DECRETO 4975 DE 2009 PDF

DECRETO 4975 DE 2009 PDF

obligatorio de salud contributivo POS) and the subsidised obligatory health plan . Ministerio de la Protección Social. Decreto /23rd December. 8. La crisis del sistema de salud es estructural. cuales fueron “graciosamente” consignados en los considerandos del Decreto de [7]. Decreto No. Descargar el con la Ley de y en desarrollo a lo dispuesto en el Decreto de 23 de diciembre de y. CONSIDERANDO.

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Dw of 3 March between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of Latvian Republic on promotion and mutual protection of investments. Establishes types of medical services provided for free by public organizations for health protection. Provides for the procedure for putting forward demands, conciliation committee, mediation, labour arbitration, procedure and conditions relating to strikes.

Penal Code of 9 July Text No. Amends point 5 of Section 200 Provides, inter alia, that foreign citizens with two nationalities shall be considered in Belarus as citizens of the State mentioned in the documents shown when entering the Belarus territory. Contains a consolidated version of Regulations No.

Done at Dushambe on 23 April Done at Moscow on 8 December Deals, inter alia, with the Fund for social protection and pension calculation. Investment Code of 22 June Regulates the payment of funeral grant in drcreto event of death of a pensioner who received his pension from State social insurance.

Act of 30 December on gatherings, meetings, street processions, demonstrations and picketing, as amended.

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Provides, inter alia, for the basic tasks of the control bodies: Aims at improving labour organisation and preventing violations of legislation in the field of labour relations. Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Armenia on temporary professional activity and social protection of citizens working beyond the borders of their countries.


Legislation on establishment and procedure of increase of minimum wage Article 4. Thank you very much. Deals with implementation of the National Programme of International Technical Cooperation or projects of international technical assistance.

Adds to the Code several sections on administrative responsibility of military personnel, and breaches in the field of alcohol and tobacco trade. Sources of financing of dscreto expenses for the payment of minimum wage Article 8. Contains provisions on State regulation of activities in the field of internal water transport, internal water ways, ports, property decreho on ships and State registration, ship crew inter alia, labour relationsfreight and passengers transport, navigation security, accidents and rescue.

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Contains provisions on ships ownership, registrationthe ship’s crew qualifications, labour relationsrights and obligations of the crew. Fri Sep 25, 8: Se trata de un modelo en el que se multiplican las expectativas de ganancia y se incrementan los precios, mientras crece el consumo irracional, exagerado o peligroso, y mientras los problemas de salud de los pobres no tienen respuestas porque no son un buen mercado.

Contains numerous modifications relating, inter alia, to the extension of pension grant to unemployed citizens and to several other categories of beneficiaries. Dereto for general security requirements, before and during work, during the transport of loads, and in case ds emergency.

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Establishes the various levels of benefits from 1st August to 31 October Also contains provisions on decrto conclusion of a labour contract, payment of wages, social protection, occupational accidents or diseases, and the termination of employment. Unofficial English translation available.

Defines the term “disabled” and provides for the protection of rights, liberties decerto legal interests of the disabled. Deals with heating, ventilation, lighting, noise protection, technological processes, electrical protection, and general requirements for production 20009. Supervision and enforcement of labour legislation, Part VI: Agreement between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Moldova on economic cooperation for the years Text No.


Also contains provisions on rights, obligations and social protection of medical personnel. Applies to citizens of both parties and citizens of other countries and persons without nationality working either in Belarus or Armenia on the basis of a labour contract or with contracts concluded between economic subjects of both countries.

Reporting on occupational accidents and diseases, analysis of reasons of their origin Chapter VI: Provides for cooperation of the two ministries in order to regulate the labour market and settle employment problems, ensure occupational safety on workplaces, relations between social partners, wages, vocational training, labour migration and social protection of low-income citizens families.

General concepts, used in this law and definitions thereof Article 2. Decree of the Council of Ministers No.

Investigation and registration of occupational diseases Chapter V: Deals with maternity benefits, benefits for child care until the age of 3 and older, and for a disabled or ill child. Refrescar lista de comentarios. Amends several provisions relating, inter alia, to payment of benefits and level of child care benefits. Ratified by Regulations No. Applies to both domestic and foreign investment. Ordinance of the President No. Decree of the Ministry of Commerce No.

Nos escriben Movilidad Me parece excelente la iniciativa de Mafe. Civil Code of 7 December Text No. Contains provisions relating to work permits, labour contracts and wages.

Presents a list of means of individual protection to be granted to workers concerned.