The inscription preceding Drew Magary’s first novel, The Postmortal (Penguin, August ), is a quote from the band Mastodon. Though. The Postmortal, by Drew Magary, is the first-hand account of what happens when a cure for aging is discovered. The story is told to us by. About a third of the way through The Postmortal, in a chapter executed as a roundup of Internet links, Drew Magary shifts the focus away from.

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Because the idea of a blog is short pointed commentary, there’s no room for interpretation and the author just tells, tells, tells. There were tim The Postmortal is a chilling story of our world gone wrong after the “Cure” for aging is found. Feb 19, SuperHeroQwimm rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read The Postmorta l if you want to find out what happened to the human race in our last violent and absurd few years in New York.

As the novel progresses, it turns from a snappy morality tale, to a noir-ish revenge fable, to an action movie; complete with guns, rogue religious cults and government-sanctioned hit men. The only problem is, everything else still can The lack of emotional resonance in The Handmaid’s Tale is something I didn’t notice until I re-read it about a decade after my first reading.

Everything goes straight to hell immediately, then tunnels into Hell’s sewer system. This is his first novel but he tells the story masterfully. We are also lucky because the world Magary paints is alarmingly similar to how I’d imagine things would play out. Will we ever build the freaking long-range spaceships to fling ourselves from this ovvercrowded earth?? Just not for me. Literally after 5 mintues from his father’s death, he looks at the girl he’s going to marry and thinks: He’s self-absorbed and shallow, as if Magary designed him explicitly to bring Schopenhauer’s comment about immortality to life: I was so excited to read this book, I guess it was almost inevitable that it would let me down.

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The Postmortal

I should have been offended, but I was too busy being turned on. With The Postmortal,the hits just keep postmrotal coming,and the emotional roller coaster it took me on was pretty brutal at times.

Dick Awardand it jumped into my arms at the public library. My split second of immortality postkortal over. Read it Forward Read it first. His characters are utterly incapable of having a realistic or emotional conversation, and his protagonist, John, is a black hole of charisma.

For the most part, he’s a fairly average, though somewhat selfish person. Witty, eerie, and full of humanity, The Postmortal is an unforgettable thriller that envisions a pre-apocalyptic world so real that it is completely terrifying. Unfortunately, problems began to appear. We then follow his life at various intervals over the course of the following sixty years, during which Farrell u Reviewed as part of the Arthur C. It’s the sort of book that, when you’re done with it and even several times during ityou want to have a good shower.

It becomes undisciplined – deus ex machina on top of deus ex machina, seemingly forgetting that it is actually supposed to be postmortxl journal entry why do this? On the whole, this’ll keep you going, but don’t expect to feel rosy when you finish.

The Postmortal by Drew Magary

The ideas in the book and the reaction of humanity to this breakthrough seems very plausible, and it is a commendable novel of ideas. It seems like Magary really wanted to explore the different consequences of the “cure” without being bogged down by a narrative.

Dres goes straight to hell immediate “Cure for aging” stories are a dime a dozen in SF, with Joe Haldeman’s Buying Time probably my favorite example of the genre.

I mean, there is nothing wrong about that, until you know they had this conversation about the guy’s plans for travel: Immortality, however, comes with its own unique problems-including evil green people, government euthanasia programs, a disturbing new religious cult, and other horrors.

Feb 20, Trike rated it liked it Shelves: The impossible-dream-as-beautiful-girl shtick is accessible, but I wish the metaphor for eternal life was a little more complex, a little more believably alluring.


The Postmortal by Drew Magary | : Books

Would I’m out of book reviewing shape among other kinds of shapeand it’s hard to get back into the swing of things if there ever was a postmortsl. I kept at it because I wanted to see what horrors would come next – man beats bad guy to death, alienates the woman he wants to marry, so she accidentally runs front of a bus!

This is a novel to read when you want a serious “be careful what you wish for”. The closest that the book comes to sincerity is when John’s sister talks to him about her failing marriage, but even those conversations sound stilted and silly. Given that Drew Magary has dres a name for himself as a humouris First of all, I have to say the choice of writing the book in the format of John’s blog is just brilliant.

This was so cleverly written. When John Farrell finds out about the cure, he knows poztmortal has to have it. Do you really find it so amusing? And what does WEPS stand for? A few years hence, an accidental scientific discovery has led to a treatment which will halt the process of ageing; barring disease or accident, immortality may postmoral yours — provided you can afford the fee, of course.

It’s especially funny that Slate still exists in He became the End Specialist. I had waited for Alison all this time. Aug 30, Posttmortal Buy. In an offshot that I found particularly disturbing, a mother gives her baby the cure so she can be a nine month-old forever.

Want to Read saving…. Maybe the bizarre ending. The Postmortal is just such a story.

The Handmaid’s Tale creates emotional identification especially if you’re a woman, obviously and also uses the flashback structure to create an emotional build-up.