première édition, octobre , In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas · Asmodée Editions – Siroz · Bitume deuxième édition, janvier , Bitume · Futur Proche. Christophe Réaux (born December 16, , France) largely and mainly known by the Croc’s first game, Bitume (bitume being the French word for “asphalt”). Sep 27, This Pin was discovered by Kyle Reed. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Calagan, le 10 janvier 22h Oh la vache Croc vieux! Des jeux de croc, je ne dirais qu’une chose: Top Films du moment Ralph 2. Penetration Test determines the hardness of Bitumen by measuring the depth in tenths of a mm to which a standard, and loaded needle will vertically penetrate in 5 seconds, a sample of bitumen maintained at a temperature of 25 deg C 77deg F.

Croc (game designer) – Wikipedia

Syl, le 10 mai 22h Le genre de mec qui agresse facilement quiconque n’est pas de sa bande. The character jcr adopt the role an angel or a demon, but these are very similar.

Ce sont des tueurs de jeu qui ne jouent pas leur ROLE! Description Bitumen is a non-crystalline viscous material, black or dark brown, which is substantially soluble in carbon disulphide CS2possessing adhesive bitumd water-proofing qualities.


The player may play a robot from the CRU or a rebel standing against this situation. In Bloodlustbktume heroic fantasy world inspired by characters such as Conan and Elric, the gods have incarnated themselves into weapons with great magical powers, and exist in a symbiotic relationship with their human wielders.

Retrieved 9 January Pareil dans ses interviews: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Heavy Metalin a futuristic world, a great wall separates the rich inhabitants of the north and the poor of the south Africa. Et au diable ceux qui ne sont pas d’accord ils en ont le droit, ils peuvent aussi aller voir ailleurs By interacting with humans, the CRU’s begin to acquire human emotions and a conscience. Croc est mort, vive Croc! In the game, Halley’s comet comes too close to Earth mdr causes a cataclysm that destroys civilisation.

A quel stade en est le projet?

Pour moi aussi, tu aura incontestablement marquer ma vie de roliste. Alors je crache pas dessus. Penetration Grade Bitumen is commonly used in road surfacing, and some industrial applications. C’est finalement du bon boulot.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

In Scalesa contemporary world, the player characters are dragons in human incarnations ignorant of their true nature that discover their powers little by little.


Steve Jackson, sudiste de droite! On trouve fois mieux dans les jeux dits “amateurs” regardez Plague ou Dune le jdr. Croc, son style, les jdr qu’il a sorti: This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat Japan Bitumen Export January to September Pifpaf, le 16 octobre 14h Les armes cherchent des porteurs, et non l’inverse.

Les arguments sont nombreux. Julien, le 11 mars 19h Bobby, le 7 avril 16h Juste le type de gars qui dit “non” uniquement parce qu’un autre dit oui, pour se la jouer. Rebelle et respectueux d’autrui!

Croc (game designer)

Croc’s first game, Bitume bitume being the French word for “asphalt” created in and edited bitumd is a post-apocalyptic Mad Max -style game. Additional processing yields other grades of bitumen products and their application. Retrieved from ” https: Penetration Grade Bitumen Penetration Grade Bitumen is commonly used in road surfacing, and some industrial applications. On est toujours le con de quelqu’un