with a Postcript coauthored by Michael W. GoheenIn print for two decades and translated into eight languages, Albert Wolters’s classic. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview Albert M. Wolters is professor of religion and theology and of classical languages at. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview eBook: Albert M. Wolters: : Loja Kindle.

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Creation Regained | Albert M. Wolters

Leia mais Leia menos. Wolters extendsbiblically, the idea of creation from merely nice natural stuff around us into the the human condition itself, our ontology and the affairs of everyday life. God created the world, human responsibility has been important right from the cultural mandate onwards, the fall in sin affected alnert only humanity but the whole of creation, and redemption has a similar cosmic scope.

Of course, it is a rather deep and detailed look at the ramifications of that creatio for how we live. Some additional clarity on this point is needful. God has no more given up on the rest of his creation than he has given up on us.

The implication is that any work in an area of human life, such as the work of an artist, is potentially kingdom work. As to approaches to culture, I definitely lean more toward 2K than Neo-Kuyperian. The same is true for dance. He supports this view by highlighting Scripture passages in which these seemingly diverse concepts are brought together 2 Peter 3: This also means that no sphere has the right to control or dominate any other sphere e.

Wolters does a good job of laying out the foundation of a Christian worldview. His use of Structure and Direction are very thought provoking as a means of understanding that the earth is the Lords yet sin has spoiled what God declared good. This is not a triumphalist gospel in the present, for in the time between the ages there is sharp conflict between the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world as God’s people seek to live redemptively in this fallen world.


A good, but long book.

Certainly, the careful reader will see a good bit of reformed doctrine and a deep dose of Calvinism in the book, but that is to be expected from the title itself. This book helps along those lines for the thoughtful Christian in a Protestant tradition, dare I say it, also in other traditions.

Study it with a group of people serious about radical, loving Gospel infiltration of the world, starting at regaimed.

Praise for the first edition “This is the best statement I have come across of the ‘reformational’ Christian worldview. At the end of time, everything not sent to eternal damnation will indeed be redeemed by Christ, including creation. Woltera Crouch says, it helps define the horizons of possibility and impossibility for me.

First, Wolters stands committedly in the Reformed tradition. In other words, we are to seek to form civilization. Wolters uses these chapters as the basis of Through the lens of the Gospel, Wolters examines the concept of a worldview. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Read for teaching purposes.

Best primer on Christian worldview. An essential regaoned for anyone involved in Christian schooling but pro An outstanding book woltsrs takes a fresh approach to the idea of a Biblical world view – a term that has some problems with it.

For too long we have woltera and distorted the gospel to the snatching of souls from earth to a distant and intangible realm suitable for angels, not people. Instead, in this age, the Christian who presses for redemption can expect persecution and suffering. He grounds his thesis in the way of looking cgeation the world rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation: Your favorite Eerdmans titles can be purchased through leading retailers including Amazon.


Don’t Miss a Thing! All of creation is to be aolters through Christ through progressive renewal of his structures of creation i. It is a strength that Wolters is able to maintain this emphasis alongside his emphasis of Christian attempts to live redemptively in the culture. However, for my own personal actions and understandings, I have a working grid with which to work.

Wolters’ discussion of structure and direction does not answer these questions, but it provides categories that make answering these questions possible. Highly recommended to all those desiring a crisp introduction to a Christian worldview in general or the neo-Calvinist tradition in particular.

Deserves a wide readership not only in a specifically academiccontext among teachers, preachers, and students, but also among cteation larger group of believers who are concerned with issues involving Christian worldview, theology, and philosophy. What does that mean?

Creation Regained – Albert M. Wolters : Eerdmans

With each, he argues, you can identify the basic structure form and separate that from the good or bad direction with which it has been used. Books by Albert M. This Twentieth Anniversary edition features a new concluding chapter, coauthored with Michael Goheen, that helpfully places the discussion of worldview in a broader narrative and missional context. Recovering the Church’s Moral Vision J. It is lucidly written, includes a lot of helpful analogies and illustrations, and is throughout generous in its spirit.

We spend our lives contemplating something, why not these matters? Economic structures, for example, are created through human choices in different times, places and cultures.