Desmond John Morris (born 24 January ) is an English zoologist, ethologist and surrealist . Manwatching: A Field Guide to Human Behaviour () – includes discussion of topic “Tie Signs”; Gestures: Their Origin and Distribution ( ). A catalogue of human actions, postures, gestures, facial expressions, clothing, and adornments includes explanations of their underlying causes and meanings. Desmond Morris, Manwatching: A Field Guide to Human. Behavior (New York: Abrams, ), pp. and Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6.

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For the whole of prehistory, this separation of roles worked well, Morris says – a perfect union designed to rear young and perpetuate the species. It’s not a question of superiority and inferiority. A Field Guide to Human Behavior. The book sold well enough for Morris to move to Malta in to write a sequel and other books.

Max rated it liked it Apr 18, In he co-organised an exhibition, The Lost Imagewhich compared pictures by infants, human adults, and apes, at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Shannon rated it liked it Nov 19, I hadn’t any hopes for it; I didn’t expect it to do anything.

Homosexuality is “genetically instigated but then environmentally influenced”, he says.

Morris stayed at Oxford, researching the reproductive behaviour of birds. Very useful and curoius.

Desmond Morris

Tom loved the idea, but it took him three years to persuade me to write it, and when I eventually set to work I had to complete it in four weeks because I was so busy. Over the whole of evolution, women have produced more art than men – in the form of decorated pottery and clothing – but they have tended to produce traditional art.


Morris lives in the same house in North Oxford as the 19th-century lexicographer James Murray who worked on the Oxford English Dictionary. They think I deliberately wrote it to make a shocking bestseller, but it wasn’t like that. He was educated at Dauntsey’s Schoola boarding school in Wiltshire.

Desmond Morris – Wikipedia

A field guide to human behaviour by Desmond Morris. Hardcoverpages. Quenum Hermann Rahn G. PurtonWiltshireEngland. Illustrated by Barry Driscoll”.

Charles Cramer • Suffolk University

Phylicia Koh rated it liked it May 02, I think Morris pioneered the concept of anthropological observation manwarching “civilized” people as distinct from “primitive” tribespeople, at least I cant The book is about human actions, how actions become gestures, and how gestures transmit non-verbal messages. It was a publishing sensation that caught a moment when everything was being rethought: The sad thing for women is that, over a period of time, the hunting grounds became the city centres, and so instead of being on the periphery, men were now in the centre of the cities running things.

John rated it liked it Apr 26, When Morris was 14, his father was killed whilst serving in the armed forces, causing Morris to drift towards surrealism. Return to Book Page. I still consider myself a serious artist but a very minor one, and I’m a minor artist because I’ve been doing edsmond many other xesmond.


He is a British zoologist, ethologist, author, and surrealist painter. He has clearly had a ball, adores his wife of 55 years, remains fascinated by art and film, and has even come to quite like his fellow humans after early doubts.

He says that for a million years or more men had to go out and face down woolly mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers, develop strategies to overcome them cooperation to fight common foes, he emphasises, is genetically more important to man than the competitive urgeand “bring home the bacon – literally”, while women cleaned the cave, raised the serial litter that is unique to the human species, and organised every other aspect of life.

The theory, to my untutored ears, sounds tenuous, and for once Morris doesn’t express it very fluently – he seems embarrassed to be relying on someone else’s thinking.

Desmond John Morris is most famous for his work as a zoologist and ethologist, but is also known as a dsmond artist and author. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.