Read “Best Kendo Waza Illustrated Guide to Kendo Techniques” by David Aguero with Rakuten Kobo. An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with. I Waza (Evading Technique) In nuki waza you evade your opponent’s strike and, The best suriage waza is done by using the natural curvature of the shinogi. I touched on this in an earlier broader post on oji waza, but there (If this is not possible, then a good alternative kihon drill is to make your.

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This and the flexibility of your right wrist are the keys to success. As we all know, kendo is derived from kenjutsu. Muay Thai Kickboxing For Beginners.

A must for anyone wanting to know more kendo waza. Kendo, Personal Reflections and Inherited Wisdom. When you raise the shinai to strike, the point goes up and forward rather than up and back. It is a way to gain the wrist flexibility that you need to make your dou attack effective. Ratings and Reviews 0 2 star ratings 0 reviews. To be more precise what you are getting is hikitate-geiko, where sensei is taking a view of your strengths and weaknesses and stretching you to do a bit better.

There is debana waza in shikake waza. So for me, whilst it is unlikely that I will get any taller, using this technique at least acts as a reminder that my feet should be in the right place when I make a strike. The key factors to success are: Only after you have done this should you think about breaking your grip on the shinai and moving through diagonally.

Renzoku waza – Meaning consecutive attacks, this technique entails applying a combination of several movements in quick succession in order to intimidate the opponent.

In my view this means giving the side of the dou a good whack with the datotsu bu of the shinai ensuring that we hit with the bottom take.

Waaza is similar to ai-men both striking men but your sword cuts your opponent before your opponent cuts you. We either push in and take his centre, or we make him come to us and take away the initiative. My ideal kendo week would consist of five or six 45 minute bset one hour practices, each conducted at maximum intensity. As the student progresses, the speed is increased till it matches the tempo of a formal competition.


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Gohon me in the Tachi no Kata gives us a text book lesson in how to combat Jodan. Trivia About Best Kendo Waza.

Kendo Techniques Guide

There are more techniques that are not listed here. An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with common and besr so common kendo techniques. When I asked people at the end of the session if they found it useful, several made the point that it was much more tiring than more physical training methods and that trying to maintain mental contact with an opponent for even a short period was exhausting.

It is also essential to keep your eye on your opponent and to retake kamae as soon as you are in safe distance. Many kendoka somewhat misguidedly think that by moving away from the centre they will have a side-on view of an exposed target.

No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Nuki waza is seen in kata No.

Kendo Techniques Guide

Please review your cart. If this is not possible, then a good alternative kihon drill is to make your opponent attack tsuki and brst with suriage men.

Suriage waza – Used on being struck by the opponent’s shinai, this technique calls for the practitioner to sweep his shinai in a rising motion and then an upward motion before executing a strike. This new digital edition is a completely revised version of the printed version. Following are some of the popular counter attack techniques employed by Kendo practitioners. There is an exercise developed by Chiba sensei that helps you gain this correct cutting action.

It’s kenso better to put the wazas in practice than just read about it. They either stand up from sonkyo and take a step to the right, or when they attack men or kote, they do so in a diagonal line, so that after striking they pass their opponent kndo the right. We appreciate your feedback. The Book of Five Rings. This probably was the case when cutting with a katana.


All techniques are illustrated with beautiful hand drawn art.

If your timing and distance are correct, you can just push off from your left foot as your opponent makes his attack, lift your shinai up as his comes down and just deflect his blow with the shape of your shinai before striking men. Although this book is meant for intermediate kejdo advanced kenshi, beginners will find this book very useful. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A Storm of Swords.

The session was led by his teacher, the late Furuya sensei and attended by numerous 8 th and 7 th dan members, many of whom were at least in their 60s. Dropping the point can encourage an attack to men or kote which gives the opportunity for debana or oji waza, but be aware that your tsuki awza also exposed and that you become a target for uchiotoshi men. In other words, you nest make your opponent to strike as you want ideal.

You can also use any of these in combination. Books by David Aguero.

List of various Kendo techniques under the Shikake Waza or Oji Waza

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This type of behaviour is not limited to dou and is not just reserved for shiai. It might simply be improving ki-ken-tai-itchi, or could be something more ambitious like incorporating seme into the attack.