Costochondritis, also known as chest wall pain, costosternal syndrome, or costosternal chondrodynia is an acute and often temporary inflammation of the costal. Costochondritis is the medical term for inflammation of the cartilage that joins your ribs to your breastbone (sternum). This area is known as the costochondral. Costochondritis is inflammation of the ribs’ junctions to the breastbone or sternum that causes chest pain. Read about costochondritis symptoms, treatment.

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The pain may radiate to the back or the abdomen. Costochondral junctions most commonly affected.

See your doctor right away if you have trouble breathing or are feeling intense chest pain. Number of sites affected. Acute pancostochondritis demonstrated by gallium scintigraphy. History and physical examination of the chest that document reproducible pain by palpation over the costal cartilages are intercoatal all that is needed to make the diagnosis in children, adolescents, and young adults.

Palpation of the affected chondrosternal joints of the chest wall elicits tenderness. Symmetric tender points at second costochondral junctions, along with characteristic tender points in the neck, back hip, and extremities, and widespread pain 2 History of trauma to chest or recent new onset of strenuous exercise to upper body e.

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Costochondritis is inflammation of the cartilage that attaches a rib to your breastbone sternum. A single tender and swollen, intercosral nonsupportive costochondral junction; usually in costochondral junction of ribs two or three 12. Assessing Your Symptom Chest pain can make you wonder if you’re having a heart attack.

A few months into the school year, Sophie noticed a sharp pain in her chest. How is costochondritis diagnosed?

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You may hear medical staff call costochondritis by other names — like chest wall pain or costosternal syndrome — but it’s all the same thing. Treatment focuses on pain relief. Screening patients with costochondritis for rheumatologic conditions will result in a low yield unless there are other systemic symptoms e.

Costochondritis (for Teens)

To lower your chance of persistent and chronic costochondritis, carry and lift heavy loads properly. Your doctor can also perform a procedure called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENSwhich uses small amounts of electricity to stop your nerves from sending signals of pain or aching to your brain.

Caruana V, Swayne LC. The next seven pairs of ribs articulate with the sternum via cartilage at synovial-lined joints. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy 18th ed. In rare cases, chest pain can be an emergency situation that needs immediate medical attention. Stedman’s Online Medical Dictionary. Hamburg C, Abdelwahab IF.


Learn how to tell the difference between anxiety chest pain and a heart attack, plus tips for managing this anxiety symptom. Oral antiviral agents e.


Some types of exercise can aggravate this condition, including running and weightlifting. Pain or tenderness to palpation usually occurs on the sides of the sternum, affects multiple ribs, and is often worsened with coughing, deep breathing, or physical activity. If you have costochondritis, the pain may get worse when you take deep breaths, cough, move your upper body, or press on the sore area.

Your doctor might order tests, such as X-rays and blood teststo rule out other conditions that may be causing your symptoms.

Costochondritis: Causes, Complications, and Treatment

Palpation of the cervical spine, clavicle, shoulders, and thoracic and lumbar spine must be included. In most intrrcostal of costochondritis, no cause is identified. Any activity that intercostap the pain in your chest area worse should be avoided until the inflammation in your ribs and cartilage has improved. Email Alerts Don’t miss a single issue. That way, if the doctor says you have costochondritis, you can relax and take the steps you need to feel better. People with costochondritis often experience chest pain in the upper and middle rib area on either side of the breastbone.