Segovia Scales – Andres Segovia () Tabbed by: Treccina Email: [email protected] DIATONIC MAJOR AND MINOR SCALES “The student. By moving this pattern you aren’t changing any of the intervals between the notes so the “quality” (eg major / minor) of the scale isn’t changed. Strings By Mail Diatonic Major and Minor Scales – A collection of Diatonic Major and Scales with fingerings and practice recommendations by Andres Segovia.

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I went as far as 7th diaatonic piano AMEB Australia and I was studying diploma level Trinity College harmony and counterpoint, but I have no recall of ever seeing a natural minor scale mentioned.

Classical Guitar

I have been playing the Segovia Scales on and off since A Verified Reviewer is a shopper who has confirmed an email address, or connected a social network with Yotpo, providing an added level of transparency and trust. Steven December 11, at Hi Simon, Thank you for the article and minkr scale book!

When I started practicing them, my only concern was to use the scales as a warm-up exercise, but after a while I discovered that they were useful for many aspects of classical guitar technique and also as a good way to learn all the notes on the fret. But I found that all I was doing was playing them over and over again scsles not seeing any real improvement, at least none I could detect.

Hi David, Sound interesting! Today I understand what importance a technique routine has when it is not just about trying to reach new skill Himalayas but how to stay healthy for a long lasting career…. I practise the scales in the keys that come up most often in classical guitar music, and neglect the others! Irv Majpr December 11, at 3: Sheri Stanley December 14, at 2: Thanks for clearing that part up.


I always wondered how Segovia could take credit for a set of musical scales. I do incorporate arpeggio studies and try to follow some of the basic scale methodology such as focus ,inor economy of motion.


But I will make an educated guess that a just small percentage of guitarists that purchase the Segovia Scales actually practice the scales in the second half of the book! Scales are meat and potatoes or bread and butter for musicians. You have to be logged in to the Forum to access the attachments. I play them at about MM80 and try to pay close attention to my left finger landing position on the fret board as well as my tone production quality.

Thank you for your comment, Heike. Segovia uses a lot of shifting in his scales, which gives a workout to that aspect of your technique.

The Segovia Scales : A Practical Guide | Classical Guitar Corner

James Brass December 12, at 5: However, I did not maintain practicing them for long enough to say that I am deeply engrossed in them; what I learned from practicing them is rather hidden. I also enjoyed working through the various positions the scales needed which I am sure has helped with more fluidity whilst shifting up the fretboard.


I use the template to work on rhythm, dynamics, phrasing,tempo…. There are three reasons, however, why the Segovia Scales stand out from the pack: David December 10, at Also at first I tried playing all the scales on a daily basis, later in my playing I shifted to tackling one scale at a time with better success.

I bought the Segovia Scales around while still in college. John December 11, at 5: I once got the advice from Pepe Romero to work them regularly!

In fact I have felt for a while that practicing scxles did not do much for me as most guitar music does not seem to incorporate scales per se — in fact your article fairly recently Scale Practice on Classical Guitar pretty much matched how I felt.

Simon December 11, at Thank you for posting a question! I have been using your daily majot book since I joined CGC and find it very helpful.

The reality is that many of us will play a few scales here or there. I will take a look at the Segovia Scales because learning and enlightenment comes from many sources. However, they are organized, systematic, and also focused i.

These kinds of books can make you feel good to purchase them.