Circular Susep nº , del 30 de julio de The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) is an autarchy created by the Decree-law #73/66 directly. The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) – the body responsible . are based on internal controls set out in SUSEP Circular / by the Insurance SUSEP Circular / and Capitalization Companies, implementation of internal controls SUSEP Circular / systems within the .

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Rules the acquisition of insurance in foreign currency and the cross-border acquisition of insurance. Punitive damages Are punitive damages insurable? Admitted and occasional reinsurers are submitted to local government criteria.

Insurance & Reinsurance in Brazil – Lexology

Establishes the 2249 requirements and procedures for the constitution, authorization to operate, transfer of control, societary reorganization and cancellation of the authorization to operate of the companies specified in the resolution.

In the administrative sphere, the insured can file a reconsideration request directly with the insurer. Provides about minimum capital requirements for authorization and operation of local reinsurance companies and other subjects.

Non-compliance with operational requirements may subject re insurers to administrative penalties applied by the regulatory authority. Even when several law firms write on cirxular same topic, I can often glean new viewpoints and perspectives from the different firms.

Other financial requirements set by the regulatory authority are applicable, such as collecting specific technical reserves and reducing assets.


The CNSP is responsible for: Contracts General What general rules, requirements and procedures govern the circulaar of re insurance contracts in your jurisdiction?

Rules the additional capital based on the underwriting risks of the insurance societies and other provisions. Due to the complexity of the tax rules, re insurers have several responsibilities including, at the federal level:.

Consumer protection Regulation What consumer protection regulations are ckrcular place suswp safeguard the rights of purchasers of insurance products and services? Due to the complexity of the tax rules, re insurers have several responsibilities including, at the federal level: Which re insurers must obtain authorisation from the regulator before operating on the market and what is the procedure for doing so?

Market spotlight Trends and prospects What are the current trends in and future prospects for the insurance and reinsurance markets in your jurisdiction? Modifies the Accounting rules for insurers, capitalization companies and open private pension entities.

Tax Tax liability What tax liabilities arise in the conduct of re insurance business? Sussep are insurance disputes with a cross-border element handled in your jurisdiction?

Risk management What risk management systems and procedures must re insurers adopt?

Compliance Manager – Scor – Brazil – Wizbii

No specific rules and requirements apply to the suaep of re insurers. What general rules, requirements and procedures govern the filing of insurance claims? Depending on the severity of the non-compliance, the penalties include warnings, fines, suspension, disqualification and cancellation of the authorisation to operate a business.

If these fail, or if curcular insured prefers not to request reconsideration, the insured may file suit. If no mandatory company organisation applies, what are the common structures used?


Accounting rules for insurers, capitalization companies and open private pension entities.

(Only Portuguese versions)

Rules the broker’s activities life and non-life brokers, capitalization brokers and open private pension brokers. In reinsurance relationships, direct action by a third party is not allowed as no contractual or legal relationship exists between the parties.

Can any terms by implied into re insurance contracts eg, a duty of good faith? On the adjusted net equity required from insurance, capitalization and open complementary pension companies, constituted as stock corporations, and other subjects.

Denial of claim On what grounds can the re insurer deny coverage? What is the primary legislation governing the re insurance industry in your jurisdiction? The average timeframe for insurance litigation is five years, although this varies widely. The insured can also use circualr consumer protection bodies and the Superintendence of Private Insurance SUSEP if it wishes to contest the denial of a claim.

Main Rules by Subject. Circjlar the minimum capital required for the authorization and for the operation of insurance societies and other provisions. The conclusion of insurance and reinsurance contracts in Brazil is governed by: