Range Description. Dryomys nitedula is found from Switzerland in the west through eastern and southern Europe, Asia Minor and the Caucasus to central. Mammal Species of the World – A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference. Third edition. ISBN IUCN: Dryomys nitedula (Pallas, ) (Least. Species: Dryomys nitedula; Common name: Forest dormouse; Synonyms: Eliomys angelus, Myoxus dryas, Myoxus intermedius, Dyromys milleri, Myoxus pictus.

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Therefore, scare methods only biophysical ones, chemical repellents, and sound are possible as means of orchard protection.

Because this species provides food dryokys predators such as owls, forest dormice may have some positive impact on populations of these predators. The area covers the territory of Europe from the Alps southward, including the Balkan Peninsula, northward to the Baltic Sea, and eastward to Volga and the Ural Mountains. The braincase of forest dormice is more rounded and the auditory bullae are smaller when compared with Eliomys.

Its tail will wrap around its body and its hands may touch dryomye cheeks.

The whiskers form a bushy tuft about 10mm long. The signals were given off by both sexes in situations suggesting a social character of the communication. Forest dormice are squirrel-like in appearance, with a grayish brown to yellowish-brown drtomys and buff white underside. The beginning of reproduction period dates to the first weeks after the hibernation termination; i. For example, the English government rewards farmers who replant hedges.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On average, each female gives birth 2 to 3 times a year. It was given the name Eomaia, which means ancient mother. Zoologicheskii zhurnal 72 The Forest Dormouse reaches altitudes up to m.

ADW: Dryomys nitedula: INFORMATION

The gestation period is between 21 and 30 days. Mack, ; Nowakowski, Haberl, ; Nowak, In winter, the Forest Dormouse runs into hibernation. Stefano in Aspromonte RCItaly. While hibernating, a dormouse will sit on its hind legs, curl up into a ball, wrap its tail around its body, and press its hands to its cheeks. They are spherically shaped with a diameter between mm to mm. Its distribution inside the area is sporadic.

Visual signals are often given, by means of body posturing, to indicate hostile or friendly intent. This fossil is thought to be the earliest eutherian ancestor. Term of reproduction period varies in different geographical areas, appreciably depending on duration of hibernation.

Forest dormouse

The breeding season for forest dormice varies throughout the species’ range. Its appearance is squirrel-like. Animal matter is observed to be preferred dietary item during the summer. In northern parts of their distribution, such as in Europe, forest dormice hibernate from October through April. This location also drjomys the best type of foliage for the forest dormice to build their nests as well as swing from branches.


The length of head and body is mm; the tail is mm long, the hind feet are mm long. However, when efforts are made to hold them, they bite with their sharp teeth.

Dryomys nitedula – Wikispecies

Help us improve the site by taking our survey. For this reason, forest dormice who live in the south who have a longer breeding season usually produce two litters while the dormice who live in the north and have a very short breeding season usually only have time to produce one litter.

Walker’s Mammals of the World, Sixth Edition. Retrieved from ” https: Hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius.

Until they are independent, it is likely that the mother provides them with food milkgrooming, and ntiedula.

For the genus containing the forest dormice, see Dryomys. Fauna and ecology of rodents. In Europe the young will wait until after their first winter to mate. It makes sense not to move from an area if it is providing for your most basic needs.

Dryomys nitedula

Catalogue of USSR mammals. Views Read Edit View history. Comparative cytogenetics of Gliridae Rodentia.

Forest dormice are highly arboreal.