KEEP THIS MANUAL. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. MEMORY BACKUP. • To protect your programmed memory contents, the DW- This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DW from Korg. View and Download Korg DW owner’s manual online. DW Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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I’m not aware of any that fit the footprint, so I ended up having to drill a new hole in the PCB. Don’t try to insert the extension pins into the socket yet, just make sure they are all lined up. In out an integrated ci destroy the programm dy. This will go to the Tx pin on the arduino. Before opening the DW you should de8000 that the top half is rather heavy and is connected to the bottom by several wires and bundles of wires.

All of the following pertains only to the green component board in the center.


We need to remove the middle PCB. Slowly press the board down into placea bit at a time, watching the pins to make sure all are aligned and do not bend or get crushed.

If it has recently been used, wait until it cools down. You might also consider placing a book or other object under the top half to keep it an inch or two above the table.

To the left of that component you will see 6 smaller chips that are all very similar to each other and arranged in two rows of three each. If you experience static msnual discharges in your home you will certainly need to take precautions. The one you are looking for is in the rear center and has 14 pins, white printing on the circuit board identifies it as IC number 29 “IC29”.


After a few seconds, the display will show the regular patch and parameter information, as usual. We highly recommend that you do the installation yourself.

DW-8000/Owner’s Manaul

Between this and the right edge you will see that there is one 1C chip that is different from the rest. Insert a new 3V cell into the holder, and the interlude is finished. For the larger ones I wrote the connector number on the side with permanent marker, for the smaller ones I attached a label to the wire.

Note that a tiny plunger is pressed fully. Memory architecture, operation and interface pg, IV: By observing these precautions you needn f t worry about static.

Congratulations, you are now the owner of a unique and wonderful synthesizer! It will cover the smaller ff programmable waveform” text. Lift up the top half, containing the keyboard and control panel just enough to detach it from the lover half.

Korg DW-8000 Owner’s Manual

Some of these have 14 pins others have Once the board is started and you have double-checked alignment with a flashlight, use both thumbs to press directly downward on the large chip that is directly behind the round lithium battery.

Do this by cutting off a tiny strip of backing with a pair of scissors and then laying the paper back over the adhesive. Here is a close-up of the circuit board, after I cut the track to pin This will prevent current from flowing even though the plug is in the socket. There is also a set of bundled wiring harnesses in the center of the back panel. Start gently, until you are sure that all the pins are aligned and started into their sockets.


To initialize the DW You should follow this procedure any time TURBO has been accidentally disconnected while the power was on or if the display shows garbled or strange characters. I will give it a try for sure. These patches will not make any sounds. You must hold these buttons down until the display changes to Use the plastic pen cap to make delicate adjustments if necessary. Ma untwisted and that the copper front of the DW towards youpin we previously identified a will probably have to caref extended a bit to get it betve to get the hook around the fr refully, do plunger and copper hook ke sure the hook has its This hook i nd the one d ully turn en the pins ont pin.

Instructions | Korg DW MIDI Enhancer |

Better yet, use the saftey grounding straps available at Radio Shack, which only ground the small type of discharges associated with static electricity.

Before removing the five large screws and the two types of screws around the edge, please note their locations with tape or pencil so that you will know which screws go where when you replace them. However, you may use this procedure to eliminate garbled data that results from problems that may have arisen during TURBO-installation or from any other source of problems such as a dead battery, etc.

Disconnecting certain vires can scramble the memory contents and the DW will require re-initialization.