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Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference | Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer that thickens instantly in aqueous mediums following neutralization, to produce perfectly clear gel formulas. Capigel Acrylates copolymer: CAPIGEL 98 thickens surfactant media and has good resistance to electrolytes and polar solvents. Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer.

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Compositions suitable for dyeing and bleaching hair comprising a phosphate ester compound and an oxidizing agent. The phosphate ester compound preferably comprises a mixture of monoester phosphates of alkoxylated cpaigel alcohols containing from about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms with diester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols containing from about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms.

Liquid Polymer

Preferably the compositions are in the form of oil-in-water emulsions. The compositions have good rheologies and improve the bleaching and dyeing of hair.

FIELD The present invention relates capgiel compositions suitable for bleaching caapigel dyeing hair and methods for bleaching hair or dyeing hair. Bleaching and dyeing or coloring of hair has become increasingly popular over the past years. Younger people may want to change the natural color of their hair to a more fashionable one, while older people may also use dyeing compositions to conceal gray hair.

As people grow older, the production of melanin slows, giving more and more gray hair over time. Melanin can also be purposely altered by chemical treatments to give lighter shades. The lightening is achieved by oxidizing the melanin pigments, usually with an oxidizing agent in alkaline solution, also called bleach.

Examples of oxidizing agents that can be used are hydrogen peroxide, potassium, sodium or ammonium salts of perborate or percarbonate, persulfate and percarbamide. Bleaches are also used during oxidative dyeing treatments. These molecules mainly belong to three classes of aromatic compounds: They are sufficiently small to diffuse in the hair shaft where, once activated by an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide, they further react with other precursors to form larger colored complexes.

Oxidative hair dye compositions commonly contain, in addition to the dye precursors and a source of peroxide, a variety of additional cosmetic and peroxide stabilizing agents. Oxidizing agents can activate oxidative dye precursors across a range of pH. However, it is known that enhanced dye oxidation can be achieved via the use of a hair-swelling agent HSA that can adjust the pH of the oxidizing solution.

Such HSA’s further enhance the oxidizing and dyeing process by swelling the hair fibers to aid both the diffusion of the peroxide and dyeing agents into the hair and enabling faster, more thorough dye oxidization and hair dyeing. Preferred hair-swelling agents for adjusting the pH of peroxide hair oxidizing compositions are aqueous alkaline solutions containing ammonia ammonium hydroxide or monoethanolamine MEA. Oxidative treatments of hair such as bleaching decoloration, lightening and oxidative dyeing give good results and are very commonly used.

They are however not without drawbacks. For example, the oxidizing agents used for bleaching and oxidative dyeing damage hair to some extent. Persistent efforts are made in the industry to improve the currently existing formulations. New hair dyes compositions are constantly synthesized and tested with the objective of providing compositions with improved rheology, improved colour uptake, gray coverage and colour evenness []. It has now been found that specific phosphate ester compounds can be advantageously used in combination with oxidizing agent in bleaching and capifel hair dye compositions at a pH of from about 8 to about For example, it was found that they could replace usual thickening agents such as acrylate copolymers for providing a suitable rheology to a bleaching composition, with the added benefit of providing better lightening to the bleached capige for the same amount of oxidizing agent.

They can also improve the colour uptake, gray coverage and colour evenness of dyeing compositions. They can also improve the efficiency of the dyeing process so that less dye can be used for the same benefit, thereby capigfl the cost of the formulation.

Finally they can give a suitable rheology to the compositions thereby avoiding dripping and providing a good suspension of aesthetic pigments. This emulsifier is said to increases the stability of emulsion while increasing the release of the oil component. The present invention cappigel to compositions suitable for bleaching or dyeing hair comprising: The present invention 9 relates to method of treating hair comprising the step of contacting hair with such compositions.

These and other features, aspects, and advantages of the present invention will become evident to those skilled in the art from a reading of the present disclosure. While the specification concludes with claims which particularly point out and distinctly claim the invention, it is believed the present invention will be better understood from the following description.

All cited references are incorporated herein by reference in their entireties. Citation of any reference is not an admission regarding any determination as to its availability as prior art to the claimed invention.

All percentages are by weight of total composition unless specifically stated otherwise. All ratios are weight ratios unless specifically stated otherwise.

Mammalian, preferably human hair is preferred.

However wool, fur and other keratin containing fibers are suitable substrates for the compositions according to the present invention. Phosphate Ester Compound []. The compositions of the present invention comprise a phosphate ester compound selected from: Preferably, the phosphate ester compound is a mixture of said mono-ester phosphates of capigwl fatty alcohols with said di-ester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols.

More preferably the ratio of mono-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols to di-ester phosphates of czpigel fatty alcohols is of from 1: These compositions have good emulsifying properties. The phosphate esters of the alkoxylated and non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols of the present invention can be formed by reacting xapigel and non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols, respectively, with phosphorous pentoxide P [] 2 O 5. This esterification process is well known in the art and detailed description of one method of carrying out the process can be found in U.

Capigel 98 |

As detailed in this patent, the reaction will usually result in a blend of mono- and di-phosphate esters. As is well known in the art, the ratio of mono- to di-phosphate esters formed during the esterification process depends on the operating conditions such as the temperature and the initial proportion of the reagents.

It is preferred that, when the phosphate ester compound comprises mono-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols, it also comprises di-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols. The alkoxylated fatty alcohols used can be the same for the mono- and di-esters. The phosphate ester compound then comprises a blend of mono- and di-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols containing from about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms and alkoxylated with from about 1 to about 50 moles of an alkylene oxide per mole of alkoxylated fatty alcoholsaid alkylene oxide being selected from ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and mixtures thereof.

Preferably the ratio of mono- to di-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohol is from about The alkoxylated fatty alcohols used in the esterification process have the formula: It is also preferred that, when the phosphate esters compound comprises di-ester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols, it also comprises mono-ester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols.

The phosphate esters compound then comprises a blend of mono- and di-ester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols containing from about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms.

Preferably the ratio of mono- to di-ester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohol is from about The non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols used for forming the phosphate esters of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols preferably have the formula R—OH wherein R is selected from branched or unbranched alkyl or alkenyl groups having from about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms, preferably from about 14 to about 20 carbon atoms, even more preferably from about 16 to about 18 carbon atoms.

The compositions of the present invention preferably comprise at least 0. The compositions of the present invention comprise at least one oxidizing agent suitable for treating hair. Preferred oxidizing agents for use herein are water-soluble peroxygen oxidizing agents.

The oxidizing agents are valuable for the initial solubilisation and decolorisation of the melanin bleaching and accelerate the polymerization of the oxidative dye precursors oxidative dyeing in the hair shaft. Preferred water-soluble oxidizing agents are inorganic peroxygen materials capable of yielding hydrogen peroxide in an aqueous solution.

Water-soluble peroxygen oxidizing agents are well known in the art and include hydrogen peroxide, inorganic alkali metal peroxides such as sodium periodate and sodium peroxide and organic peroxides such as urea peroxide, melamine peroxide, and inorganic perhydrate salt bleaching compounds, such as the alkali metal salts of perborates, percarbonates, perphosphates, persilicates, persulphates and the like. These inorganic perhydrate salts may be incorporated as monohydrates, tetrahydrates, etc.

Mixtures of two or more such oxidizing agents can be used if desired. Preferred for use in the compositions according to the present invention is hydrogen peroxide. In conventional dyeing and bleaching compositions, levels of oxidizing agent are usually of from about 0.

Oxidative Hair Dye Precursors []. The compositions of the present invention may comprise oxidative hair dye precursors. Precursors can be used with couplers. Couplers are generally colorless molecules that can form colors in the presence of activated precursors.

CAPIGEL™ 98 – Sea-Land Chemical Company

The choice of precursors and couplers will be determined by the color, shade and intensity of coloration that is desired.

The precursors and couplers can be used herein, cpaigel or in combination, to provide dyes having a variety of shades ranging from ash blonde to caipgel.

Hair dye compositions will generally comprise from about 0. Preferred fatty alcohol is cetearyl alcohol, a mixture of cetyl and stearyl alcohol. Preferably the fatty alcohols and the phosphonate ester compound preferably a mixture of dicetyl phosphate and ceteth phosphate are comprised in the composition in an amount of from about 0.

Such a mixture of cetearyl alcohol, dicetyl phosphate and ceteth phosphate is commercially available from Croda, Inc under the Trademark Crodafos CES. The compositions of the present invention preferably further comprise a pH buffering agent. The pH buffering agent is present in an amount sufficient to provide the composition with a pH of from about 8 to about 12, preferably of from about 8.

Moreover, it is also intended that the compositions of the present invention may be complex compositions, which in addition to the ester phosphate compound and oxidizing agent comprise other components that may caligel may not be active ingredients.

The following examples further describe and demonstrate the preferred embodiments within the scope of the present invention. The examples are given solely for the purpose of illustration, and are not to be construed as limitations of the present invention since many variations thereof are possible without departing from its spirit and scope. The following example illustrates a bleaching lightening composition in the form of a kit comprising a lightening cream comprising ammonia and a hydrogen peroxide cream.

Both creams are mixed in equal proportion just before use in order to form the bleaching composition that is then immediately applied to the hair to be bleached.

Both creams can be produced by conventional methods well known by the person skilled in the art. Oil in water process []. Phase Inversion process []. For instance the water-soluble ingredients can be added to a proportion of the water at the start of the making process at ambient temperature, and allowed to dissolve. The fatty components including Crodafos RTM and the surfactants are then added to the heated water.

A controlled cooling and optional shearing process to form an emulsion pre-mix is then completed. Both pre-mixes are then combined and the remaining ingredients added e. The following example illustrates the superiority of phosphate ester compounds in hair dye compositions vs. Carbopol Aqua SF-1 available from Noveon is an acrylates copolymer commonly used in hair-care compositions as thickening agent.

Both compositions had similar rheology. Swatches of virgin hair were treated with these compositions in normal dyeing conditions and the resulting color was assessed. Hair treated with the composition comprising Crodafos CES showed a significantly better lightening than the hair treated with the composition comprising Carbopol RTM Aqua SF-1, although the level of oxidizing agent was identical.

This shows that the phosphate ester compounds can provide a hair bleaching composition with a suitable rheology while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the bleaching process. The following example illustrates an oxidative hair dye composition in the form of a kit comprising a dye cream and a hydrogen peroxide cream.


Cajon schnell und einfach lernen, Buch mit CD/DVD. Grifftabelle Für Klarinette Deutsches System fingering Charts for Clarinet — Oehler System: German / English Language Edition, Chart Alfred’s Fingering Charts. – Buy Grifftabelle Für Klarinette Deutsches System / Fingering Charts for Clarinet-Oehler System (Alfred’s Fingering Charts Instrumental) book online.

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Esterification of free fatty acids using water-tolerable Amberlyst as a of heterogeneous acid catalysts, Amberlyst 15 and Amberlyst BD The grant supports Rohm and Haas’s development of a newly commercial polymeric catalyst technology, AMBERLYST™ BD20 specialty. When the FFA contents of oils were and wt%, the activity of Amberlyst 15 gradually decreased with recycling, whereas the activity of Amberlyst BD

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In any embodiment, dry reaction mixture 9 proceeds to a second reactor which may or may not contain heterogeneous catalyst. This maintains a higher number of active sites in the heterogeneous catalyst for FFA esterification resulting in lower overall product FFA content. The operating conditions and provisions of the first reactor are as previously described.

In another embodiment method is conducted in parallel with method Additionally, prior to db20 reaction vessels described in this invention, in one embodiment the pretreated feedstock amberlust passed through a bed of ion exchange resin for the purpose of removing impurities that may deactivate our foul the heterogeneous catalyst. The method of claim 1further comprising the step of separating a majority of the alcohol and water from the reaction mixture to obtain a dry reaction mixture.

Additionally, certain steps may be performed concurrently in a parallel process when possible, as well as performed sequentially. When these materials are used for fatty acid alkyl ester FAAE production by base-catalyzed transesterification of mono- di- and tri-acylglycerides i. Process for the preparation of meth acrylate esters and polyester meth acrylates.

One or more guard beds may be employed in series or parallel.

In one embodiment, the homogenous catalyst described in the invention is methanesulfonic acid MSA. The calculated molar ratio of methanol to free fatty acids was 8. Without limiting the scope of the invention, it is theorized that some esterification catalysts, particularly ion exchange resin catalysts tend to foul or become deactivated due to metal ions, proteins, phospholipids, chemical compounds i. A method for producing esters, comprising: The present invention may be practiced by implementing process units in different orders than as specifically set forth herein.

In some situations the pressure may be below the vapor pressure of the alcohol although the alcohol may reflux back into the reaction mixture. A dual catalyst process can also reduce the continuous operating expense of using unrecoverable homogeneous catalysts by reducing the amount of homogeneous catalyst required to obtain the advantages of homogeneous catalyst use.

Esterification of free fatty acids using water-tolerable Amberlyst as a heterogeneous catalyst.

In one embodiment, feedstock containing carboxylic acid 1 and also containing homogenous catalyst and alcohol 2 is introduced to the reactor The method of claim 1wherein said homogenous catalyst prolongs the activity of said heterogeneous catalyst. The method of claim 1wherein the reaction mixture has a free fatty acid content below 0. The reaction is conducted using at least a stoichiometric amount of alcohol as determined on an FFA basis according to Equation 1.

The reactor contains a predetermined amount of heterogeneous catalyst. The catalyst particles were fixed in a customized stainless steel reactor having 0.

AMBERLYST™ BD20 – KDY Holdings

All publications, patents, and patent applications cited in this specification are herein incorporated by reference in their entirety as if each publication, patent, or patent application were specifically and individually put forth herein. The use of acids, niobium oxide, and zeolite catalysts for esterification reactions.

In one embodiment, a portion of alcohol, water and homogenous catalyst 11 are removed from the second reaction mixture 10 contained in unit by decantation, leaving a principally dry reaction mixture Since esterification reactions are reversible, the reaction does not go to completion.

Esterification reactions can be performed in either batch or continuous process applications.

The residence time of the acid though the catalyst bed should be approximately minutes. The reaction can be summarized as follows: In any embodiment, dry reaction mixture 7 may continue to a transesterification process, alcohol may be recovered amberlysr stream 6 and a portion of homogenous catalyst may be recovered from either stream 6 or 7. However, heterogeneous esterification activity is generally less than with homogeneous catalysts, and multiple stages or extreme ambrlyst conditions are typically required to achieve acceptable conversions.

The method of claim 1wherein the feedstock, alcohol, and homogeneous catalyst flow upward through said reactor. These steps can occur in different vessels in multiple stages according to one skilled in the art.

After a prescribed residence time a second reaction mixture b20 exits the reactor containing lower quantities of carboxylic acid than both the feedstock 1 and the first reaction mixture 3.

Bayer and Dow sign worldwide biodiesel technology licensing agreement

Vegetable oils and animal fats and their by-products can contain considerable amounts of free fatty acids. The reaction should take place under sufficient pressure to maintain the alcohol in a liquid state at the desired reaction temperature. Combined homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic transesterification process for biodiesel production. Inedible corn oil with a free fatty acid content of The first reaction mixture 3 enters unit which may be a decanter, centrifuge, flash drum, vacuum distillation column or other separation unit.

After a prescribed residence time and set of operating conditions the second reaction mixture exits the reactor with reduced free fatty acids and enters a separation stage.

FFA testing of the dry reaction mixture was completed as described db20 Example 1 except that a double water wash was performed to remove all MSA. In addition to the direct activity of the homogeneous catalyst, it is believed that a portion of the homogeneous catalyst prevents the contaminants from binding to the heterogeneous catalyst and thereby prevents fouling or deactivation of the heterogeneous catalyst.

The reactor may be oriented either horizontally or vertically.


b VGC’” (Vented Gap Cooling) low frequency transducer with mm. (4 in) diameter edgewound voice coil and SFG’” magnet structure. b Compact trapezoidal. Brand New Genuine JBL H 15″ Speaker. Used in monitor and as replacement for LE15B is no longer available. If you are looking to repair this. Brand New JBL LE15B Aftermarket Recone Kit, 8 ohm. Parts specifications: Cone : 15″ outside diameter, ″ voice coil opening accordion edge; Voice Coil.

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Both speakers have the number on the back of the cones, one is pictured.

1 Pair JBL LE15B LE 15B L200 2216 ALNICO Magnet Vintage

JBL Series speaker wall mounting bracket plate Speakers hanger. I am not the original owner, but from everything I see these are completely original. Please enter ke15b valid ZIP Code. Delivery in 4 days.

Sign in to check out Check out as guest. I assume that the in the part number denotes a 16ohm voicecoil. Results 1 to 6 of 6. See the seller’s listing jbbl full details. International customers must provide a phone number.

Skip to main content. I have taken detailed pictures of any markings on the speakers. I will ship internationally, but it will be very expensive, packed I expect the m to weigh 26 lbs each.

Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. I believe this le15bb be the correct readings given the below information. These do not go through the cone they are surface scuffs only. People who viewed this item also viewed. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab.

Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Select a valid country.

Recone Kit for JBL-LE15B Recone Kit 8 Ohm | eBay

Here are a few photos of the woofers I am talking about. Looks like a painted aluminum dustcap too. All times are GMT Here are a few photos This kit features a cloth surround and ribbed cone, just like the original LE15B.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. See terms – opens in lw15b new window or tab.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? These are vintage electronics however jbbl are sold as is. Originally Posted by vinny. Originally Posted by robertbartsch. It is foam surround version. I wonder if that kit was designed for a D? Have one to sell? Just the cone and ohm reading have me wondering what is up.

The Le15b is the consumer version of le5b a, only used in the L first version and the Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Sell now – Have one to sell?


Pris: kr. Häftad, Skickas inom vardagar. Köp Managing Gigabytes 2nd Edition av Ian H Witten, Alistair Moffat, Timothy C Bell på Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and Indexing Documents and Images. Authors: Witten, Ian H. Buy this book. Hardcover ,92 €. price for Spain (gross). Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and By Ian H. Witten, Alistair Moffat, and Timothy C. Bell. Second concerned with the task of managing large volumes of .

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In this fully updated second edition of the highly acclaimed Managing Gigabytesauthors Witten, Moffat, and Bell continue to provide unparalleled coverage of wittten techniques for compressing and indexing data. Whatever your field, if you work with large quantities of information, this book is essential reading–an authoritative theoretical resource and a practical guide to meeting the toughest storage and access challenges.

It discusses all the algorithms and tradeoffs, and comes with free downloadable source code to experiment with. It covers the latest developments in compression and indexing and their application on the Web and in digital libraries. RAM and disk are cheap, but not that cheap, and for now terabytes and sometimes petabytes are managed only by NASA, Google, and a few others. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The authors have done an outstanding job of incorporating and describing the most significant new research in information retrieval iggabytes the past five years into this second edition.

Managing Gigabytes

He has written mnaaging books, the latest being Managing Gigabytes and Data Miningboth from Morgan Kaufmann. The use of compression in storing the text, integers, lexicon and inverted list is detailed beautifully.

If you care about search engines, you need this book: Whatever your field, if you work with large quantities of information, this book is essential reading–an authoritative theoretical resource and a practical guide to meeting the toughest storage and access challenges. WittenIan H. Students, researchers, and practitioners will all benefit from reading this book. The authors have done an outstanding job of incorporating and describing the most significant new research in information retrieval over the past five years into this Although, after a particularly envigorating discussion of how to string together a bunch of techniques to compress their corpus and save a couple MB, I did a check and found you could buy MB of RAM for less than the cost of the book.

He directs the New Zealand Digital Library research project. He has written several books, the latest being Managing Gigabytes and Data Miningboth from Morgan Kaufmann. He has published widely on digital libraries, machine learning, text compression, hypertext, speech synthesis and signal processing, and computer typography.

His research interests include information retrieval, machine learning, text compression, and programming by demonstration. Students, researchers, and practitioners will all benefit from reading this book.

Knowledge is Power, but sometimes a little cash is more powerful. He has published widely on digital libraries, machine learning, text compression, hypertext, speech synthesis and signal processing, and computer typography.

Managing Gigabytes

Witten is a professor of computer science at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. The authors have done an outstanding job of incorporating and describing the most significant new research in information retrieval over the past five years into this second edition.

I can’t wait to see the third edition! The Hidden Ways Alistair Moffat. A Guide to the mg System. My library Help Advanced Book Search. No eBook available Elsevier.

Managing Gigabytes 2nd Edition

Account Options Sign in. Other editions – View all Managing gigabytes: But with gigabytds Gigabytes”, it’s all here. Skickas inom vardagar. The book is both detailed and enjoyable; the authors have combined elegant writing with top-grade programming.

It’s required reading for our search gurus at Infoseek. Data Mining Ian H Witten. Guide to Biometrics Ruud Bolle Limited preview – The Highland Clans Alistair Moffat. User Review – Flag as inappropriate This is the only book there is that will actually teach you how to build an information retrieval system aka wittn engine.

Witten is a professor of computer science at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. This is the only book there is manaigng will actually teach you how to build an information retrieval system aka search engine.


See related links to what you are looking for. La via della guarigione. Curare la mente per curare il corpo. Curare l’ambiente per curare l’uomo. Curare lo spirito per curare il mondo. Claudio Pagliara. Claudio Pagliara. 15K likes. Dott. Claudio Pagliara Oncologo, esperto di Medicina Olistica ed Autore del libro “La via della guarigione”.

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In Puglia nel troviamo Blasco e Giovanni, suo figlio, Castellani di Brindisi, e successivamente vicere diella Calabria, nel troviamo dei Cassano partecipare al governo di Napoli.

Cagliari 32, Mandas 23, Isili 20, etc. Estremamente raro, dovrebbe essere siciliano. Erano un gruppo parentale ristretto, figli di tre cugini i cui nonni si chiamavano Grazino di Durante e Matteo di Durante. Caprile ha un grosso ceppo a Genova, nel genovese, savonese, imperiese ed alessandrino, con un ceppo anche nel napoletano e nel salernitano, Caprili ha un ceppo toscano, in particolare nel lucchese e pisano ed uno nel forlivese, Caprilli ha un piccolo ceppo a Genova, uno in Toscana, in particolare sull’isola d’Elba ed a Roma, dovrebbero derivare dal nome di uno dei molti paesi chiamati Caprile, come ne esistono nel genovese, nel napoletano, nel lucchese, nel fiorentino e nel pesarese.

Italian Surnames – Cognomi Italiani – C

Si tratta, dunque, delle cognominizzazioni di nomi di mestiere attribuiti ai capostipiti. Tipico dell’alessandrino e genovese, deriva dal toponimo Cabella Ligure nell’alessandrino.

Considero ragionevole ritenere che il cognome tragga le origini geografiche da Cene nel bergamasco e che sia stato attribuito agli emigranti al loro arrivo nel Bolognese. Questi cognomi derivano o da un soprannome legato al mestiere di campanaro modificato dal dialetto o di produttore di campane o alla provenienza campana o a toponimi come Campana CS. Caccaro ha un ceppo nel varesotto a Somma Lombardo ed a Sirmione nel bresciano ed uno nel padovano a Villa del Conte, Campo San Martino e Santa Giustina in Colle, dovrebbe derivare da un soprannome dialettale originato dal termine medioevale veneto cacaro uomo da poco, persona insignificante.

Peraltro molti toponimi della Lombardia portano il suffisso ago e molti cognomi il suffisso aghi. Carra e Carrai come cognomi potrebbero derivare non tanto dal mestiere di fabbricante di carri, quanto invece da quello di trasportatori e mercanti. Fu poi, come medico ad Algeri. Cognome presente nelle carte antiche.

In Lombardia si trova soprattutto a Brescia, Sondrio e Milano.

When a popular Italian debunking site was sued, a judge shut it down – Poynter

Tracce di queste cognominizzazioni le troviamo fin dall’anno a Cremona in una Cartula offersionis dove tra i testimoni troviamo: Alla nobile famiglia Caterini di Onano in provincia di Viterbo, apparteneva il cardinale Prospero Caterini cugino di Marcantonio Pacelli, nonno di del papa Eugenio Pacelli. Carsus Rex Lydorum potentissimus, et ditissimus, se ob divitias beatum praedicabat.

Tipicamente lombardo e delle provincie di Milano, Como, Lecco e Bergamo in particolare presenta un ceppo anche in provincia di Firenze, potrebbe derivare da un soprannome derivato dal toponimo Casatenovo LC. A Bafia nel messinese nel si trovano tracce di questa cognominizzazione con il Sacerdote Francesco Calvaruso: Augustini, qui cum aliis sermonibus adespotis asservatur in Bibliotheca Communali CagliariSassariSestuP.

Casarico sembrerebbe tipico del comasco, di Como e di Lurate Caccivio, dovrebbe derivare dal nome del paese di Casarico, una frazione del comune di Montano Lucino nel comasco. Cannara, estremamente raro, forse del centro Italia, dovrebbe derivare dal nome del paese di Cannara nel perugino. Catalan Antonio, cagliaritano di origine provenzale.

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Gli stemmi che li identificano sono: Tracce di questa cognominizzazione si trovano nel Guairgione Diplomatico della Lombardia medievale sotto l’anno in un atto di compravendita si legge: Cardanus filius quondam Tomaxii consul vicinorum Tracce di questa cognominizzazione le troviamo a Pontremoli MS nel Selargius 3, Oristano 3, Quartu S.

Berleta era denominazione di aree golenali in uso fino al Sei-Settecento. Sia Carniola che Carnioli sono quasi unici, dovrebbero derivare dal nome medioevale CarniolusCarniolaclauvio probabilmente un’origine carnica dei capostipiti.

Die l9 Augustu si compro du pezzu di lu tirrenu di li patri gesuiti per crisciri la Clesia: Item, da Prospero garigione Angelo de lo Cariello Guarino ducati 3 per obbliganza Cabassonus confitetur se possidere predictum stare, sed dissiterur quod tenebat illud nomine Calcia sub censu vel alio modo.

Tipico della zona di Torre Annunziata NAdovrebbe derivare da una modificazione dialettale del nomen latino Cassius. Per quanto riguarda i cognomi in questione, dunque, si tratta delle cognominizzazioni dei nomi personali dei capostipiti. Ego Cataldus indignus primus presbiter ut primerius ut custus Fuarigione Marie huic cartula donactonis et dotacionis a nobis facta subscripsimus et probaui Carobene sembrerebbe specifico del catanese, soprattutto di Caltagirone, Grammichele, Castel di Iudica e Catania, ma presenta un ceppo anche nel napoletano e nei vicini casertano e salernitano, si tratta del nome del capostipite, di un nome augurale medioevale inteso o a riconoscere nel figlio un bene assoluto o nell’augurarglielo.

Cara Joanne, ville Selluri. Non abbiamo trovato il cognome nelle carte antiche della Sardegna.

Augustini militare coepit Ordo S. Fu in seguito perseguitato come Bonapartista. Omnes et singuli homines infrascripti de villa Sancti Terencii, videlicet Cacciaguerra quondam Rollandini, Aidante quondam Meliorati, Bonaparte quondam Bonafidei, Bonsegnore filius Bonaiuncte. Maledictus tu sis, Catte, tu dominus meus, et ipse qui super te sedet, et domus vestrae, et filii et filiae, et omnis parentela vestra sit maledicta!

Lo troviamo nelle carte antiche, nella variante Capula. Home Fact-Checking When a popular Italian debunking site was sued, a judge shut it down.

Sembra non esserci alcuna correlazione con il cognome Sole, tipico della Sicilia, della Sardegna, della Campania, del Lazio e della Lombardia, e con il cognome Casa, che presenta due ceppi principali a Roma e nel Napoletano. Curio in Africa periit, C. La famiglia paterna era originaria di Querceta di Seravezza Lucca.


The Riddle (The Five Books of Pellinor) [Alison Croggon (author)] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Riddle. THE RIDDLE. Maerad is a girl with a tragic past, but her powers grow stronger by the day. Now she and her mentor, Cadvan, hunted by both the Light and the. On top, was Alison Croggon’s The Riddle. Book two in a quartet, the first being The Gift which I reviewed a few months ago, continues the story of Maerad, a

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Dharin and Maerad ride on a dogsled to the home of the Wise Kindred, an Inuit -like ethnicity of apison who live on the volcanic islands north of Zmarkan. Would I read it again? Her will is really something to behold, and apparently things just keep getting better as the series goes on!

It was a good read and I’ve already started on Book 3. Mar 09, Selena Yukino The Lioness: Now they are together again, though each holds secrets from the others in crogogn heart.

Each of these places had its own culture and mood; if anything, it was the dark passages between these places that started to blur together. Nerili, first bard of Busk, tricks Enkir into thinking that Maerad and Cadvan are not there. Lifelong friends, they went their separate ways. As wolves, the two escape, pursued by Arkan’s stormdogs. In the Hand of the Goddess. Now she and her mentor, Cadvan, hunted by both the Light and the Dark, must unravel Believing such a course to be against Enkir’s expectations, they ride through Annar, briefly croggkn within reach of Cadvan’s former Riddl, Lirigon.

Refresh and try again. Alisoh story grows in leaps and bounds, really taking off in its own direction, and Croggon outdoes herself with her powers of description. And let us not forget the crucial dialogues that Maerad has with key figures in the story; for those who like their fantasy dished up with lashings of alisob this may be a weakness, but for those who love words, the to-and-fro of conversations and the subsequent conflicts or resolutions that arise from them this must surely be a strength.

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Maerad is forced to confront the consequences of her childish actions, and she grows through hardship, mistakes, and painful discovery of herself. The question of her own evil isn’t a black and white fantasy thing fear not, no evil forces possess herbut rather a question of the internal secrets of her mind and her heart, that she has to decide to alternately control or release.

Mar 11, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed the second half of the book quite a bit. I loved The RiddleCroggon’s second in the Pellinor series, even more than the first.

The Will of the Empress. Maerad looked down at the floor and watched her feet.

The Riddle by Alison Croggon | : Books

The Case of the Missing Marquess. So much of the book is “let’s go here” and then “what we need isn’t here, let’s go there” and so on. The Girl with the Broken Heart. I love Cadvan, he is such a deep character, so many layers. Her rambling path will help her learn more about her family and her powers, and eventually lead her into the lair of Arkan the Winterking himself. Trapped in the Winterking’s icy realm, Maerad must confront what she has suspected all along: I know that the end of this book i I had enjoyed reading The Naming far better than this book and finished the first pretty quickly, however I just couldn’t get into this second of the series.

The overarching storylines are just a way for these lovable folks to interact. In attempting to use her magic against it in Cadvan’s aid, Maerad suddenly understands the stormdog’s true nature, and therefore calms it rather than frighten it away. Jun 14, Tessa in Mid-Michigan rated it really liked it Shelves: Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child when her family is destroyed in war. I did ridfle that was the croggin, but it also seemed like it took about pages before that plot actually began riddlle pick up.

And the last book appears to be even more wandering around and vague magic words and very little romance. Once in Murask, Maerad her “The Riddle” Maerad had been on a quest to find something called the Treesong which had relations to the Splitsong.

In the second book of the Books of Pellinor Series, Croggon spells out the long and troubling hardships of Maerad yet again. Nancy Springer and Serena Blasco.

But, at least he’s not an asshole! I like the actual story, and I appreciate the amount of work it must’ve been for the author to create this world–heck coming up with the names alone must’ve been exhausting–but gosh!

The quest leads Maerad over terrifying seas and vast stretches of glacial wilderness, ever closer to the seductive Winterking riddel ally of her most powerful enemy, the Nameless One. In so doing, they learn that Maerad is capable of feats of transformation beyond the abilities of any other Bard, as demonstrated when she literally changes a boulder into a lion.

The wind lives, the snow lives, the ice lives, the mountains live. I think it was less “Tolkienish”, but it still retained that old-fashioned camaraderie, that authors like Tolkien infused in their books.

I didn’t like it when Tolkien used it, and I definitely didn’t like it when it was used in rriddle Riddle. Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks. Meanwhile they get pursued by generic agents of evil. She gets tired and goes back to her room.

So tell me, friends, is it worth continuing? In this novel, Maerad is separated from her brother Hem and travels with Cadvan far north, in search of the Treesong.

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Parts#: NJM NJMD DIP8. Mfgr: JRC. DESC: 3-INPUT VIDEO SWITCH WITH 6dB AMPLIFIER. 5 – 7. If your c. Above estimated list has excluded . JRC(Japan Radio Co., Ltd.)is a group of communication technology Additional Operation Display, NCD Max 4 Additional Operation Display. Additional. E-mail: [email protected] Radar Antenna. NKE, NKE, Additional Operation Display. NCD Max 4 Additional Operation Display.

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(). Datenreport zum Berufsbildungsbericht (a). Berufsbildungsbericht Retrieved from pdf BMBF. Bellmann, L., A. Crimmann, F. Wiesner (), Resisting the crisis: short-time für Berufsbildung (, , ), Datenreport zum Berufsbildungsbericht , . Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung [Federal Ministry for Education and Research, BMBF] (), Berufsbildungsbericht Bonn and Berlin.

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Red tape blocked work on Genoa bridge despite safety concerns Florence, a meter-long chasm opens up under Lungarno TorrigianiThe Mayor: The work was being carried out to ensure a distance of 5.

The four Romanian workers who were working on the construction site where two people died yesterday have already been interviewed, and the prosecutor of Ancona, Irene Bilotta, has opened an investigation for multiple manslaughter, which may soon be extended to include the further offence of causing a disaster.

Work commenced in May and was scheduled for completion in September A casa di Steve Bannon: Only then can we establish at what stage mistakes were made.

Prosecutor Talks of “Human Error” in Overpass Collapse

One last question, however, remains: We were simply carrying out scheduled maintenance. Genoa bridge collapse is?

Ministry experts The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Delrio, meanwhile, has already appointed a commission of experts to analyse what happened. Perhaps the temporary piers had not been properly anchored, or the jack control unit was faulty. berufsbildungsberifht

They added that motorways are closed to traffic — usually at night — only when a new bridge is being built to replace an old one. Investigations will therefore also focus on the quality of the concrete used in the piers.

This distance had fallen below required levels as a result of work to widen the motorway from two to three lanes, which also involved raising the road surface by by centimetres. It is thought that cause of the collapse may therefore have been related to the temporary supports on which the jacks used berufsblidungsbericht lift the central section of the overpass had been placed.

Corriere della Sera – Ultime Notizie – International

English translation by Simon Tanner www. Work on 11 of these had already been completed without any problems.

The jacks, which have the same function as those used to change the wheel on a car, are usually operated by a control unit, which may have malfunctioned, causing the overpass to lean to one side and subsequently collapse.

This is another line of inquiry that investigators are considering. The subcontract in question, for example, involved raising 13 overpasses on a kilometre stretch of motorway.


Grof Nula. 1 like. Book. Grof Nula. Privacy · Terms. About. Grof Nula. Book. 1 person likes this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started . Grof Nula – Google+. Enter a name. Search. Reset. Learn More.. Sign in. Grof Nula. Public. Feb 18, O sjećanju · O sjećanju. Neuromanser, zajedno sa sledeće dve Gibsonove knjige, Grof Nula () i Monalizin natpogon (), sačinjava takozvanu trilogiju o širenju (engl. sprawl.

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Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use bricolocal. Disquiet Junto Project Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

July 12, at 6pm to July 12, at 7pm — indonesia. Predistoriju dogadaja opisanih u ovoj knjizi proitajte u romanu Metro Milanovic – Srpski Stari Vek. An occasional email newsletter. Objavljivanje ove knjige izazvalo je oduevljenje nestrpljive publike. The Disquiet Junto project this week is to explore that idea: The console jockeys make their money, and their names, reading signals: Each Thursday evening at the Disquiet Junto group on Soundcloud.

There is a new project each Thursday afternoon California timeand it is due the following Monday at This chapter holds special meaning in the broader novel, because it is the only chapter whose title is repeated.

I really have fun using these apps Blocs Wave and mx player. Post a Comment Cancel reply Your email is never published nor shared.

nnula On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Subscribe without commenting E-Mail: Project Instructions in German: It can be purchased at amazon. Locate and make a field recording of source material that involves running water.

Metro Knjiga Pdf Srpski. Es wird sowohl rhythmisches als auch melodisches Material bereitstellen. Diese Beschreibung ist essentieller Bestandteil des kommunikativen Austauschs, der Disquiet Junto eigen ist.

It will provide both rhythmic and melodic material. Sign in to chat! Puedras usar una grabacion larga, o una base que combine y repita segmento mas cortos de tu grabacion original. Knjigu moete proitati na linku ispod:. You can either use one long piece of the recording, or you can create the foundation of the track by combining and looping one or more brief segments of your original field recording. Score a classic interactive fiction.

Issue 81 new Bridget Cole repo owner created an issue Create a sonic diary of the past year with a dozen or more super-brief segments. The Disquiet Junto series of weekly communal music projects explore constraints as a springboard for creativity and productivity. Make a piece of music informed by a key text from the art movement.

Project Instructions in Turkish: Kad stavljate svoj snimak na SoundCloud, molim vas dodajte i opis procesa planiranja, komponiranja i snimanja. The particular idea this week originates in the following description at the start of chapter 17 in the novel Count Zero by William Gibson.

Este sera tu material melodico y ritmico.

grof-nula’s Profile – IMDb

Your email is never published nor shared. There is an FAQ. The Disquiet Junto is an ongoing weekly collaborative music-making space in which restraints are used nuls a springboard for creativity. One interesting final note: Bitte haltet den Track zwischen 2 und 4 Minuten. TwitterSoundCloudInstagram.


More info at creativecommons. Metro konano otkriva grov That segment will serve as the basis for your composition, as its foundation. This day marks the 22nd anniversary of Disquiet. View a search return for all the entries as they are posted: Sign Up or Sign In. Die Anweisungen sind wie folgt: