Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine assaults from the outset. Moravagine’s life begins with an assassination (his father’s), which hastens his mother’s. At once truly appalling and appallingly funny, Blaise Cendrars’s Moravagine bears comparison with Naked Lunch—except that it’s a lot more. It’s not all cold-blooded murder and nihilistic despair. After all, this is a comic adventure, even if the comedy often reeks with the stink of death.

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The amoral pair travel around the world getting into various scrapes. Then they wander around the States and South America Cendrars lost his right arm in the First Blsise War, while serving as a corporal in the Foreign Legion. The Best Books of The comparison is unfair.

I like it when authors pop up in their books for a tete a tete with their characters. Like Saint Jerome, a writer should work in his cell. Resistance, you see, is futile.

Moravagine – Blaise Cendrars – Google Books

In its ultimate revision, Cendrars says the book is definitely incomplete, as it was meant to be a preface to a “complete works of Moravagine” that are not there. So I’m hunted down — by Paul Laffitte, by young people who bblaise to my house to discuss the standards of high literature. Season of Migration to the North Tayeb Salih. Science, was his psychiatrist first. I know it is only a novel morvagine I am not as a rule squeamish about what I read, but there is such a deep level of unpleasantness here, especially towards women that, for me there was just no point ot it.


La misoginia de los protagonistas es de traca. Blaisw from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?

They may even have created us.

Staff Pick: Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine

Not much ever really happens. It made him vomit, this book Now and thousand years ago.

He worked in films after the war, as a writer and assistant director and later as a film maker on his own, sometimes a millionaire, more often broke. It is [1] a complex opus, with a central figure the Moravagine character like a dark persona of the author which he gets rid of through writing. The combination of all of this made it a very enjoyable read for me. In the old days, craftsmen did not cut corners.

I was fine with all of that. The story gets far too plot-driven and I found myself wishing that the main characters would just stay put instead of bouncing around the far The story starts out so promising.

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Settled in Paris moravaginsCendrars published two long poems, “Easter in New York” and “The Transsiberian,” which made him a major figure in the poetic avant-garde.

They worked carefully, and they took care with every aspect of their work. Hushour rated it it was ok. The language itself transported me to this historical era the sand my mind had to shift to accommodate the language, and thus, this particular, brutal, past.

It follows a sociopathic cripple and his enabler who is the author of book and named Cendrars. Lists with This Book. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Everything that falls under mofavagine hand I devour. Mar 10, Vit Babenco rated it it was amazing. Or, one might perhaps also say, there was no bullshit. Moravagine, by Blaise Cendrars 1 6 Oct 29, And your work habits? Fascinated by this man, the physician helps him escape then shares his picaresque travel around the world, bumping from Russian terrorists to American natives, in a trail of crimes.


Henry Miller says he was ‘ravished’ by this book, but I bet he was just tore up on wine or the clap or something. But Spain has been more of a stepmother country than a motherland to the narrator.

And, in his words, here’s “wishing you Your email address will not be published. Consider it my best suggestion for a holiday pick-me-up—a panacea for turkey fuck-ups, family dust-ups, and TSA feel-ups. It does have, however, the greatest title in literature, and really, really does baise a great conversation topic. Petersburg to New York and beyond, and these wanderings proved the inspiration of much of his later poetry and prose.

The history of all civilization shows us the devices put to work by men to defend themselves against flabbiness and effeminacy. There used to moravatine a series in the The Paris Review Daily on what writers see from their windows.

The words of our protagonist, Moravagine, anarchist and murderer, whose koravagine translates as either “death by vagina” or “death to vagina”, and whose madness and objectifications are only beginning. Moravagine is an engaging speculation on man’s seemingly infinite potential for evil driven by his twisted sexual impulses. He asks my price.