1. 1. B 5 5. 5 5. C. 1. 1. D 2. 2. E. F. G. H. Non-Standard Distribution Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M (series), Conventional. (f) Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M (series). (g) Casualty .. h. Recommend performance requirements for boat crew positions that would enhance proficiency and safety. Oxyacetylene PQS. M (series) v. H. IONSCAN Program Refs (a) DSF Tactical Operators Policy COMDTINST (j) Water Survival Training Program DOGINST M (PQS only) 4. Carrier Pouches/straps/accessories: Pouches stowed properly; no loose.

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Optional with any uniform, comdtnist must be concealed at all times. Removal of Rank Insignia Commanding comdtinstt may temporarily require the removal of rank insignia from ball caps if warranted by local circumstances. Hair accessories shall not add more than two inches of bulk or interfere with the proper wearing of all style Caps to include the use of a hair sock.

Flight Officer A gold-toned, winged insignia behind a shield in the center. Rank and other insignia, badges, and nametags are worn in the same manner on maternity uniforms as on the corresponding uniforms they replace.

Full text of “Coast Guard Medical Manual”

M3502.4 the last name will be represented on the wearers right name tape. All personnel shall complete emergency egress training within 96 hours of reporting aboard and every six months thereafter. Women The unbelted trousers are the same material and color as the Service Dress White Coat with a left side zipper and a waistband pocket in the upper right front.


This equipment shall be repaired or have the necessary maintenance performed immediately. When wearing any outerwear with zippers, they will be zipped a minimum of two-thirds closed. The ship is given the opportunity to provide a representative to accompany the SCP.

The badge will be placed on the outer side of m302.4 left sleeve of the Service Dress Blue coat and both Dinner Dress Jackets. We think you have liked this presentation.

Worn on suspension ribbon portion of large medals in the same manner as on ribbons. Officers Only Socks are worn with oxfords for men or women. The prescribing authority determines when and where the uniforms in this Manual are appropriate for wear.

Uniform Board Composition and Process The Coast Guard uniform board convenes periodically to evaluate comdtins change suggestions and make recommendations to the Commandant. Insignia Aviation Mission Specialist A gold-toned, winged insignia silver anchor on a gold background encircled in a silver ring. Only the pocket length tape with full size embroidered insignia should be sewn centered immediately above the U. Long or short sleeved shirts are worn with tab tie.

Full Dress White 3. When wearing white trousers, men will wear a white boxer style or waist high briefs m350.4 women will wear waist high briefs or panties. A compass rose and a silver shield are centered on the insignia between two crossed swords. The sword has a cut and thrust blade, from 26 to 32 inches long, half-basket m502.4, and fits in a scabbard of plain black grain leather or synthetic material presenting the same appearance.


The number and locations of these containers shall be determined by the Engineer Officer EO. When wearing ribbons or medals, a member may wear up to two insignia in accordance with the specific guidelines below.

At their discretion, Area Commanders may designate their representative from operational field units. Opening a confined space 5. Navy blue embroidery for E-6 and below on white material is authorized. Plain gold or adorned with Coast Guard decoration such as: In carrying out your duties as Fire Marshal, you shall adhere to the guidance provided in reference a and b.


Worn on the ribbon of the Air Medal, positioned to wearer’s left. Worn centered on the suspension ribbon of the large Silver G Medal. How many fittings open into that space? See Chapter 3 for guidance. As Worn on Light Blue Shirt. Air Force trousers are not authorized for men or women.