The ImageRead function performs the same operation as the cfimage read action . However, you cannot use the cfimage tag to read and create. You can use the cfimage tag to perform common image manipulation operations as a border; captcha; convert; info; read; resize; rotate; write; writeToBrowser. The other day, I needed to do some on-the-fly conversion of PNG image files to JPG format in ColdFusion. This was part of stop-gap measure at.

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Converting images

This is some sort of public mapping, but realize this – this is not a ColdFusion request; this is an image file request. Quality of the JPEG destination file. The following example shows how to retrieve all of the information about an image: This is the format of the image that we are going to encode.

Interpolation algorithms Interpolation algorithms let you fine-tune how images are resampled. The valid range of blur factor is between Values between 00 and FF are allowed.

cfimage Code Examples and CFML Documentation

These return comma-delimited lists of cnvert file types that ColdFusion can deal with. When reading in an image, the source of the image can be any one of the following: Also, image quality can degrade; for example, PNG images support bit color, but GIF images support only colors.

The convert and write actions require a destination. The ColdFusion image on which this operation is performed. However, WriteToBrowser actually returns the image inline to the page.


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In addition to the CFImage tag, ColdFusion has introduced dozens of new image manipulation functions including:. While this reads the image into memory, if you CFDump it out, you’ll get the same output as if you were dumping out the INFO action result. To give you insight into what is available, ColdFusion 8 has provided two methods: ImageWrite take three arguments potentially: Like the methods and tags above, ImageNew can also take a variety of source types: The read action requires name attribute.

Storing an image to a temp directly and then serving it using the Web server is going to be 10 times more efficient. Specifies whether the source is a Base64 string: The border, resize, and rotate options require a name attribute or a destination attribute. Images are displayed in PNG format. This will work quite nicely. Valid HTML named colors. This also demonstrates our next mode of image writing: The other input types give a similar output, so I won’t show the CFDump, however, I will walk through the code.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I don’t generally deal with these sorts of objects:.

That just about wraps up reading in image files. Valid values are fractions that range from 0 through 1 the lower the number, the lower the quality. ColdFusion’s new image functionality is just plain awesome. You can specify the height and width in pixels or as a percentage: For example, using a URL with this query string:.


You cannot display a Ccimage image in a browser.

Border thickness in pixels. This will read in cfimags binary image into an object of coldfusion. Border thickness in pixels. You can use this function to enlarge an image or create a thumbnail image.

ColdFusion Help | ImageResize

New height of the ColdFusion image. Let’s quickly cover writing images. Did anyone else see “URL” and get mentally turned on? In the first example we are using the CFImage tag in conjunction with an absolute path name to the image. Category Image functions Function syntax. To resize an image by one dimension for example, heightspecify the height and leave width value blank “”.

Converting an image to grayscale using the CFIMAGE tag in ColdFusion

I think it’s an awesome feature, but I’m not sure I like having to rely on mappings and tying in with settings external to the ColdFusion application connvert. You can use the cfimage tag independently or in conjunction with image functions.

That’s the quick ish overview on how you can read and write image files using ColdFusion 8’s new CFImage tag and accompanying image functions.