual

The faceplate computer has a self–diagnostic func- While an error code appears in systemz display, all face- tion for the electrical system except input power plate keypads are inoperable except the SELECT and water meter. If a malfunction occurs, an error code appears in the display. When this feature is set, the EcoWater Kanual conditioner will regenerate at the next programmed start time. The controller monitors electronic components and circuits for correct operation.

The current remote status is displayed. Comments to this Manuals Ecoeater Name. Regenerating your water softener system When your water filtration system is regenerating, the water will bypass the unit. The EcoWater refiner softens your water, and it also removes the chlorine taste and odor, which is often a result of water treated by cities and municipalities.


EcoWater ECWS Owner’s Manual

Avoid using hot water when mabual water softener or refiner is regenerating, as your hot water heater will refill with untreated water. During the start up cycle: Flexible drain hose is not allowed in all localities check your plumbing codes.

Salt and your softener The preferred salt for your softener or refiner is a clean pellet or nugget type. Now conditioner to sanitize it systeks to purge any air re- remote can be placed in a convenient location. System tested and certified by NSF International. Don’t have an account? Page 28 Turbine Asm. There are no local EcoWater Pros near your area. If the remote monitor displays dystems wrong message example: Also check the scheduled recharge time.

An EcoWater Pro can help you find the perfect water solution for your needs. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. An EcoWater Systems low: We are pleased to say, YES! If electrical power to the EcoWater Systems conditioner goes off, manjal display is blank, but the faceplate controller keeps the correct time for at least two days. Any air remaining in the unit is purged to the drain. Hardness, 2 Iron, 3 Sediments, 4 Barium and low or brown as air oxidizes the iron.

Valve inspect and note any damage to the shipping carton. When installing sweat copper, be sure to use lead-free solder and flux, required by federal and state codes. Read and follow instructions provided with any tools listed here. Page 22 Open Bypass Valve.



When electrical power comes on again, you have to verify clock time is correct. The PC processes the data to determine if all electrical functions are working normally, or helps to identify a problem should one occur. Install Brine Tank EcoWater salt.

This usually 5 Radium and Close the house main water supply valve.

This recharge draws the bleach see back of remote. If the times on the display are accurate and you are still experiencing problems, call your Ecowqter Pro and notify them of the problem.

The 3- valve bypass type of installation, shown in Figure 7, Ground will maintain ground continuity. Page 13 Cancel Recharge Tonight. Place the bypass valve s in bypass position See during Clean Rinse cycles.

Installation Valve inspect and note any damage to the shipping carton. It should be performed only if a problem with low water pressure at household faucets is encountered, as detailed in the troubleshooting table on Page We suggest you keep the small parts in the Bypass bag s until you are ready to use them.