Annex A to Lesson Plan. DK DATE: JUN UIC: EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION WORKSHEET. W1L4E1. DA FORM E. The DA Form E, is an ULLS-G form that replaces the manual DA Form , PMCS Worksheet. The E has three sections: * Equipment Data identifies. The data on DA Form E is divided into three sections. EQUIPMENT DATA; The top section of the form gives basic information from the ULLS-G equipment.

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Opinion on marketing manuals provided by organizers; Analogy between exhibition companies and publishers. There are five types of responsibility, and this lesson will describe of all five: Question 6 In instances where you issue equipment to the same soldier or soldiers for brief recurring periods of time, such as weapons, etc. When the operator finds a deficiency or shortcoming he cannot repair, he, or his supervisor, enters his signature and rank on the signature line. PMCS includes maintenance activity inspections, diagnostic checks, and spot checks.

Description of the fault.

You would check to see that ordered parts are not overdue, that corrected faults are no longer open, and that faults are not taking too long to repair. To ensure conservation, use only the proper items in the necessary amounts to accomplish a task.

It prescribes special requirements, operating characteristics, trouble-shooting procedures, and special operating instructions, as well as PMCS procedures. If you do not find an uncorrectable fault during the inspection, you put the current date in Column c. Question 8 Correct response is: Accountable officers may delegate such responsibility by written designation or by issue of 588e property on a hand receipt.


DA Form 5988-e Blank Fillable

This lesson provides you with hands-on training for conducting PMCS. Supervisory Personnel The term supervisory personnel refers to personnel in a position of responsibility and whose job involves supply operations within or for the U.

Check Your Learning Directions This is a self-graded exercise. DA Form and If hours do not apply, or if no fault exists, leave blank.

Enter the serial or registration number. Leave blank or use as needed locally Custodial responsibility is the obligation of an individual to exercise reasonable and prudent actions to properly care for and provide proper custody and safekeeping for property in storage awaiting issue or turn-in.

Also, you learned the difference between accountability and responsibility. Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility is the obligation of a person to exercise reasonable and prudent actions to properly use, care for, and safeguard all government property in his physical possession.

Tracking your PMCS with the DA Form E. – Free Online Library

Upon return of the property to you, destroy both copies of the temporary hand receipt. Then you put the date in Column c. Question 3 Correct response is: If an NCO knowingly allows or orders a soldier to operate equipment without the proper training and license, that NCO may be held responsible and liable for any accidents or damage that may occur to the equipment.

In the blocks to the right of the months, you will find the symbol indicating the type of service scheduled by day and month for the entire year.


Responsibility, on the other hand, is the obligation of an individual to ensure that government property and funds entrusted to his or her possession, command, or supervision receive proper use or care. DA Formsand b.

Overview of the Gun Control Debate.

Identify the Purpose of Inventories and Hand Receipts, cont When issuing or loaning property or equipment for a temporary period of time normally up to 30 calendar daysyou use a Request For Issue or Turn-in DA Form As you can see, blocks for the above entries are also at the bottom of the form; you may use either to record entries based on type of display ledger maintained.

This lesson provides you with the knowledge to maintain that essential warfighting edge through effective Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services PMCS. Command responsibility includes observing subordinates to ensure that their activities contribute to the proper custody, care, use, and safekeeping of all property in the command.

Direct responsibility is the obligation of a soldier to ensure that all government property for which he foem receipted for receives proper care, use, custody, and safekeeping. Identify the Difference Between Accountability and Responsibility, cont Responsibility Relationships, continued one incurs by assuming a command or supervisory position.

This circled X status applies for one time-limited use only such as driving a vehicle frm defective brakes to the maintenance shop.