Constantin Schifirneţ . Sociologie Românească 2(3): – . Schifirneţ, C ( a) The mass media and tendentious modernity in the. La Corresponding author: Constantin Schifirnet¸, Faculty of Communication Sciences and Public Relations, Vlăsceanu L () Sociologie si modernitate. Constantin Schifirnet . The European countries are regarded as transition Schifirneţ / The Europeanization of the .. Sociologie românească, Vol. VII, 4, pp .

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The instauration of the communist regime in interrupted the European-like, Western-originated modern evolution of the Romanian state, which had not reached the standards of a developed country. By contrast, in Romania, the state adopted legal and political structures by borrowing them from the Western space and not because of pressure from internal representative social shcifirnet.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All discourses from the Romanian public space invariably associate the Europeanization with a new modernization, showing the existence of a modernization deficit which is expected to be overcome during the European development.

Constantin Schifirneț

In reality the Europeanization is not uniform, it is unequal Eder, because of the existence in the EU of more Europes: This modernity is more an aspiration, a goal to be cosntantin, but which is never fully attained.

From this perspective, I maintain that the ideal and the vision of the Romanian social actors have intersected with European doctrines on modern development.

Inhe earned a Ph. In fact, today, we witness a concentration, a spatial organization of the elites in special structures.

A part of the elites belongs to the cosmopolite networks, but they do not have enough strength to decisively influence Europeanization. Societatea [Romania — The facts, Vol.

That is why most of the researchers point out as a fundamental dimension of Europeanization, the contrast between the schifinret the national state works, built upon socologie concept of national community interest, and the EU directions of internal change in the national societies. Socjologie vote for change did not belong to a powerful opposition to the governing party but it has been exercised as a negative reaction towards the governments.


In reality, the political and the administrative elites do not have the ability to produce and to sustain a qualitative and competitive social devel- opment. One example of this effect is the adoption of all regulations deriving from the European Aquis.

The modernization processes had to deal with a versatile institutional environment sociologif deci- sions and actions kept changing — a fact that had an obvious impact on the depth and duration of modernity.

Eisenstadt SN Multiple modernities. Public opinion expresses its belief that privatization, the main path of the transition to a capital- ist economy, was often actually a massive theft of the public property created during the communist period, and that the new schifkrnet and financial elites were beneficiaries of the capital derived from this privatization Pasti, Retrocession of landownership due to the land law was imposed without offering owners the inherent inventory that had existed when they entered the production cooperatives.

Constantin Schifirneţ

Although, in Romania, there are only two motorways, totaling km, and there are many substand- ard roads, this does not stop rich people driving the latest-model Ferraris. Johnston M Syndromes of Corruption: Formele fara fond, un brand romanesc engl. Because the Romanian society has historically subscribed to model of modernization mainly different from the western one, Romania ended up manifesting its position through inhibitions and even passivity sometimes, in stating clear the requests which result from the status of being a EU member.

If this new modernization will be achieved only by the strict application of the rules of the European Community, it risks leading to shapes without content, as those generated by the indigenous modernization. The Europeanization process influences directly or indirectly the national societies.

The first modern advances in the Romanian provinces happened under different influ- ences related to the geopolitical areas to which each province belonged. If capitalist production structures have worked in other economic Downloaded from ssi.


Sociologie romaneasca moderna

Log In Sign Up. Romanian modernity is mainly tendential because it has too many particularities and too few alignments with contemporary Western modernity, especially with the Western modernity of the 19th century. Values and social types in Romania]. The idea of tendential modernity asserts rather a separation between idea or projects and actions or policies.

In the Romanian public space, ideas about the EU, the Europeanization and development constabtin being discussed, but these do not translate into actions of influence of the European policies with direct effects on Romania and on cojstantin EU. It is dominated by the organicist Downloaded from ssi. Conxtantin modernity stems from the modernizing acts of a nation-state.

By contrast, the Romanian bourgeoisie obtained political power before going through all the stages of training, in terms of country development and modern public-administration management. Modernity exists and it cannot be denied since today Romanian society is experienc- ing the effects of modernization: Economy, Society and Culture.

The Forms without Constanin, a Romanian Brand. I have applied my thesis to the study of the modernization of Romanian society through all its stages: Even though Romania was the first former communist country to present in a sketch of accession strategy to the EU, it did not manage to value this initiative and thus other countries opened in all negotiation chapters with the EU, while Bulgaria opened 19 and Romania only 9.

There is even a tendency to surpass the status quo, to go further towards something new in respect of the fonstantin.