Chemistry in Engineering and Technology: by J.C. Kuriacose & J. View PDF J C Kuriakose,and J Rajaram, “Chemistry in Engineering and Technology†. Bio-Technology · Botany · Chemistry · Computer · Economics · Engineering · Fine Arts · Geology · History · Home Science · Management · Pharmacy · Physics. DEGREE COURSE. SCHEME. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Candidates for admission to the degree of bachelor of technology shall be required.

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Unit I – Principles of electrolyte solutions Ion-solvent interactions Born Model, Ion-Dipole modelion-ion interactions Debye-Huckel theory, ionic atmospheredielectric constant, the significance of Debye length, the significance of activity coefficient.

Moulding table, foundry tools 8.

Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Rajaram Chemistry of Engineering and. Lubs, ACS publication, Halner, 2. Introduction to engineering technology and engineering pdf Engineering. Ltd, New Delhi, India, Reprint: Calorific value — definition, classification — Gross and Net calorific values, units S. Pradeep, McGraw-Hill Professional publishing, Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides Lanthanides — Position in the periodic table — General properties of lanthanides and actinides — Electronic configuration, oxidation state and oxidation potential, atomic and ionic radii — Cause and consequences of lanthanide and actinide contractions — Comparison of spectral and magnetic properties of lanthanide and actinide complexes — Chemistry of their important compounds: Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Dialysis, electro dialysis Ultrafiltration in surfactant systems – Critical micellar concentration and its determination. Ltd, New Delhi, India, B.

Substitution in octahedral complexes — Dissociate and associative mechanisms — Base hydrolysis – Isomerisation reactions — Substitution without breaking the metal —ligand, electron transfer reaction — Outer sphere and inner sphere reactions.


Inorganic Photo chemistry Excited states of Coordination complexes – Properties of excited states, Photochemical pathways – Energy transfer, Charge transfer photo chemistry, Photo redox reactions, Photo substitution reactions – J.c.kutiakose poly pyridines, Chromium polypyridyls, Photochemical conversion and storage of solar energy, Inorganic photo chemistry at semiconductor electrodes Text books: Anthocyanidins and Pigments Introduction — structure of anthocyanidins — rechnology methods of synthesizing anthocyanidins – Cyanidin Chloride — Flavones — Flavonols – Iso flavones — Tannins.

Formula – formula editor. Knocking — mechanism, prevention of knocking — anti—knocking agents, Unleaded petrol.

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O and symmetry selection rule for electronic transition in ethylene and formaldehyde – Hybridisation schemes for atoms in ethylene and butadiene — Group theoretical method of obtaining delocalisation energies. Pesticides — types — environmental effects of pesticide pollution — control pollution of radioactive waste — sources and effects somatic and genetic effects — transmission of radiation to man control Solid waste — types and negineering — effects of solid waste — solid waste collection — disposal in sanitary land fills, incineration, pyrolysis and composting — recycling solid waste.

To print multiplication table for the given number. Corrosion of concrete — monitoring methods.

Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Determination of velocity of sound and compressibility of liquid — Ultrasonic Interferometer. Linear sweep voltammetry and cyclic voltammetry Derivation of Randles- Sevciks equation —effect of sweep rate-Discussion of reversibility and interpretation of experimental data. Leckband, F-J Schmitt, S. Unit IV Other synthetic dyes Synthesis, reactions and applications of Di and Triphenyl methane dyes — phthalein dyes — Xanthene dyes — acridine dyes tecunology sulphur dyes.

Oxides, nitrates and sulphates Text Books: They will also know the various applications of variety of materials. Evaluation of fastness properties with grey scale.

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To know about pollution problems and green technology 4. Estimation of Nickel using Eriochrome Black — T indicator 7. Frequency response of Single tuned coupled circuits.

Purification techniques Purification techniques for solids- crystallitation- j.c.kurlakose crystalitation- sublimationsolvent extraction purification techniques for liquids-simple distillation-fractional distillation-distillation under reduced pressure-steam distillation.

Hardness of water, soft and hard water, Units of hardness, EDTA method of estimation of hardness, softening of hard water — External Conditioning — Zeolite Process, Ion exchange process — Scale and Sludge formation in boilers, Removal of Scales — Carbonate conditioning, colloidal conditioning, calgon conditioning, Phosphate conditioning — Desalination — Water treatment for drinking purpose.

IS Parts 0 and j.c.kurixkose — Electrochemical Power Sources Batteries — primary and secondary — dry cell, alkaline, Ni-Cd battery, mercury battery, leadacid battery, solar battery, Ni- Metal hydride battery, activated batteries sea water activated batteries Fuel cells — Types — Low temperature, medium j.v.kuriakose and high temperature fuel cells.

Pericyclic reactions Definition — types — FMO treatment, PMO method and correlation approaches and diagrams of typical electrocyclic reactions, cycloadditions, sigmatropic reactions — Cope and Claisen rearrangement Unit IV: I and II, S. Verification of Maximum power transfer theorem. Methods of dye fixation after printing. Unit — IV Stereochemistry of organic electrode processes, Amalgam and related reductions, Electrogenerated reagents, Electrogenerated acids and bases.

Poole and Frank J. To enable the student to understand a Heterocylic and supramolecular reactions b J.c.kurriakose products and its medicinal applications.