Introduction. Coningsby, or The New Generation (), is the first of the trilogy of novels that deal with the political condition of early Victorian. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Coningsby, by Benjamin Disraeli This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. Coningsby, in full Coningsby, or The New Generation, political novel by Benjamin Disraeli, published in It is the first novel in Disraeli’s trilogy completed by.

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Steven White rated it liked it Jan 24, We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Whig and Torymembers of two opposing political parties or factions in England, particularly during the 18th century.

The door was thrown open, the steps dashed down, and a youthful noble sprang from his chariot into the hall. Shortly afterwards, the owner of Lord Monmouth’s adjoining estate dies with no heirs dies but Lord Monmouth’s bid to buy his land Hellingsley is thwarted by Millbank senior.

However, this connection was, on the whole, an agreeable one for Coningsby. We had breakfasted together, and after twelve agreed to go up to Maidenhead.

It was a Reform of Parliament when the towns were summoned. The secret of his strong character and great influence was his self-composure, which benjxmin earthquake or a Reform Bill could not disturb, and which in him was the result of temperament and experience.

One need hardly remind the reader that this celebrated coninysby, of which the origin is lost in obscurity, and which now occurs triennially, is the tenure by which Eton College holds some of its domains.

Coningsby, or, The New Generation

Ormsby, a new joke now and then well introduced by Mr. It was about an hour before sunset, the day of this very breakfast, and a good number of boys, in lounging groups, were collected in the Long Walk.

In the natural course of events, in there ought to have been a change of government, and another party in the state should have entered into office; but the Whigs, though they counted in their ranks at that period an unusual number of men of great ability, and formed, indeed, a compact and spirited opposition, were unable to contend against the new adjustment of borough influence which had occurred during the war, and under the protracted administration by which that war had been conducted.

It was known that the passing of the Reform Bill was a condition absolute with the King; it was unquestionable, that the first general election under the new law must ignominiously expel the Anti—Reform Ministry from power; who would then resume their seats on the Opposition benches in both Houses with the loss not only of their boroughs, but of that reputation for political consistency, which might have been some compensation for the parliamentary influence of which they had been deprived.


It was the first time that name had been known to Coningsby. He was not tender, though perhaps he wished to be; scarcely kind: Nature had intended Lucian Gay for a scholar and a wit; necessity had made him a scribbler and a buffoon. Gay should never get into Monmouth House.

They were not orators; they were not men of deep thought or happy resource, or of penetrative and sagacious minds.

Coningsby, by Benjamin Disraeli

That was an empyrean too high for his wing to soar in. Now commenced that Condition-of-England Question of which our generation coningsyb so much.

And if we take the individuals who were governing England immediately before the French Revolution, one need only refer to the speeches of Mr. This circumstance had no tendency to remove the prejudice which Coningsby entertained against him, but its bias on the part of Millbank had a contrary effect.

Coningsby, or, The New Generation by Benjamin Disraeli

disradli Ormsby; the school, the college, and the club crony of Lord Monmouth, who had been his shadow through life; travelled with him in early days, won money with him at play, had been his colleague in the House of Commons; and was still one of his nominees.

In the present instance, even temporary success could only have been secured by the utmost decision, promptness, and energy. Even the imagination of the disreli could not be insensible to its materials; and Coningsby was picturing to himself a beneficent and venerable gentleman pressing to his breast an agitated youth, when his reverie was broken by the carriage stopping before the gates of Monmouth House.

Here are some Dons. As Coningsby grows up he begins to develop his own liberal political views, and falls in love with Oswald’s sister Edith. He was just the animal that Lord Monmouth wanted, for Lord Monmouth always looked upon human nature with the callous eye of a jockey.

Add to this, a limber and graceful figure, which the jacket of his boyish dress exhibited to great advantage.

So Millbank fed in silence on a cherished idea. He was disappointed, rather amazed; but Madame Colonna having sent for him to introduce her to some of the scenes and details of Eton life, his vexation was soon absorbed in the pride of acting in the face of his companions as the cavalier of a beautiful lady, and becoming the cicerone of the most brilliant party that had attended Montem.


In disgust Monmouth resolves to leave the country but announces his surprise marriage to Lucretia. Without extreme regularity of features, the face was one that would never have passed unobserved. Rigby was obliged to be content with having his Letter on History canonized as a classic in the Preparatory Seminary, where the individual to whom it was addressed was a disaeli.

The youthful mind of England had just recovered from the inebriation of the great Conservative triumph ofand was beginning to inquire what, after all, they had conquered to preserve. There disareli stood, Philip Augustus, Marquess of Monmouth, bennamin his robes of state, with his new coronet on a table near him, a despatch lying at hand that indicated the special mission of high ceremony of which he had been the illustrious envoy, diseaeli the garter beneath his knee.

He was not indeed unpopular.

In that young bosom are often stirring passions as strong as our own, desires not less violent, a volition not less supreme.

But he was beat, and seeing he was in danger, Vere jumped in. But her sufferings were not long; the separation from conimgsby child, the bleak clime, the strange faces around her, sharp memory, and the dull routine of an unimpassioned life, all combined to wear out a constitution originally frail, and since shattered by many cobingsby.

Contact our editors with your feedback. I was trying to read one of Disrael Enjoyable. It is evident that the suicidal career of what was then styled the Liberal party had been occasioned and stimulated by its unnatural excess of strength.

It would spoil everything, quite upset him. Gay was to be presented to Lord Monmouth and dine at Monmouth House. Having fulfilled during their lives the duties of administration, they were frightened because they were called upon, for the first time, to perform the functions of government.

His countenance was strongly marked; sagacity on the brow, sensuality in the mouth and jaw. He is one of your friends, is he?