Michael Douglas and Baby Boy in Behind the Candelabra () Jerry Weintraub at an event for Behind the Liberace: I hate my life sometimes, I really do. Behind the Candelabra has ratings and reviews. writing style is that of the co-author) mindlessly goes through the excesses of his life with Liberace. Starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, the film is adapted from “Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace,” by Scott Thorson with Alex.

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Share this Rating Title: The nightmare came to a tbe when Liberace cheated on him and then kicked him to the curb. It was an interesting libeerace, but I’m a sucker for show-biz stories. Frances Liberace Casey Kramer I threw myself headlong into the crystal meth scene. May 24, Liz rated it did not like it. I was filled with a joyous glee that warmed my heart. Too bad there weren’t more specifics to really turn this into something worth reading.

Behind the Candelabra by Scott Thorson

He’s had a lifelong battle with drugs and it seems precious little happiness. Articles with wih citation formats Use mdy dates from October The high fructose corn syrup of books.

Stunt Actor Shamus Cooley The HBO movie made me want to read this ahead of time and it’s hard to beind what in the book could possibly be used in a film–there is almost nothing to the story.

Goofs Liberace played the piano while tapping his right foot. Fur coats, priceless jewels, multiple cars, hanging with celebrities.


May 19, Farrah rated it liked it. Feb 27, Donna rated it really liked it. One was Milton Berle, and the other was Liberace. Thorson was only eighteen when he became involved with Liberace, and he’d had a very hard life beforehand, in and out of foster homes.

Behind the Candelabra

There’s no way of knowing if his life would have been better or just as sad had he never met Liberace. Retrieved July lifr, — via YouTube. All I can say is, the HBO movie based on this is going to be amazing!

But now I’m ready for some gold leaf and velvet behjnd opulence, HBO. Bad writing about the life of a lost soul manipulated by the decadent, narcissistic entertainer.

In the early years Thorson glazes over Liberace’s narcissism, controlling behavior and love of pornography, but towards the end of the relationships those flaws become hard to ignore despite Thorson’s own serious flaws.

The book does give the gay community a pretty bad name and also implies that Liberace had deep ties to the Mafia. I was inspired to read this memoir after reading an article in last week’s “Entertainment Weekly” about the upcoming HBO movie on Liberace’s life and lover starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglass.

Thorson comes across as a complete brainwashed idiot who never questions the pianist. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

That being said, it sure was interesting. It is a fascinating look into the life of Liberace. Behind the Candelabra Television release poster.


You are out of control on drugs with a loaded gun, imagine him being afraid of that! Losing him in such a brutal way helped to accelerate my drug usage—which in turn deepened my problems. The true story of the “world’s greatest entertainer”revealed by the man most qualified to disclose it, his longtime live-in lover.

I wasn’t interested in Liberace’s life as much as I wondered how someone could become so involved with a man who was completely self-involved, pretentious, and phony. Best Miniseries or Television Film. It was a pick for my book club, and I found the book, which took me forever to read, to be uninteresting. Best Actor — Miniseries or Television Film. What can I say, I’m a glutton for candelabras.

Kept away from the outside world by the flashily effeminate yet deeply closeted Liberaceand submitting to extreme makeovers and even plastic surgery at the behest of his lover, Scott eventually rebels.

Just reading about Scott’s friendship with Michael Jackson and the completely crazy afterward made this worth reading. Liberace’s famous saying was “Too much of a good thing is Wonderful”.

Thorson comes off badly in this section. Despite being nearly 40 years older than Thorson, the relationship quickly became physical then surprisingly to Thorson, emotional. I know that you can dig lower than this Thorson character can stoop. Dishy and fascinating, if not particularly well-written.