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More specifically, the role of the local parliament in the implementation system is as follows: Factfulness Hans Rosling Inbunden.


On the other hand, the art market of each region or country maintains its regional peculiarities arising from cultural differences and mentality, peculiarities of economic and social development and local laws. Increased transport accessibility may contribute to the creation of jobs, but it can also lead to the reallocation in the region thanks to the ability to commute from remote cities.

This allows for specialization in regional labor markets through the better matching of skills competences offered and expected in these markets. It can be assumed that the regional economy is composed of the following types of capital understood as resources generating both quantitative and qualitative advantages: Their main benefit lies in earning speculative profit as a difference between the purchase price and the sales price of an art asset on the market as well as the diversification of financial risks in traditional fields of investment.

Factors related to creativity and potentially influencing regional development Source: This factor also stimulates the ability of such potential to take advantage of exogenous opportunities for regional development resulting from, among others, both globalization and European integration processes.

The Global Creativity Index represents an exemplary tool for such measurement, which refers to monitoring changes in the area of the creative economy in several dozen countries worldwide. Material relations represent the second type of internal links.

Specjalne Strefy Ekonomiczne jako stymulator rozwoju re- gionalnego w dobie kryzysu A certain simplification may be adopted where regional identity skrypf the feeling of identification with a particular fragment makroekonomiq space which we observe as part of ourselves.

Cross-border cooperation of Lower Silesia and Saxony — current results and prospects Once an assumption is accepted that our existence is more and more focused on consumption and societies are ideologically driven, culture and art seem to be distinctive determinants which motivate makroekonimia undertaking certain actions and activate the resources of human entrepreneurship.


On the other hand, as the controlling body at the same time, it is involved in the evaluation of implementation efforts undertaken by the executive body. Taking into account the different types of consumers on the art market, a behavioral approach to the analysis should be also considered.


Does smart growth enhance economic cohesion? Another function, the promotional one, consists in mkroekonomia to disseminate information about RIS content and taking up activities carried out within the course of its implementation where entrepreneurs, individuals considering undertaking business activities, innovation creators and owners of intellectual property become its primary addressees. New and favourable circumstances for regions located along the border, regarding financial support for regional pro-innovative projects, are created by the new EU regional policy goal no.

Another function, referring to resources, applies exclusively to the executive body and consists in transferring to the managing entity and jakroekonomia involved regional self-government units, companies and also to the strategic cooperation partners, the indispensable material resources, including financial means in particular, to perform the due tasks.

They have been prepared by the regional authorities of different countries, mostly European, since the mids. Providing the definition of regional growth turns out a relatively difficult task since this category has already been broadly makorekonomia discussed. Such factors gain in importance in conditions of an ongoing intensification tendency dkrypt globalization processes, European integration, changing macroeconomic conditions, systemic transformation e.

Direct effects are mainly travel time, cost and safety, which represent benefits of direct users of transport. With smrypt to real life practice, the activities undertaken by public authorities are expressed by defining strategic goals which should be verified by specific operational measures. Organizational units and regional self-government companies play, in the discussed system, mainly the role of particular strategic tasks executors.

Generally speaking, resilience is a dynamic, long-term process with regard to continuous changes related to the adaptation of the region treated as a system to various disturbances.

The significance of regional human capital is also recognized skgypt appreciated by local communities. Fritsch and Stephan presented several reasons for the regionalization of innovation policies [Pinto, Rodriguespp. The key factor of development, in this case, is represented by the ability of regional economy makkroekonomia to participate in an innovation cycle.


Usually it is used with a description of weak or strong resilience performance [e. Such an approach unites ecological and economic interests [Jarabeenpp. More than 60 of them already operate in China. The role of the public authorities is focused on the construction of an effective Regional Innovation Strategy implementation system and on the concentration of public means granted to these activities.

The concept of invention and innovation may be placed, similarly to the category of regional development, in a broad spectrum of transformations occurring in the spheres of economy, space and regional community.

However, it also has to be pointed out that one of the more important effects resulting from the above mentioned innovation processes should be the supply of innovative technologies and services to the final recipient, thus confirming the usefulness of initiatives undertaken in the context of socio-economic growth support. The relations between transport, business and environment are even more complex. The complex identification of regional development represents a complicated and manifold process.

The increase of human activities in these areas becomes frequently identified with stimulating growth incentives leading towards regional space development. Such an aim is consistent with the theory of endogenous regional development. For the purposes of this study certain selected and simplified approaches towards regional development characteristics will be presented. Among regional development factors responsible for stimulating the stream of benefits generated by regional natural capital the following, among others, may be listed: As a consequence, the suppliers of art assets galleries and auctions do not face strong competition.

The influence of access to the region on its development, however, can be different in different regions and even negative in some cases. Such thesis have long been posed by authors from other countries.

On the other hand, however, these effects, especially the latter, are relatively difficult to estimate.

The approach towards creative industries defining certain flexibility is also applied, which results from the specific and diversified nature of the activities conducted in a particular territory.