User guide • Read online or download PDF • Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor User Manual • Bosch Safety. Get Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor Manual. Get all FNMA- BS-WH | FNMA-BS-RD sv Säkerhetsinstruktioner 3 1 i! Reliez-vous à la terre à l’aide d’un bracelet anti-statique ou protégezvous par toute autre mesure. BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS | FNMA-BS-WH | Fire Alarm System Analog Base Sounder, Indoor, 15 to 33V DC, dB, IP43, to 70 Deg C, ABS.

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Per ulteriori gosch, visitare il sito www. Since the service life of the gas sensor is limited, the C sensor shuts down automatically after a maximum of 6 years of operation. Functions The functions of the signaling device interface module are: H Housing in this case: Chiudere l’alloggiamento facendo scattare la sirena in posizione nei ganci a scatto oppure fissare la sirena con le quattro viti 5.

There is also a USB interface which allows, in addition to the Ethernet interface, to load the desired configuration. Rotary switches The rotary switch integrated in the interface module can be used to select between automatic or manual addressing with or without auto detection. For the Sounder Outdoor, use PG cable glands for the cable feed not included in the scope of delivery.

Bosch Furyo Ii Bedienungsanleitung [Seite 4] | Manualslib

Depending on the application requirements, Panel Controllers and Remote Keypads can be grouped, defined as network node or local node. In the event of a fire, smoke enters the measuring chamber and the smoke particles scatter the light from the LED. Push the loose battery plug into the specified bushing 4 as far as it will go.


Manual or time-controlled switch-off of individual sensors is required for adjustment to extreme interference factors. Le batterie non devono essere smaltite insieme ai rifiuti domestici. The limit values should be taken from the product information supplied with the fire panel used. For the flush-mounted variants, the bezel has to be ordered separately.

Bosch FNM-420-A-BS-RD Installation Manual Page 10

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Pressing the black marking 1 breaks the glass pane 3which triggers the alarm and causes the LED display 2 to flash. The range bosdh versions with rotaries, manually and automatically addressable, and versions without rotaries for automatic address setting. Functions The Power Supply is protected against pole reversal and overvoltage. Bosch Security Systems B. Use the Bosch Planning Software for reliable loop planning.

The module provides two bi-directional transmission paths. These are practice problems for boscj and power series.

Druk de losse batterijstekker zo ver mogelijk in de daarvoor bestemde bus 4. Optical sensor fnm-420-a-s-rd sensor The optical sensor uses the scattered-light method.

Para la sirena para exterior, utilice prensaestopas PG para el cableado no incluidos. The user-friendly user interface adapts tnm-420-a-bs-rd the various situations.

This peak current surge exists for about 6 ms and must be supplied by the system power supply to ensure start-up of all devices. The knockouts in the rear surface of the back box must remain intact.


Open de sirenebehuizing met het meegeleverde gereedschap 1. Regardless of the groups, network nodes allow for the display and handling fnm-420-a-bsrd all panel conditions. Alleen zo worden een correcte werking en lange levensduur gegarandeerd.

For configurations with only one stub or one loop the two outputs AUX with mA maximum current intensity can be switched in parallel. Deposite as baterias utilizadas num ponto de recolha local. Please take used batteries to the local collection points.

Note The Code 3 temporal pattern should be used only for fire evacuation signaling and not for any other purpose. Interface variants The input interface modules are available in various designs: Its use increases the storage room for the cables.

In the event of a line interruption in the loop, the loop is split into two stubs to retain all detectors. Sluit de behuizing door de sirene op zijn plaats te klikken in de bevestigingshaakjes of door de sirene te bevestigen met de vier schroeven 5. Due to the different functional modules, country-specific characteristics are accommodated in the connection just as quickly as the respective alarm handling.

These motor bells eliminate the coils and contacts found in conventional vibratory bells.