Common KnowledgeSeriesVamp Chronicles Diary of a Vampeen by Christin Lovell, 1. Vamp Yourself for War (Vamp Chronicles, #2) by Christin Lovell, 2. Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles #1) by Christin Lovell. Title; Diary of a On to book two; Vamp Yourself For War! Posted by Claire G at. Buy Vamp Yourself for War by Christin Lovell (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices Such a wonderful follow up from ‘Diary of a Vampeen’.

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Lexi, Kellan, Kai, Auggy, and Craig.

Once the connection was solidly forged, I knew I could venture off the beaten path into the paranormal aspect of things, but I still aim to intertwine applicable life lessons, understandable emotions and raw reflection that allows the relationship between the reader and the character s to continue to deepen. So I decided to embrace it. I cant stop reading the books they are wayyyyyyyy too addicting but not in a bad way but holy crap!

These totally gave some of the other books out there a healthy dose of competition. Cannot wait for book 4 to come out, keep up the incredible work!

I was saddened by the death and betrayals in the novel but it made everything much more intense. Sorry for the delays!

Diary of a Vampeen

It was moreso because of his assumed fate. There will be more sneak peeks coming in the next couple weeks. A good YA paranormal romance but really couldn’t get past the Twilight comparison to love it. At school she avoids having a locker. Jun 05, Peyton rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just got to the end of book 4: I have your books in my head everyday doing rewinds of what i read and my favorite part!!!


Mel and Lexi are exactilly like us, there personalitlys are the exact same and there description other than the face they are 3 years older are a lot like ours. I think Kalel would be the better man when it comes to taking care of Lexi after you know what might happens. Darkness Falls cant come soon enough i fell in love with the story as soon as i read the first chapter of diary of a vampeen…so excited…. Now most folks might think that is all teens think about, but I happen to have a higher opinion.

I had actually plugged it into the Internet jack on my laptop. Be on the lookout for more information regarding this acquisition in I didn’t even know that a vampeen is supposed to be a cross between a human and a vampire. First off I must say that since I have read the books the covers have been changed. As usual I am looking forward to the last two books in the series.

Hi I absolutely love your books. What do you mean by that? Well, either way, it can’t be pleasant. I read the third book in two or three days and I cant wait for the fourth! P You inspired me to use my own imagination and start writing a book in between summer homework and reading your books, of coarse!!!

When my tio saw how much i read, he gave me money to get a kindle. Keep up your great work.


I meant to add something to my last comment but awr. I wanted readers to have that connection. It will all be one cohesive circle in the end, flowing and making sense from beginning to end.

Vamp Chronicles Series

Will you email me when Vamp Vs Vamp comes out…. What would Kellan do? Pretty Pretty please tell me book 4 is going to be out soon. Unfortunately the books are not available in print at the moment, only e-book format. Please write more books!

Vamp Chronicles | Awards | LibraryThing

Mar 09, Deana rated it did not like it Shelves: So hsppy Ihad these books to keep me company! Hi I was the one that asked you to make me a character in ur next book. I have really big question and I hope you answer it soon If you had to choose what is the lowest age that you would let to read your books? Unfor I took a chance reading this book, as it is the second in the series but I hadn’t read the first book.

Thank you so much for writing these books. If u ever made a vampesn out of these books I would love to play mel or lex or even gabi.

Then, when my inspiration returns, I flip flop again. Despite this, I really liked the characters; I wanted to get to know them better.