it will be raised in to 65 years, and, thus, to the respective men’s age. Aside from this (FILCAMS)/Terziario Distribuzione/Terziario Distribuzione Servizi. Confcommercio/ Obviously. CNEL – 2° Ufficio di sup CNEL – 2° Ufficio di supporto agli Organi Collegiali – Archivio Contratti denominazione stipula decorrenza. _welfare-to-workproroga-alottobrepdf .. . .

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An important feature of industrial relations in the HORECA sector is the presence and the importance of Joint Bodies Enti Bilaterali which are usually set up at regional level and are responsible for the provision of a number of services, including training, social security, and health insurance. Back to working life country profiles. The system is complemented by the National Joint Body for the Tourism Sector which has a number of general tasks, including monitoring activities.

Industrial relations structures in the sector 2. Federalberghi also showed an increasing use of supplementary or additional work lavoro accessorioITF: As for training, the national intersectoral joint fund for continuous vocational training in the service sector Fondo paritetico interprofessionale nazionale per la formazione continua del terziario, For.

According to Filcams, irregular work in tourism involves almost one million people, which can reach up to 1.

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The hotels and restaurant sector is an important component of the Italian economy. In the area of employment, Federalberghi is also particularly active in disseminating information about the use of flexible work contracts, with a constant monitoring of innovations in the legislative framework. They are concentrated in the following regions: New provisions were introduced in to better define the weekly rest period rules with a view to avoid unnecessary postponement of rest periods. The main Confcommercko trade unions operating in the sector are: In particular, in the Confcommercio renewal, it is possible to find the following provisions: As long as they have employees, they apply the relevant collective agreements.


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This provision is meant to increase job security for fixed-term workers in a context of high seasonality. SPs pointed out the high degree of adaptability that characterized the sector during the last years. The main sectoral social partners, which are part of the tourism confederations of Confcommercio, Confesercenti and Confindustria, underline the importance of providing sufficient economic and financial support to help strengthening the sectoral firms, which are in great majority SMEs, and to ensure the availability of the skills needed to modernise the sector and fully exploit the potential for growth.

Contribution of collective bargaining, social dialogue and social partners to addressing the challenges facing the Hotels and restaurants sector 3.

Employment and Industrial Relations in the Hotels and Restaurants sector | Eurofound

As for the Italian bargaining system, the main bargaining level is the sectoral level. For this reason, in recent years they frequently requested more investments in vocational training courses, with the aim to increase the skill level of workers and to promote the creation of new high-qualified jobs in the sector. Undeclared work In Italy, the hotels and restaurants sector, as other commerce and service sectors, is characterised by a significant presence of irregular and informal workers.

In general, the economic crisis has not particularly affected employment in the Hotels and Restaurants sector. Federalberghi, for instance, represents some 27, hotels out of a total of around 34, Please provide information on the views of the major social partner organisations trade unions and employer organisations on trends and changes in the Hotels and Restaurants sector.

Decentralised bargaining at province level is present in only certain areas, especially those with a strong tourist tradition, like the provinces of Florence, Rome and Laziothe provinces of Marche and mountain locations such as the provinces of Belluno, Bozen and Sondrio.

These are all issues which are traditionally addressed at the bargaining table or at workplaces in the implementation phase of collective agreements and, of course, of legislative provisions.


Click to share this page to Facebook securely. The Hotels and Restaurants sector is characterised by a high level of fragmentation along different dimensions: Improvement of gender equality including improvement of work-life balance arrangements ; The new agreement provides commmercio parents of children of up to 3 years can demand a conversion of their employment contract, on a temporary basis, from full-time to part-time.

Density rate is regarded to be relatively low since the great majority of workplaces are rather small. Vocational education and training systems should be tdrziario and the transition from school to work should be more effective.

In fact, the decentralised level of bargaining is the company-level for firms employing more than 15 employees and at province level for those below this threshold or even above if they do not have firm-level agreements.

The renewal includes a derogation to the maximum duration of fixed-term contracts with terziagio introduction of a preference clause in favour of former fixed-term workers in new recruitment procedures. Trade union membership and collective bargaining are thought to be low in the sector and basically involve workers of large companies, such has large hotel chains.

In general, the aim of the modifications concerning workplace health and safety was to make prevention the priority and to increase sanctions. Seasonal work and working hours Italy ranks high in the European Union in terms of the incidence of seasonal work, especially in the Hotels and Accommodation sector.

Non-EU workers, according to one of the main sectoral associations Federalberghiwere 8. Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. Estimate the coverage rate of collective bargaining in terms of a companies and b employees.