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I used to go there with my dad, and remember when the name changed. So what did he do? If you go to say, Colorado Cyclist’s website, they sell Record shifters for a price which is actually pretty close to the cost an LBS would pay from their distributors. The typical visitor reads VeloNewsvisits campmor. Please enter valid e-mail address. A bike shop wouldn’t be bike shop if it didn’t have bikes, right?

After you sell one box, that pays for the next two.

And do you think that percentage can account for low labor costs in any way? Soon, Arni retired and let his son open Spike Nashbar, trying to get into the baseball and volleyball market.

They buy very high end bikes that the shop makes a very small margin on. Collector’s Choice Music The Collector’s Choice Music catalog has music nwshbar every era and genre in every format – every era, every genre, everything! Canari Century Short Sleeve Jersey. Crankbrothers Mallet 3 Mountain Bike Pedals.


Some people believe he bought out the business from an initial holding called Bike Warehouse, giving it his naxhbar – Nashbar LLP.

If you readers can help out, that’d be amazing. There was no convenient LBS nashbae me while I lived in the States but there was a Performance store with an excellent mechanic. You pay for their knowledge. Nashbar should maybe just do mail order. Now, that sounds like a lot, but generally speaking, a mountaineering store, or a running store will have a lot of money in overhead, wages, utilities, rent, etc.

Cycling deals at discount prices from Nashbar bargain bin

I had him assemble my Tarmac E5 and he did a great job. I recall clearly the day they changed their name it was as plain as the mail-order catalog I got fromand discussing it with my cousin, who thought the new name sounded dumb.

Zach, I’m glad its working for you. Bike racers are the most finicky, fickle, pain-in-the-ass customers there are.

Who pays for those advertisements? If not, they may have agreements that give them big discounts on what doesn’t sell by some date, since this is a very seasonal business.

Arni’s mail order business was thriving so much that in the late 80’s, his bicycle mail order house had branched out, opening five stores – two in Ohio and one each near Detroit, Boston and Washington.

Our Company Our Company. That’s where they make money. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s rep has a lot of other vike he or she provides, like free sales training for employees.


The website appeals to a primarily male, somewhat wealthy, more educated audience. This was double-trouble for the large conglomerate, as it not only meant lost market share, but an embarrassing admittal that Nashbra could outbuy and undersell its larger competitor while offering similar customer service.

You give back things you that didn’t fit you, or you didn’t want, and that later sells again for a much lower margin to someone else!


Northcastle Partners is the current big investor in Performance. The dude clearly bought out Bike Warehouse. That clearly isn’t me, but I do read Velonews from time to time and I’m over educated. I say that both as a mechanic and a racer. Create a new Wish List. Electrically power assisted cycles BS EN Its the small things that can make margins. No bike caralog should have had that bike go out the front door.

That being said, sometimes I do buy stuff from them online because occasionally they have better prices than our distributors. A without telling her folks and poured money into parties and botox treatments at her will.