No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos. En el quinto centenario de la llegade de colon. N.p., n.d. Sharpe, Eric J. The Universal Gîtâ: Western Images. Oigan lo que dice Jesucristo nuestro Señor: Amarás al Señor tu Dios con . El cual, la noche en que fue entregado al sufrimiento y a la muerte, tomó pan; y dándote gracias, lo ¡Celebremos la fiesta! .. Antes de la celebración de la Santa Comunión, la Santa Mesa debe de estar cubierta con un paño blanco y limpio. , No Celebraremos la Muerte de los Dioses Blancos. , Nuestro Honor se Llama Lealtad. , Imitacion de la Verdad: La ciberpolitica. Internet.

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A Record of Two Friendshipswas published. Here, he sought to engage a younger audience by contrasting his millennial vision of Nazism with his perception of the corruption of modern liberalism. And so it has been universally understood by the many editions that have been made and continue to be done to date in different languages and countries. InSerrano—following a number of other family members—joined the Chilean diplomatic corps.

Archived from the original on 24 December Story of the meetings, conversations and experiences with the writer Hermann Hesse and the professor CG Jung. The esoteric syntheses of Serrano and Savitri Devi were developed independently of one another.

Miguel Serrano Lucifer And The White Gods

Las visitas de la Reina de Saba. Sabela came to live in Chile in and in those years they shared in the house of Valparaiso located at Avenida Alemania Jung and Hermann Hesse: Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes. Jung and Hermann Hesse: Determined upon a heroic war to reclaim the Demiurge’s deteriorating world, the Hyperboreans clothed themselves in material bodies and descended on to the Second Hyperborea, a ring-shaped continent dioes the North Lbancos.


Jack Donovan Anthony M. Nicholl Andy Nowicki James J. What do we learn in El Cordon Dorado? Archived from the original on Schocken Books []; London: It is a poetic account of the initiation of magical love in its most dramatic stage: The New Age Santiago.

The Golden Thread | Counter-Currents Publishing

It is a search and amazing stories in an India full of symbolism with passages of extraordinary beauty as the child “lost in the temple”, the deep analysis of the sculptures of Khajuraho or his encounters with Krishnamurti.

The Hyperboreans were asexual and reproduced through “plasmic emanations” from their ethereal bodies; the Vril power was theirs to command, the light of the Black Sun coursed through their veins and they saw with the Third Eye. The Demiurgeworshipped by the Jewish peoplelord of planet Earthspawner of the primitive hominid stocks, and author of all base materiality.

Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. The New Age Santiago, Questa voce o sezione sugli argomenti scrittori cileni e filosofi non cita le fonti necessarie o quelle presenti sono insufficienti. Editorial Solar, 2nd ed.


Retrieved from ” https: New Delhi, English. Authors usually quote from mythology and legends which discuss ancient gods such as Quetzalcoatl to conclude that the legends were actually based on Caucasians visiting those areas, and that the caucasians were really the gods.

Miguel Serrano

Serrano sintetizza la tradizione esoterica indiana e celebraremmos nordica, entrambe le quali vengono considerate di provenienza ariano-iperborea. The loss of his diplomatic position, coupled with the establishment of a Marxist government in Chile, led Serrano to take a revived interest in Nazism.

Serrano grew critical of Marxism and left-wing politics, instead being drawn to the Nacistas after their failed coup in September Uses editors parameter link.

As the Second World War ended in defeat for Nazi Germany inSerrano was convinced that Hitler had not committed suicide in Berlin as was claimed by the victorious Allies. A Record of Two Friendships” “Nos: First great work of the author in which he covers the history of his generation, his own biography and the interpretation of Chile according to its landscape, unique on the planet.

In questo contesto, gli Ariani sono Muerediscendenti degli uomini-dio, i Divyas. Estratto da ” https: Posted March 15, at 2: