DBMM Army List Book 2. «on: April 14, , PM». Can someone post a link to the Army List book 2 please as I’m having difficulty finding it. Thanks. DBMM ARMY LISTS BOOK 2 – THE CLASSICAL PERIOD, BC TO AD COMPILED AND EDITED BY PHIL BARKER These lists are intended for use with . DBMM Army Lists: BC to AD Bk. 2 [Phil Barker] on *FREE* Author interviews, book reviews, editors picks, and more. Read it now.

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Even if you do not play DBMM, these must be the most well researched and plagiarised army lists for the ancient period.

Books at On Military Matters

I’m going to be making up an errata list of changes from Duncan’s for my guys here to put in their old MM lists, as the errors and changes aren’t that different. Apparently the Welsh list in Book 3 the bowmen are now Bw s for some unknown reason, how they are as good as English long bowmen no one knows why. I play DBM occasionally and use the DBMM lists and I am wondering if it is worthwhile getting the new ones if only a limited number of lists have changed.

Dvmm latest rules have differentiated the combat outcomes for irregular BwS and regular Dhmm. I know another list someone is Lh s in there own home list but is only Lh o dbm, others where they are acting dbnm mercs.

But you have instead used a “delayed” command and your command comes on your own side and you quick march up and take him on the flank. I’m in the same situation. Drusilla I have never made personal negative comments about anyone or what they playand that sir is unsporting of you.


Accompanying each list are historical notes providing in-depth commentary on the troops involved along with information on naval units, 22 and climate. As Drusilla says I’m sure some lists dvmm become better with ‘excellent nuances’ which not one single person has praised on the yahoo MM list but when people on the MM list themselves start calling changes ‘dubious’, with new troop types that aren’t cover in the rules no one is sure of how to treat the new Bw X with Bw I behindbasic misprints with the Roman general Sulla in AD not BC is a bit obvious, I never said they had many errors just as Duncan head himself says as well that they had errors, then again it must be because I’m a heretic where you get the MM view of the world us good dbkm else bad.

I also have a copy of Mr Hendrix’s Ancient Warfare.

Books at On Military Matters

Each of the 85 army lists details troop types and numbers to allow the wargamer to recreate realistic armies that faithfully reflect the composition of their real-life prototypes.

Life is strange that way. The cover says for use with the rules BC to A.

Thanks aynsley I’ll check it out! Don’t listen to some, as the number of mistakes is minimal. I’m mostly interested in book 3 and Baltic armies in book 4.

De Bellis Magistrorum Militum (dbmm) Army Lists Book 2 BC to AD | eBay

All members in good standing are free to post boo. I believe “Tactical Ancient Armies” were the first dbmj ancient wargame’s army lists, published by Milgamex infor WRG 5th edition armies. But there was so much noise on the DBMM “playtest” list that it was hard to get heard. At least they are back in print if anything needs replacing, as the print quality was not that great to begin with.


I would never recommend DBMM to someone who only intends to play a handful of ancients games a year. Book three errors and changes, I also find it interesting that Duncan himself says some of the changes seem dubious. How would you convert DBMM lists into a ‘real-world’ format, with armour, morale and weaponry? I like the complexity. Your opponent believes you are flank marching and re-deploys a command to face the on-coming flank march.

I’m having an issue with Yahoo.

This was done largely to allow the Welsh to be S but not to overpower them. DBMM captures the full flavor of ancient and medieval warfare, the rules integrate fortifications, and naval support, terrain, and weather.

It was far ahead of it’s time with the mechanisms it used. Don’t get me wrong, DBMM is not a “simple” set of rules at all. The cost differential has changed so the regulars are more expensive now.

My personal advice is to just wait for Duncan’s errata of changes and errors of all the books, that will save people a lot of money for basic little changes, which some don’t seem to like being mentioned for some reason, oh well takes all sorts I suppose. The impetuous movement rules are generally considered much simpler. Haven’t read the rules in a very long time, not since they first came out.

I also play DBA. I used them when I played WRG 6th. They had quite a nice format, with four unit availibity categories: