: Moon Over Soho (Rivers of London) (): Ben Aaronovitch: Books. Buy Moon Over Soho: The Second Rivers of London novel: 2 (A Rivers of London novel) by Ben Aaronovitch from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low. That is something that Ben Aaronovitch has managed to do both times I’ve read one of his books. Moon Over Soho is the second in his Rivers of London series.

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There’s less of the tropes and more of being a damn fine human being.

I love the Muslim ninja and she’s introduced in this installment of the series. Please note that some things mentioned below lver spoil the events in book 1. We were broke, but I still bought it for her.

The big case in this instalment revolves around promising Jazz musicians turning up dead. There was no time in this book that I felt the writing was wrong or incomplete. I have free time! My problem was with the plot which was all over the place. But I’m terrible for starting a new series before finishing my last – so this reading list is all about trying to close out those series I’ve got on the go.

At the same time Peter is disturbed by a number of deaths of amateur and semi-professional jazz musicians that occurred shortly after they performed. However, they have a very difficult time catching her. I wanted more of Leslie in this one.

I can see these individuals. When a teenage boy, given up for adoption fifteen years before, reappears, long-buried secrets threaten to shatter the lives they’ve built and reveal the rich and varied tapestry of the Sorenson’s past.


Moon Over Soho

All Change for US Covers! One that will send aoho halfway across the world to Kew Gardens and then onto Cornwall in search of the truth.

Hardcoverpages. Another fun word that I learned from this book: Born and raised in London aaronovitvh says that he’ll leave his home when they prise his city out of his cold dead fingers. Flitting around the London Jazz scene, hunting down Jazz vampires How about a hug aaronovich Other books in the series.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Probably because as I said, I realized where the story was going after a lot of clues where laid out. Has to be the highest turnover of a newly-discovered author since I was introduced to the mighty Terry Pratchett If nothing else, it’s much easier to follow.

Moon Over Soho – Wikipedia

After this I read: That’s the thing about policing: In discussing Aaronovitch with my girlfriend — bej literary type of a much higher calibre than me and with more literary understanding in her pinky than I have in my whole body — we discussed the question of whether he comes close to Kate Griffin when it comes to writing an urban magic story in London.

So the magical universe is fleshed out a bit m Peter Grant, the wizard apprentice PC, is back in a second mystery this time centred around the deaths of jazz musicians.

I was determined on rating this a 3. The events of Rivers have left his friend mooon fellow officer Leslie May permanently disfigured.

Beyond an apparent plan to control an underground population of unfortunate wretches physically deformed by magic, the character’s desire lines remain obscure. Log In Members Login. Now, it’s back to the darkness of three other books Bytheir four radically different daughters are matching wits, harbouring grudges and recklessly igniting old rivalries. There are elements of the story which build on things from the previous book and returning characters too which all adds depth to the story and the world making it a fun journey throughout.


He performs controlled experiences with his newfound magic, forms hypotheses that he proceeds to test, and applies scientific principles. The Magicians series Lev Grossman 9.

There are some great scenes here with Peter turning the spotlight of a modern scientific mind on the mechanics of magic. Peter Grant is a great character and I cannot wait to read the follow-up later this year. In fact, I felt like what happened HAD to happen. Anna is focused on growing her new gardening business and renovating her late grandmother’s house. Judging a publisher by its cover”. The battle has been fought and won, and all have been transformed by the struggle.

The enemy is not as big as in the first novel and I personally find the monsters in this book to be a bit on the paranormal romance side of things. Meanwhile the Deep Kings have only grown stronger, and are poised to deliver a blow that will finally end the war. London, England United Kingdom. Foxglove Summer Rivers of London series: Looking forward to seeing where it leads.